The UK’s best new betting sites in 2024

Welcome to the wonderful world of sports betting! Today, we’re going to be introducing you to some of the greatest new betting sites in the UK. And tell you everything you need to know about finding your next fantastic new bookmakers.

What do our experts look for in a new site? How can you sign up? And where offers the best bonuses for new punters? We’re going to answer these questions and many more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

There’s no doubt about it, in the UK we love sports and sports betting. And, with new bookmakers coming out each month, our team of experts work hard to bring you all the latest news and reviews on these brand new companies.

So, check our lists of trusted and reviewed bookies in the UK, to find the best odds and markets and fantastic bonus deals for new and existing customers. As well as info on where has the best live streaming and in-play betting options around.

You can trust us to deliver the very best betting experience in the UK!

What to look for in new betting sites

Here at, our reviewers are experts in their field. And with over 10 years of experience in the online gambling and betting industry, our team knows exactly what to look for in brand new sports betting sites UK.

And today, they’ve put together a checklist of all the things they look for when vetting a bookmaker. So that you can find the very best experience the next time you search for a new betting site.

New players offers and other bonuses

One of the best things about being a new customer at a bookies is the bonus offers that get thrown at you! Every bookmaker in the UK wants your business. And they’re prepared to bend over backwards to get it.

Therefore, when you visit an online bookmaker for the first time, you’ll see a huge list of deals for you to choose from. With that in mind, our experts recommend looking for sites that offer you an array of offers that include:

  • Free bets
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Enhanced odds
  • Risk-free bets

We’re going to look into each of these different bonuses in more detail a little later on. But for the moment, just remember to make sure that the new bookies you’re on is offering you a huge choice of bonus deals when you sign up.

Selection of sports

It goes without saying, but when looking at new betting sites, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting a fantastic selection of sports. In the UK, it’s easy to find betting sites that offer odds on football, rugby and golf. As these are some of the nation’s favourite sports.

However, just because hockey is not particularly popular in the UK, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be offered the chance to bet on international hockey matches, if that’s what you’re into.

Therefore, when shopping around for a new site, make sure they have enough choice to keep you satisfied. That choice could include international sports. As well as virtual sports and even e-sports.

Selection of markets

‘Markets’ simply refer to the types of bet that you can make on any sports match or event. It would be pretty boring if you could only bet on win or draw on a football game, right? So, a great bookmaker will offer you lots of different markets for you to choose from.

Let’s take football as an example. Of course, you want to bet on who will win, or if the match will result in a draw. But you might also want to bet on the amount of corners taken, or a specific player scoring a hat-trick. On some sites, you can even bet on if it will rain on match day or not!

These markets are what makes betting more exciting. So you want a new bookmakers that will offer you a fantastic range of markets across many different sports.

Good odds

Again, this might sound a little obvious, but good odds are what make a good bookies. After all, you want to win money. And odds are what make that happen. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one bookies we can point to and say “you should bet with them, they have the best odds”. That would be a little too easy, wouldn’t it?

The fact is, odds change from bookmaker to bookmaker. And even the odds at a particular bookies change daily.

So, the best advice we can give you is to sign up with multiple new sports betting sites at once, to give yourself the best range of odds across many different bookies and sportsbooks.

Having an account with lots of different bookies also means that, if you see some excellent odds come up on one particular site, you can snap them up instantly by simply logging in. As the saying goes; variety is the spice of life!

Mobile optimisation

Another super-important aspect in today’s modern world of technology and convenience, is ensuring that the bookies you’re with can be accessed via your mobile phone. Betting sites in the UK use some of the most sophisticated in the world to power their websites. And bookmakers online work hard to bring you the best experience, right to your phone or tablet.

Mobile optimisation is nothing new. However, it used to be that websites simply shrank when you opened them on your mobile phone screen. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. And now, sites that are fully mobile-optimised work beautifully on your phone.

To sum up, our experts recommend looking for sites that offer a fantastic mobile-optimised site and/or dedicated app. As well as a desktop version for your PC.

Customer service

For a lot of people, they’re only interested in customer support when something goes wrong! However, making sure that you’re with a site that takes care of you is something that you should consider before you sign up.

