Last 10 Minute Soccer betting strategy

Sports betting is getting very famous among people who want to make money through their betting investments by taking the minimum level of risks.

In the sports betting business, you can make the bulk amount of money with meager investment and by following the right strategy on time. Today I want to share a 10-minute soccer betting strategy which will help you fulfill your dreams. So, Let’s start and we move further by discussing how it works?

Firstly, Many researchers draw a comparison between the earlier and last minute bets and they believe that last minute bets are quite risky and it’s a waste of time and money. I stand in agreement; with research about odds in the last minute bets, but I stand in disagreement with the word “risky” used for last minute bets.

Here you need a little bit of a brain and choice to get 90% success in bets. When I started my betting journey on full matches I faced a 60% failure. The reason is simple, you cannot predict well earlier about the match result because things normally go against our bets and later we voice complaints about the betting strategy and team’s choice. So, why not bet in the last 10 minutes of a football match where we are only going to take the risk for 10 minutes? For this strategy, I am sharing key tips with you which can help you drag your money back to your account.

Odds & Bets

Let’s start with getting the odds and live matches from You will find lots of live matches in the sports section and you need to find out the right team for your bet. I suggest you pick normal teams (teams who normally score fewer goals on average). For this, you need to check statistics of both the team matches. I personally opt this website for statistical analysis.

So you have been watching the full game, between the 70-79th minute is when the hard work begins, Start looking at shots on target, possession and the opposing teams defense.

If the average goals scored are less then freely place your bet on “NO Goal”. You will find very reasonable odd rates at the 79th minute, but remember odds become so higher after the 81st minute. On the other hand, If both teams are very good at scoring goals and have higher goals ratio then keep on searching for other teams in the list with low goals profile. For example, It’s risky to place a last 10-minute bet on ARSENAL VS STOKE as both have a good ratio of scoring goals and they normally score goals in the last 10 minutes.

This method is something I have been using for quite some time now & will continue to be used as it’s very reliable.

So, I put forth a suggestion to follow this strategy with small bets in the start and after a week, you will be an expert in using it because you will clearly understand the team combinations for this strategy.

Don’t rush out and bet on any team! Make use of your knowledge of soccer and choose your teams wisely.