Free Sports Betting

Free sports betting is a safe and easy way to learn how to wager on sporting events. Many people enjoy betting on sports for real money, but some aren’t ready to make that commitment. Another option for those who either don’t have the bankroll or don’t understand sports enough is to bet on sports for free.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the types of free sports betting there are. We will also look at the places you can bet on sports for free. Finally, we’ll talk about the purpose of free sports betting and how to know you are ready to take the jump into real money sports betting.

Let’s jump right into the types of free sports betting that are available.

Types of Free Sports Betting

There are three main types of free sports betting that we will cover.

At a Sportsbook for Real Money – this type of free sports bet happens at an online sportsbook. Some offer “Free bets” in exchange for different things. This is typically a promotional offer that the sportsbook is offering. For example, some sites offer you a free $25 bet for trying out their mobile platform. Or some other sportsbooks may give you a free balance just to give it a try. This would be a nice no-deposit free sports betting bonus. But in the end, the money that you win is real. You are just not putting any money down, making it a free sports bet.

At Sports Sites for Prizes, Cash and Bragging Rights – sites like (previously CentSports) and are designed so you can bet on sports for free to win prizes or cash. We will talk more about both of these sites a bit later, but understand it’s free to sign up and make bets at these sites. Winning bets can result in prizes or even cash if you get good. This form of free sports betting is a great way to get your feet wet and learn about the industry.

With Friends for fun – the last type of free sports betting we’ll talk about is when you are wagering against your friends for fun. Some friends like to bet $20 on a game. That would be “real money” sports betting. But other friends love to make friendly wagers just to prove who is smarter. Or maybe for bragging rights or for rights to do something else. Betting with friends for free is a fun way to participate.

Ok, there are three types of free sports bets. Let’s now talk about the places you can bet on sports for free.

Where Can You Bet on Sports Free – CentSports was one of the pioneers in the free sports betting industry years ago. They have recently merged with to become the largest free sports site around. So how does this work? With SportsPlays, when you sign up they will give you a $1 balance. To get more money, you don’t deposit real money. You do tasks, invite friends, share their site, continue playing on their site, all to earn a bigger balance. Once your balance gets above $200, you can actually cash out that real money balance. But again, you are playing for free as it is a no-deposit site. They also have cool leaderboards that will show you how you rank against other free sports bettors around the globe. – The direct quote says it all about, “ is all of the excitement of betting on your favorite teams and sports with none of the gamble. Make your picks across all of the major leagues: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, Soccer as well as NCAA Football against real spreads, lines, and totals. All absolutely free.” This is similar to SportsPlays, but they have coins, ‘BombBucks’ and cash. You can earn more of these by playing in contests, challenging friends, and much much more. has a cool looking interface and has many features that does not. BetBomb also does some free daily fantasy sports contests as well.

Sportsbooks – As we mentioned above, this is rare but some sportsbooks do offer free bets that allow you to win real money. These are typically promotions. Also, if you find one of these sportsbooks you can only make one free bet as standard. Sometimes you have to ‘play’ your real money prize 10x or so before you can withdraw it from the site.

Those are just three places you can bet on sports free. There are several other smaller sites similar to SportsPlays and BetBomb, but those are the largest two.

Let’s now shift gears and talk about a few reasons you may want to consider betting on sports for free.

What is the Purpose of Free Sports Betting

Isn’t sports betting supposed to be financially lucrative? Why would you want to do free sports betting? We have a few reasons listed here.

Fun – maybe you just enjoy betting on sports but don’t want to put any money down. It’s fun to follow the games and spreads.

Learn the sports – betting on sports is a great way to learn about that sport. It forces you to follow the teams and action each night. If you can do that for free, it may be a really easy way for someone to learn sports before diving into real money sports betting.

Learn how to bet – maybe you don’t know how to bet? Why would you want to risk real money? Betting for free is a good way to learn about spreads, moneyline, juice and more. Get comfortable with the betting terminology for free before you jump into the real thing and spend your hard earned cash.

So are you ready to start betting on sports for free? Once you do, you may be ready sooner than you think to transition into real money sports betting. Hopefully, you enjoyed and learned a little bit about no-deposit sports betting. Come back often as we continue to talk about other sports betting topics here at HITYAH.