Any decent bookmakers will have 5-star customer service. So that you can contact them at a moment’s notice. So, our experts suggest looking for sites that have their contact information readily available. This should include a clearly visible email and telephone number, at a minimum. Plus, a web form for you to fill out with any queries. As well as a live chat feature.

Having trained, polite and courteous staff is a must for any bookmaker worth their salt. So that you can relax in the knowledge that, if you have a problem, there will be a kind and knowledgeable member of staff ready to attend to you whenever you need.

Extra features

While  a variety of sports, odds, markets, mobile access and excellent customer service are all important factors, there are plenty of other extra features a bookies can offer that can make your experience even better.

So why stop at just the bare minimum? With that in mind, we recommend looking for the following extras, to get the most out of your newest betting site.

In play betting

Nowadays, the best bookies offer in-play betting on all major sports matches. Let’s look at football again as an example.

Let’s say that you’ve got Arsenal to beat Chelsea at the Emirates this Saturday. But, when the match starts, Arsenal are on fire! So now you reckon they aren’t just going to be Chelsea; but they’re going to do it 4-0. With in-play betting, you can place another wager during the match itself. So you never never have to miss a betting opportunity again.

Odds calculators

If you bet regularly, then you’re probably quite good at calculating odds and placing your bets accordingly. However, if you find odds a bit complicated, then let an odds calculator do all the hard work for you.

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve landed a huge win, only to discover that you did the maths wrong! Luckily, all the latest bookmakers have a dedicated calculator that you can use. So that you never have to worry about maths again.

Live streams

Tied into in-play betting is live streams. At all great bookies you can now watch every sports match and event live, on your PC, laptop, phone or tablet. Live streams mean no more running between the bookies and your local boozer to place a bet. Simply break out your laptop or phone; sit back, relax and place as many bets as you want.

Live streams also mean you don’t have to pay for expensive subscriptions to sports packages and/or streaming platforms to watch all your favourite events.

Why should you pick a new bookmaker?

You might already have a bookmaker that you love. But there are so many reasons why you should consider signing up to a new betting site as well.

Let’s take a look at just some of the great benefits waiting for you at a fantastic new bookmakers.

Great welcome bonuses

Like any new business, bookmakers new to the industry need new customers. Don’t forget that they’re competing against some of the biggest names out there. And that means they have to work twice as hard to get your attention. This is great news for you, the customer. As UK betting sites new to the market will offer some of the best bonus deals around.

Whether it’s free bets, no deposit bonuses or enhanced odds, a new operator will do everything they can to entice you to bet with them. So it’s no surprise that newer bookies offer bigger and better bonuses than their older counterparts.

Uses new technology

Another great aspect of newer bookies is that they use the most state-of-the-art technology to build and maintain their sites. As we’ve seen, there are tons of extra features that you can find at more modern-day sites. Plus, all new operators wouldn’t be coming to market without at least a few new and innovative features.

Therefore, newer sites offer things like in-play betting and live streaming as a given. Not to mention, their user interface is more fresh, modern and easy-to-use. Such is the joy of going to a new and exciting site.

Fresh ideas and concepts

Aside from the new technology, modern bookmakers have some of the most creative minds in the industry running the show.

Having a young, savvy team behind the scenes means lots of fresh ideas and concepts. After all, a few years ago in-play betting would have been seen as madness by some of the older operators in the industry. But now it’s become commonplace.

So it makes sense that these new sports bet sites are paving the way for the next revolutionary additions to online sports and the way we bet on them.

Why should you opt for an older sportsbook?

So, we’ve seen why you should look at newer betting sites on the market. But don’t write off the old ones just yet! There are lots of reasons why these sites are still around, and why punters still love them.

Let’s take a look at why you should think about signing up to a more established site over a newer one.

Established and well known brand

Simply put, the reason that some bet sites have been around for decades is that they’re good at what they do. And it’s this industry experience that gives them a well-known brand. After all, if customers didn’t like these bookies, then they’d go out of business pretty quickly.

Having a more established brand also means that there is a lot of information available about them online. People love to review everything these days, including bet sites. So, with an operator that has been around for many years, you can find tons of reviews about them easily.

Has more experience

With years of experience comes the in-depth knowledge that newer sites simply don’t have. So older, more established bookies, will have a fantastic sportsbook that has been expertly adapted over the years.

