How to Find the Best New Bingo Sites You’ll Love

How to Find the Best New Bingo Sites You’ll Love

- February 25, 2018

Everyone loves to try something new – but when it comes to the online bingo which ones are the best?  Whether you are just starting out bingo for the first time or you are a seasoned player looking for a new bingo tribe, here are our 3 top tips.

1. Check site reviews and bingo community sites on social media

The best place to start when looking for a new bingo site is checking online site reviews and social media communities where people are talking about bingo and providing their experiences.  It could be even better if you can chat in the group and ask others what their favourite places to play bingo are.  If you have a few new online bingo sites in mind try doing specific searches on these bingo sites and try keyword searches like  “[Bingo site name] reviews” or  “[Bingo site name] player reviews”.  You will be able to see right away other players experiences and get a feel.  However this may not always be the best point of reference so make sure as part of your investigation you follow through with the other tips below.

2. Visit well-known bingo websites

There is a seemingly increasing pool of bingo sites launching every year and they may be seen as

1) New branded bingo sites,
2) Slots or Casino sites that have added bingo to their pool of games and
3) Land-based clubhouses that have expanded online. 

With brands you have seen before or land-based institutions it can seem like a no-brainer.  You have seen them advertised for years so you believe them to be reputable.  It is the new cool looking sites that you might be wary of.  But fear not, while advertising on web, tv, print and radio can be a nice indicator of a bingo’s reputation it should not be the only thing that classifies it as a well-known bingo website.  Other things you can check for are:

Number of players online

How long have they been in operation?

Does it have the correct certifications and what industry associations a part of.  You should be able to go to these organizations and certification sites and see what other online gaming sites are also registered

Do they display any audits by reputable accounting firms and are they publicly traded companies?

How secure is their payment process and what security processes do they have in place?

Are they offering new and existing bingo players offers that are in line with other bingo sites?  Eg. £20 free bingo no deposit 

3. Bingo sites software

No mater which online bingo site you play at all reputable sites will have a company that powers the software that runs their bingo site.   As you play on many bingo sites you might notice that despite the colours, logos and branding feel being different the game play has a familiarity to it.  This familiarity is created because the software is powered by the same company.  The fact that multiple brands are using the same software provider is a good indicator of reliability because these software houses often have vetting processes before accepting clients.  Further software providers are tested for reliability and trustworthiness within the game play.

As always, there are exceptions and you might find a bingo site’s software is powered by an independent firm.  In this case you might like to ask yourself the following questions to determine their reputation (you should even ask these of larger bingo software companies): 

Can you research this company? 

Do they have the appropriate certifications and 

Is there software verified by trusted third party sites?

Trusted bingo sites

In summary to know if you are playing at a trusted bingo site comes down to reputation and that reputation is earned through the following factors:

Good online bingo player reviews

They advertise and get their name out there

Number of online bingo players and years of operation

Online bingo software

Are they legitimate members of gaming associations which can be verified independently on the gaming association websites

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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