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HItyah.com Ranked is a comprehensive tool designed to track and monitor search engine results for the online gambling industry in the UK.

As an operator using Hityah.com Ranked you will find niche advertising and affiliate opportunities that have previously been hard to find and manage.

By providing you with reports for specific pages that rank in the search engine results pages you can make deals on specific pages within an affiliate or publishers website with the knowledge of the value of the traffic entering that page.

The value is worked out by knowing what you would have to pay via Google PPC for the terms the page ranks for.

Get insights into Affiliate and Publisher strategies from organic search.

  • Identify Affiliate and Publishers most valuable keywords and ad positions.
  • Discover new and fast growing organic search results for Affiliate and Publishers.
  • Find new Affiliate and Publisher sites that are in a growth stage.
  • Observe position changes of domains and pages over time.

Match to Market Marketing

Imagine knowing what a specific webpage ranks for. Put your targeted advertising in front of the traffic knowing that the visitor specifically came to that page looking for that exact content! This gives you real power to convert traffic by matching the keyword, ad and your landing page to put your conversion rates through the roof.

Additional Features

  • Find out who is targeting your brand name.
  • Know the traffic value of an Affiliates or Publishers website.
  • Check domain information ownership to make contact with the owner.

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