Not to mention, more well-known sites have bonus offers that have proved popular with customers time and time again. As well as a wealth of preferred payment methods available to their customers. This means that with an older site you are in good hands.

Safety and security at new online betting sites

There’s no denying that the internet can be a bit of a shady place. So, it’s up to you to always be vigilant when checking out new sites. Especially when those sites are dealing with real money and your personal details. So, it’s no wonder people are skeptical about new online bookmakers UK.

Remaining safe online is imperative to your enjoyment. But, by carrying out the following checks before signing up, you can be sure that you’re playing on legit and safe sites.

Here’s what you can look for to ensure your safety at any new betting online site.

Check for UK licence

As you may already know, all gambling sites in the UK must be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). There is absolutely no exception to this rule. And every UK-licensed  gambling site is legally obliged to display the UKGC logo on their website. Therefore, one of the easiest things you can do to make sure a site is legal is check that you can see this logo. They should also display their licence number.

So, if you can’t see the UKGC logo or the site’s licence number, then it’s possible that you are on a site that is not legal to operate in the UK. And we would recommend that you do not continue to use this site.

Another thing that you can do to make sure that you’re safe at any new online bookies, is to choose a sportsbook recommended by us. Here at, our experts carefully vet and review each new bookmakers on the market. So that you have access to all the best sports events and matches around. As well as odds, markets and awesome welcome packages.

In short, we guarantee that every site we recommend to our readers is licensed by the UKGC. And offers the top sportsbooks anywhere in the UK.

Check for complaints from other players

In an age where we review just about everything, there is no escape from bad publicity. And that is especially true for online bookies. Customers who’ve had a bad experience will have no problem ranting about it online. And this can be good news for you!

While we don’t think that you should write off a bookmaker from one negative review, if the site in question is racking up lots of 1 or 2-star reviews from players, then this suggests that there’s something fundamentally wrong.

Therefore, we recommend skimming through these bad reviews to find any common complaints amongst players. As you would with a restaurant. If everyone is complaining that the food is terrible at a certain bistro, you’re not likely to book a table anytime soon! And it’s no different with a bookies.

How to sign up at new bet sites

Now that you know everything about choosing new gambling sites to bet on, and what to look for, it’s time to consider signing up! Registering with a bookmaker is easy, and you can be up and running in no time.

While the sign-up process will differ slightly from site to site, here’s a rundown of how you can register with a new bet site today.

Pick a bookmaker from our lists

Firstly, choose a bookmaker from our lists. Our experts work hard, so that you don’t have to! So forget about shopping around for hours. Simply click on one of our recommendations and relax; knowing that all the sites we list are fun, safe and licensed by the UKGC.

And don’t forget, our reviewers follow a strict set of guidelines when they look at a new site. So we only ever list the very best new betting sites. And each one will offer you an amazing 5-star experience.

Choose a username and password

Once you’ve chosen a great bookmakers from our lists, it’s time to start the registration process. Typically, you’ll be asked to choose a username and password first. And always make sure you choose a strong password, with a good mix of upper and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

Also, once you’ve completed this step, you can get your device to ‘remember’ these details. To save you having to remember them each time you log in.

Enter your personal information

Secondly, you’ll be asked to supply some personal information. This will always include your full name, address, telephone number and email address. As you’re playing at a real-money site, the bookmakers will need all of this personal info, to avoid any fraudulent activity.

They will also use your email address and telephone number to keep you up-to-date on upcoming events and promotions. But, if you don’t want to receive notifications like that, there will be an option to turn them off.

Verify your account

Once you’ve set up your account, and entered your personal information, you’ll be asked to verify your account. This usually just involves confirming your details are correct via an email. Simple! However, at some stage or another, you will also be asked to adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

Adhere to KYC measures

All gambling sites in the UK are obligated to carry out KYC protocols. And the good news is, they’re super easy to do. Usually, the bookmakers will ask for a copy of your photo ID and proof of address. But you might also be asked to send screenshots of deposits coming out of your bank account and/or a photo of your payment method (e.g. debit card). It really does depend on the site. But make no mistake, at some point you’ll have to adhere to these rules, if you want to cash out your winnings.

