New to Playing Bingo Online? (Beginners Guide)

New to Playing Bingo Online? (Beginners Guide)

- September 08, 2016

Most people are well-acquainted with how traditional bingo works, but what about playing bingo online? Maybe you want to try it out because it’s convenient for you to play on mobile bingo apps than in an actual hall.

If it’s your first time to migrate to the virtual bingo room, then you don’t need to worry. A virtual bingo room has pretty much all the elements of traditional bingo. There are just a few things that you need to familiarise yourself with when it comes to playing via brand new bingo sites, and we are going to talk about it here in this article.

Basic Rules of Online Bingo

The basic rules of online bingo are fairly straightforward. First, you choose an established and trusted site like LadbrokesBingo and select a game. You then choose how many virtual card you want to play with. When the game starts, the caller (which is a computer programme that randomly selects numbers) starts to draw the winning numbers. You mark of the numbers from your card as they are “called”. Depending on what game you are playing, you either mark off one line or multiple lines. The first player who marks off a line will win the game and a new round of bingo starts.

There are different types of bingo games. You can check out Ladbrokes Bingo online for a complete list. Here are the most common ones:

Game TypeDescription
This is the traditional UK format where numbers are distributed over three lines. The caller randomly draws from 90 balls.
75-ballThis is a traditional US format were the caller draws from 75 balls. This is played on a 5x5 grid.
80-ballThis format is played on a 4x4 grid. The caller draws from 80 balls.
Five-lineIn this format, players win by creating the first five lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Unlike traditional halls, bingo sites also offer all kinds of bingo bonuses that you can use when playing online.

Players in a bingo chat room use acronyms to communicate with one another. When scrolling through the chat box, you might read something like “I’m 1tg for £1,000!” and find yourself saying, “You’re what?” To help you ease into the online bingo room, here are some of the common terms and expressions you will encounter:

Roomie“Roomie” is a term that refers to other players in the chat room 
GLGood luck
WTGWay to go
1tgOne to go (This means the player needs only one more number to win the game)
2tgTwo to go (This means the player needs two more numbers to win the game)
3tgThree to go (This means the player needs three more number to win the game)
BRBBe right back
TYThank you

There are many reasons to play bingo online. You can join for the prizes or for the good friends you will meet through the chat room. You can also have fun playing the best side games of online bingo. So go ahead and try it out! There is a perfect virtual bingo room waiting for you.

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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