Playing Bingo in the UK

Playing Bingo in the UK

- September 08, 2016

If you are wondering what the state of bingo is in the UK, then let us shed some light on the matter. Gone are the days when bingo games were solely played by old ladies in church halls to pass the time. Today, bingo can be played anywhere by anyone who wants to have a great time while getting a chance to earn some profit.

Where to Play Bingo

Some might think that bingo activity has declined because the number of bingo clubs has decreased from 600 to less than 400 in the last ten years. This might seem like a reason to believe so, but an estimated 800,000 people still play high-street bingo in the UK. Some bingo players also go to arcades and holiday parks, instead of bingo clubs. From this you can see that there is still a demand for traditional gameplay, both in the north and south of the country.

Although the numbers above are true, if you delve a little bit deeper into the state of the betting market, you will also find that this decline in traditional bingo halls is balanced out by the popularity of online bingo sites and games.

Online bingo activity has had exponential growth in the recent years and introduced this beloved game to a younger audience. The internet has definitely changed the landscape for the bingo and casino industry. Last year, the online gaming market cashed in a whopping £27 billion GBP.

The online bingo market in the UK is estimated at £218,449,208. Statistics for bingo show that this huge sum comes from the huge number of UK online bingo players. The top bingo sites by internet traffic are Tombola Bingo and Gala Bingo. These two sites average around 250,000 players per month. You can Visit the Tombola Bingo site to check out the newest offers.

Who’s Playing Bingo?

Currently, 85% of online bingo players are women and the remaining 15% are men. These numbers, however, are not accurate because it’s been reported that some men sign up their online accounts under female names because they are worried about being stigmatised.

The common age range for both men and women is 30 to 50 years old. A number of these players are stay-at-home mums who enjoy different kinds of bingo chat games and making new friends while keeping an eye on their kids. But because of the accessibility of internet gaming, the percentage of players under 45 years of age shot up from 46% to 62% in the last few years, with players between the ages of 18 and 24 now making up 700,000 of the 3.5 million bingo players in the UK.

Around 39% of all bingo fans are long-term bingo players. There are, of course, newcomers to the bingo world who have just learned how to play bingo. About 38% of all bingo players have played for less than two years, and 23% of all bingo fans are players who have played between two to three years.

Oddly enough, the level of fun and diversity of online bingo is also prompting players to try out local halls too.

Why Do People Play Bingo?

People have several reasons why they play bingo, but the primary reason is to have a fun time. For some, it’s an affordable way to have night out with friends. For others, it’s a way to enjoy the interactive environment.

There are also advantages particularly when it comes to online bingo.

First, online bingo fits perfectly into people’s busy schedules. Even though today’s world offers a lot of modern conveniences, people are busier than ever. People are busy commuting to work, spending hours in the office, taking kids to activities and so on. It comes to no surprise that for many individuals, finding the time to go to a land-based bingo hall can be a bit of an inconvenience. So this is where mobile bingo sites come in. Online bingo on mobile devices allows people to join a game whenever they have time to spare.

Second, there are big bingo bonuses when playing online. This is one of the unique aspects of online betting that are not typically found in traditional bingo halls. All you have to do is sign up for an account and reap the benefits of a no deposit bingo bonus!

Third, there is a wide selection of games to choose from at the latest online bingo sites. There are 75 ball bingo games, 90 ball bingo games, roulette bingo and so much more. Plus, the colourful graphics and sound effects help keep players entertained throughout the game.

And finally, online bingo is a form of social networking and community building. There are literally thousands of people you can meet when you play online bingo. For many players, the chat rooms and forums are just as important as the jackpots. So if you have been looking for a great source of fun and entertainment in the UK, head on down to the nearest bingo hall or sign up for a top online bingo site!

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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