Sometimes, you’ll be asked to do your KYC paperwork before you can place your first bet. But, in most cases, you’ll be asked to fulfil the KYC requirements later on; usually after you’ve won something! So don’t get comfortable, thinking they’ve forgotten about you. They haven’t.

While KYC measures might seem a little over-the-top, or even slightly intrusive, they’re primarily there for your protection. As the bookies needs to make sure you are who you say you are. In order to avoid fraudulent activity on their site. And to protect your sensitive information.

Choose a bonus and make a deposit

Now we get to the fun part. After you’ve set up and verified your account, it’s time to choose a big fat bonus! Today, we’ve looked at all the different types of bonus that you can get your hands on. But, in the end, it comes down to personal choice as to which one works best for you.

But remember, regardless of which bonus offer you choose, always make sure you’ve read and understood all the T&Cs attached. So that you know you can fulfil all the requirements needed to turn that bonus into some real cash.

When you’ve chosen your bonus, unless it’s a no deposit offer or free bet, then it’s time to make a deposit. Simply go to the ‘cashier’ section on the website and choose your preferred payment method. Remember, there are tons of payment platforms that you can use. So choose the one that’s right for you from the choices listed on the site. Then, pay in your deposit. Now it’s time to bet!

How to place your first bet

Ok, so you’ve got your account set up and ready to go. Now what? If you’ve never made a bet online before, simply follow our easy step-by-step guide to making wagers easily and securely.

Step 1 – Make a deposit

If it’s your first time on a site, then you’ve most likely just set up your account and selected a bonus offer. Now it’s time to make a deposit, using your preferred payment method (as detailed above). Once you’ve made your deposit, the amount will be clearly visible in your account. Also, if you chose a welcome deal that included a deposit match bonus, then the balance of your bonus cash will also be displayed.

Step 2 – Choose a sport

Next, it’s time to choose your sport. If you’re a newbie to sports betting, we recommend going with a sport that you’re already familiar with. For example, football. You can always try out betting on other sports, once you’ve had a bit more practice and you feel more confident.

So, decide on the sport you want and click on it. This will bring up all the up-coming games or matches, as well as the markets and odds.

Step 3 – Choose a match or event

So, now you’ve got your sport, it’s time to narrow it down a little. But remember, if you’re new to betting, it’s best to stick to what you know. At least at the beginning. So, if you love English football, then looking for an exciting Premier League game might be the perfect option.

It’s even better if you know a little about the teams that are playing. For example, if you see a Spurs match coming up, but you know that Kane is injured, perhaps betting on Spurs to lose could be a winner for you!

Step 4 – Choose a betting market

Remember, betting markets are just another way to say what type of bet you can place. Again, if you’re new to sports betting, then choosing a team to either win or draw is about the simplest bet you can make. You could also predict the final score. Or, if you’re feeling cheeky, why not predict the score in the first half, and the final score as well?

There are tons of different things to bet on at a great site. So, once you’re a bit more familiar with how everything works, then you can start being a little bit more daring with your wagers!

Step 5 – Select bet amount and place bet

Finally, it’s time to place that bet. You’ve carefully selected your sport and which market to bet on. Now it’s time to take a look at the odds and decide how much you want to bet. A good idea is to start out making small bets. Especially if you haven’t done it before. After all, it’s far better to win a little in the beginning than lose everything!

When you’ve decided how much you want to wager, follow the instructions on the website. They will be very easy to understand. And once the bet is placed, you’ll be able to sit back and see how the game pans out.

Better yet, by choosing one of our new bookmakers, you could have the option to live-stream the match straight to your laptop or phone. And watch the action unfold. Plus, once you’ve got the hang of things, you can take a look at in-play betting. And start making your smart bets all throughout your favourite games and events!

Welcome bonuses at new bookies

We’ve mentioned already that part of the fun of signing up to new betting sites UK is getting your hands on a great welcome bonus.

But what are these bonuses? And which one is best for you? Let’s take a look at each one in a little more detail.

Deposit match bonus

Deposit match bonuses are popular at bookies and casinos alike. And they can give you tons of bonus cash for you to bet with. Deposit match bonuses work with you paying in a deposit amount to the bookies, and the bookies matching it.

For example, if you see a 100% deposit match bonus and you pay in £50, then you will have £100 to play with in total. This is because the bookmaker has matched your £50 deposit with another £50.

This type of bonus is perfect for those who want the freedom to bet on any sports match or event that they want. It’s also good for people who are willing to pay in larger amounts. As the more you deposit, the more you will get in bonus cash.

Free bets offers

Free bets are exactly what they sound like. And at new betting websites, these are one of the most popular types of bonus offered to entice you in. Free bets let you place a small bet on a match or game, usually from a selection of up-coming events chosen by the bookmaker. And, as the name suggests, the bet is absolutely free! Meaning that, if you win, you will get real money back from your wager.

However, before you get too excited, just because a bet is free it doesn’t mean you can bet however much you want on whatever match you want. As mentioned, you will have a choice of a handful of events to bet on. And the amount you’ll be allowed to bet will be small.

That being said, a free bet is a great tool with which to try out a new site. To see if you like it. Plus, even with the restrictions that these offers come with, they are a fantastic way to win real money on a sports match without spending a penny!

As with all offers, it’s important that you read the T&Cs attached to a free bet deal. So that you can see which sports match, game or event the bet applies to. As well as how much the bet is worth.

Risk free bets offers

While free bets are a great way to have some fun, and potentially win a little spending money, they can be quite restrictive. As you can only place them on specific games/matches, and they will be low in value. So, if you’re not tickled by the idea of a free bet, then why not try a risk-free bet instead?

Risk-free bets let you make a wager but, if you lose, you get back part of your stake. This offer also comes with its own caveats. But, generally, you have a lot more freedom of choice with a risk-free bet.

Plus, they’re a great way to try out a new site, and win some real money. Finally, as a general rule, you can win more with a risk-free bet than with a free bet offer.

Enhanced odds offers

Another super popular promotion with new bookmakers is the enhanced odds offer. This deal will apply for a limited time. And will give you much better odds on a specific match or event.  Which, in turn, will give you a better chance of snatching a big win.

But, like free bets and risk-free bets, your enhanced odds deal will come with some restrictions. So don’t expect to dictate your own odds, or which sport you can use them on! That said, enhanced odds are a great way to boost your balance and pick up a cheeky win that you otherwise might not have got.

As with any offer at a bookies, make sure to read the T&Cs. To see which match, game or event these odds apply to. As you will not be able to use them on just anything!

New mobile betting sites in 2024

As we’ve seen, betting from your mobile is not just just a fad. It’s quick, convenient and super easy to do. And with new mobile betting sites coming to market regularly, their popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

So, always check with us, to find your next new mobile betting experience. We’ll tell you which sites we love and who has the best sportsbooks. As well as which ones have the best bonuses around. And, as always, you can be sure that every mobile site we list is licensed and regulated by the UKGC.

So, if you’ve never used your phone to place a bet, then you’re in for a treat! With the best online bookmakers UK bringing out top mobile sites and apps monthly, it’s time to dive into the world of mobile sports betting.

Finally, some sites even offer mobile-specific bonuses for their punters. As a way to incentivise using your phone to place wagers. So there’s never been a better time to get into mobile betting!

Mobile betting is getting more and more popular. And nowadays, any decent bookmaker will offer a mobile-optimised site for their customers to use. But, if you’ve never used your phone to make a wager before, don’t worry! It’s just as easy, if not easier, than using your PC or laptop.

And all of these mobile-optimised sites have a fantastic easy-to-use interface to help you along the way. It’s no wonder punters across the UK love using their mobiles to bet with.

New mobile betting apps

One of the quickest and easiest ways you can access your favourite bookies is by a dedicated app on your phone. They’re so fantastic because they’re so quick! No more remembering your login details or card information. Simply click on the app, enter your password and you’re in.

With in-play betting and live streaming, plus all of the markets available at your fingertips, there’s never been a better time to try downloading a betting app. Plus, apps often come with special features that you won’t find on a desktop site. And you can enable push notifications. So that you’re kept up-to-date on every match or event in your calendar.

However, the one downside to apps is that they use a lot of internal storage and memory on your phone. So, if you don’t have tons of space on your phone, you might be better off using a mobile browser-based sports site instead. Plus the constant updates and bug-fixes can be a little tedious.

Mobile browser-based sportsbooks

Accessing your favourite bet site is easy with your mobile phone’s internet browser. While not quite as quick as a dedicated app, you can still get into your account in a few short seconds. And will have  a similar experience as using an app.

Both Android and iPhones have fantastic browsers already installed. But you can always shop around for another, if you don’t like your default one. Plus, if you don’t have an app, you don;t have to fiddle around with updates and bug-fixes!

The only real downside to browser-based sportsbooks is that you might miss out on a few perks that are only offered through a dedicated app. However, by using your phone’s browser, the bet site will not take up any of your internal storage or phone’s memory.

Betting strategy for new bookmakers

So now you know how to choose new betting sites UK. But what strategies can you use to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new online bookmakers? Let’s take a look.

Use more than one sportsbook

We’ve already mentioned that our experts recommend signing up to more than one bookies at a time. This will ensure that you get access to fantastic markets and odds across lots of different operators in the UK. So, not only does this make betting more exciting, but you are far more likely to pick up better odds if you’re signed up to more than one bookmaker at any one time.

Take advantage of as many promotions as possible

One of the best things about signing up to a new bookmakers is the welcome offer you receive. But what’s better than a big fat juicy sign up offer? Lots of them, of course!

So why limit yourself to just one bonus, when you could have more? Every time you sign up to a bet site in the UK, you’ll be offered some sort of bonus. So it makes sense to sign up to more than one bookies at the time. That way, you get the best out of all the markets across multiple sites, as well as many promotions for you to use.

Bet on the sports you know well

Okay, so this one sounds a little bit obvious. But as a ‘newbie’ to betting, you should probably bet on the sports that you already know well.

For example, you probably shouldn’t start out placing wagers on NBA basketball if you’ve never watched a game in your life. However, if you watch all the tennis opens, then you’ll probably be more up to speed on how Djokovic is performing than the Chicago Bulls!

So, it would be a good idea to place some small bets on a few tennis matches, before you start reaching for sports you know nothing about! Once you’ve tried out a few bets on sports you know, and seen some wins come your way, you can start branching out and exploring other sports and events. Who knows? You might end up loving virtual horse racing or Canadian ice hockey. But, best to start out with baby steps!

Search for ‘value bets’

Value bets are the bargains of the betting world. You know when you get a new pair of jeans for an absolute steal in a sale? Well, that’s more or less what value bets are. Simply put, a bet with a good value is when the bookies gives even better odds than you would usually expect.

Let’s go back to football as an example again. If you had Man City playing your local 5-a-side team from down the pub, you would expect the odds on your mates winning to be pretty much non-existent. But let’s imagine that the bookies offer you 2-1. With those odds, you could double your money if Man City win. Which, let’s face it, is going to happen! So there’s huge value to that bet.

Obviously, the example we’ve given is highly exaggerated. But spotting value bets is a fantastic way to build up your wins. Plus, you will become a lot better at seeing values the more you bet on a particular sport.

Set up a budget and stick to it

Finally, when playing with real money it can be easy to get sucked into the excitement of it all and end up overspending. Therefore, setting yourself a budget that you stick to is essential for your enjoyment. And will ensure that you can avoid indulging too much.

A great way to set yourself up for success is by getting hold of a prepaid debit card, which you can use to bet with. Prepaid cards are fantastic because you need to load them with funds before you can use them. That means you can dedicate your card to your betting balance only. And once the money is gone, it’s gone. So, if you want to bet more, then you have to load the card again with more funds. And during this time you can consider if you’ve already spent too much, and if it’s time to stop.

Live stream your matches at the best new betting sites

We’ve already mentioned a little about live streaming, as it’s one of the most exciting recent developments in the betting world. It used to be that you would have to go to the bookies on your high street, place a bet and then either get to the pub or back to your house to watch the match.

However, with  the invention of mobile-optimised sites, you can now place bets wherever you are from your mobile phone. Taking this convenience one step further, live streaming was introduced to betting sites, so that you can watch all the action unfold on either your PC laptop tablet or phone. Meaning that you never have to miss a match ever again.

How does live streaming work?

Live streaming is exactly the same as watching any sports match on your TV, laptop or phone. The only difference is, to watch a lot of sports at home you often have to pay heavy subscription fees to multiple streaming services. But, as a member of an online bookmaker, you can watch everything for free!

For example, a lot of Champions League football matches aren’t available on terrestrial TV. So, if you’re at home, you probably have to pay for an expensive sports package from BT or Sky to see all of them. Or, you have to spend a fortune down the pub every time there’s a match on. 

Plus, what if you want to watch a UFC fight in the States? Good luck finding that for free! All these subscriptions can get very pricey very quickly. But, by signing up to one of these fantastic new betting companies that offer live streaming, you can access tons of sports events, all over the world, live and for free.

In-play betting – A new and exciting way to bet

Carrying on from live streaming, the invention of in-play betting changed the face of sports betting overnight. And, new sports betting sites offer some of the best in-play opportunities we’ve ever seen.

With modern technology powering new sports betting sites, you never have to miss another throw-in, kick, strike, dunk, put, set or game ever again!

What is In-play betting?

In-play betting simply refers to the fact you can now make wagers during sports matches or events. Gone are the days of running to your local bookies to try and get your betting slip in before the match starts. With in-play betting, you can bet before the match starts, and all the way through it as well.

Fancy Liverpool v Everton 2-0 at half time? Great! And then 2-1 by the end of the second half? Great! Does it look like Everton might equalise in the 89th minute? You can bet on that too!

The best thing about in-play betting is that you can add bets as you go. So if a match takes a turn, you can change your tactics and bet accordingly.

Payment options at new betting sites

When it comes to placing bets and taking out your winnings, you want a great selection of different payment options to choose from. And with UK online bookmakers, you have some of the most innovative payment platforms available to you.

The great thing about having different ways to pay, is that you can change them from one day to the next, depending on what is convenient for you.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular payment platforms that you can use today.

Electronic Wallets

E-wallets are the latest craze to hit the gambling world. Their popularity has been steadily growing over the last decade or so, with people turning to e-wallets for their safety, security and lightning fast transactions.

So here are our top three e-wallets that you can use at the UK’s best new bookmakers.


Probably one of the biggest names in online payments in the world. In fact, you probably didn’t know that PayPal was technically an e-wallet, did you? PayPal lets you make deposits and withdrawals at bet sites up and down the UK, safely and security. You never need to give out  your card or bank details with a PayPal account. You only need your username and password.

This gives you an extra level of protection when making deposits and withdrawals online. Just be aware that there are some fees associated with using PayPal. So it’s best to check these out first, before you sign up for an account.


Another hugely popular e-wallet is Neteller. You can open a Neteller account for free. And you can also get a prepaid Mastercard to use for online purchases.

These prepaid cards are fantastic because they protect you against fraudulent activity. And they need to be loaded with funds before you can use them. Giving you the chance to set yourself a budget when using the card to bet with.


Skrill is very similar to Neteller in that you can open an account for free. And you can also opt to have a prepaid card that you can use for online purchases.

Both Skrill and Neteller are super safe to use. And they also come available in many different languages and currencies. Just remember, that there are some small fees associated with loading your prepaid cards. And you should take these into consideration before signing up.

Debit cards

The tried-and-trusted debit card! Probably the easiest way to make deposits and withdrawals at any bookies online is with your debit card. Accepted globally, debit cards are free to use and don’t require you to open up any additional accounts, like with e-wallets.

That being said, you might not feel comfortable giving out your card details online. If that’s the case, then you should consider the added security that comes with e-wallets and pay-by-mobile platforms.

Pay by mobile

There are lots of different ways that you can use your mobile phone to make deposits at a bookmakers. One of the most popular in recent years is the service Boku. Which lets you use your mobile phone number to make deposits. This adds a level of protection, as you never have to give out your bank or debit card details.

Other methods on your mobile include using your phone’s credit to make deposits. Or adding deposit amounts to your end-of-month bill. However, it’s important to note there are daily limits to what you can deposit using these methods. Plus, you might not be able to withdraw winnings back to your mobile phone’s credit or bill.

Playing responsibly at new UK betting sites

If you want to get the most out of your gambling experience, then it’s important that you play responsibly at any new UK bookmakers.

It’s easy to get swept up in the action and to keep placing bets. However, this can lead to financial problems later down the line. So, it’s imperative that you keep an eye on your spending, so that you can continue to enjoy your time betting on sports.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can play responsibly.

Keep a strict betting budget

As we’ve mentioned previously, setting yourself a budget is important to avoid overspending. However, we know it can be easy to start pushing the limits of your budget if you’re not being strict with yourself. That’s why we recommend getting a prepaid card, that you can load with your funds to bet with.

Prepaid cards help you keep an eye on your spending, and don’t come with any sort of overdraft facility. Therefore, when the card hits zero, you will not be able to use it anymore. Of course, you can reload this card with more funds. But you’re more likely to stop yourself and resist the urge to reload, than if the funds were coming directly from your debit card.

Track time spent on sports betting

Another great way to avoid overindulging is by tracking the time you spend on the bookmaking site. Just as a lot of people do with social media. And people are often shocked to find that they spend hours on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. per day. 

It might only be 10 minutes here and there. However, this time can add up very quickly throughout the day. And you might find that you’re betting a lot more than you think you are. Therefore, by tracking the amount of time you spend on your new betting sites, it will help you to enjoy yourself more and bet more responsibly.

Never bet while under the influence

It goes without saying that you should never place a bet under the influence of alcohol, or anything else. Betting and drinking do not mix well! And you may find that you make bad decisions while drinking.

Plus, don’t forget; once a bet has been placed, it cannot be undone. So, if you end up on a session and place your next month’s rent on Watford beating Manchester City, you will not only wake up to a sore head. You will also wake up to some serious financial problems..

Self-exclude if you bet too much

We all love a little flutter now and again. But, if you find that your gambling habits are getting out of control, or you just want to take a break for a while, then you always have the option to self-exclude.

Government-run sites like Gamstop let you self-exclude for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years at a time. And can help you to curb your gambling habits

However, it’s important to remember that once you sign up for a program like Gamstop you will be completely banned from all gambling sites in the UK for the duration of time that you have selected. And this decision cannot be reversed.


If you’re still not sure about choosing a new betting site, then check out some of our most popular FAQs.

Is it safe to bet at new bookies?

Absolutely! All new bookies UK are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). And are legally obliged to display the UKGC logo on their website. So, if you can see this logo, then you know you’re on a safe, legit site.

Which new online betting site has the best bonuses?

All new sites will have tons of juicy bonuses for you to choose from. But, to get the very best that the market has to offer, choose one of our trusted and reviewed bookies to sign up with.

Here at, we only list the top sites in the UK. And these operators not only have the best bonuses. They also have the best odds and markets around. And are all licensed and regulated by the UKGC.

Where can I find brand new betting sites?

Right here, of course! Our team of experts work round the clock, looking at each new site that comes to market. And they don’t just list any old site. If a bookies doesn’t fit with their strict criteria, then it doesn’t get listed with us.

So, to find your next great experience, always check with our lists. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the freshest new operators. As well as where has the best sportsbook, odds and markets.

Where can I find licensing info for new online bookies?

All UK bookies must be licensed by the UKGC. So, if you can see the UKGC logo on the website, then you know you’re on a legit site. They are also legally obliged to display their license number. So, if you have any doubt about the site, you can contact the UKGC and check the operator’s details using their license number.

Yes! Gambling is perfectly legal in the UK. And, as a UK resident, you are welcome to enjoy all casinos, bookmakers, slots sites and any other real-money gaming that you wish. Just remember to make sure that you’re always on a legit UK site, before signing up, by checking for the UKGC logo.

What’s the best payment method for betting?

That’s a matter of personal preference. All good bookmakers will have a range of payment platforms for you to use, including debit card, e-wallet and pay-by-mobile methods. Which one you choose is up to you. And you may find that you use more than one, depending on your circumstances.

What are the best new betting apps?

Most great bookies in the UK offer their customers a dedicated app to download to your phone. And, to find these awesome sites, check our lists. Every bookmaker we work with is a leader in the industry. So they will have some of the most state-of-the-art apps and mobile-optimised sites for you to use.

Where can I find bonuses for the latest betting sites?

To find the best bonuses around, check our lists of fantastic new bet sites. We’ll tell you where has the best offers, as well as the greatest sportsbooks and odds. Alternatively, you can check with each bookies individually. As they all list their various bonuses and promos on their websites.