The Best Sites With Swedish Bingo

The Best Sites With Swedish Bingo

- November 24, 2016

Perhaps you’ve been playing sessions after sessions of traditional bingo games like 90-ball bingo. You might want to try a new variant that is easy enough to learn yet exciting enough to keep you entertained. Well, we have the perfect bingo game for you! Why don’t you try and play Swedish Bingo? It’s a relatively new bingo variant that is quickly becoming popular among a number of UK bingo sites.

The Best Sites to Play Swedish Bingo at

There are only a handful of bingo sites offering Swedish Bingo and they are not made the same. Some stand out from the crowd, while others are not worth your time and money. So, how do you know which one works best for you? Well, here at HitYah, we have made the process a lot easier for you. Our expert bingo analysts write unbiased bingo site reviews, studying every detail of an operator – from the selection of games and software to the bonuses and promotions. We give them ratings based on their features so that you can easily compare the sites and choose the one that works best for you.

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What is Swedish Bingo?

Swedish Bingo is a popular bingo variant in Sweden, hence the name. It is also known as 5-line bingo and it has a fast paced and action packed nature, making it an exciting alternative to other classic bingo formats. You have better chances of winning and the gameplay is more electrifying! Moreover, the rules of this game are easy to understand that even a bingo novice can play it. As previously mentioned, the difference of Swedish Bingo from classic formats is the fact that the pace is a lot faster. What’s even more interesting about this game is it will only conclude once all the numbers have been covered.

The Basics of Swedish Bingo

Aside from knowing all the best bingo bonuses you can claim, it is also important, of course, to know how to play Swedish Bingo. With this bingo variant, you will use numbers 1 to 75. This game is also played in bingo halls and the caller announces a number at a time until the winning card/s have been identified. The same process is used when you play Swedish Bingo online and there is only one difference. Online, a reliable bingo software is used to select random balls. In a particular game, every number will only be drawn once.

Once one of your numbers is called, click or “daub” it. Alternatively, you can use the auto-daub function to avoid missing any numbers. On the other hand, if you want a more interactive and exciting experience, daubing your tickets manually is the best way to go. In live halls, the numbers called are displayed on an electronic screen or board. When you play Swedish Bingo online, there will be a display area where you can see the last four to six numbers that were drawn.

How to Win a Swedish Bingo Game

Swedish Bingo games typically offer players five ways of winning. Needless to say, it is possible that there would be five winners in a single round. The following are the possible winning combination:

  • Single Line – The first player to mark a line of numbers.
  • Two Lines – The first player to entirely mark two lines of numbers.
  • Three Lines – The first player to entirely mark three lines of numbers.
  • Four Lines – The first player to entirely mark four lines of numbers.
  • Full House – The first player to mark all five lines of numbers.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about Swedish Bingo, it’s high time you go online and try your luck. But before you do that, make sure you check out HitYah’s reliable and accurate bingo site reviews! Let us help you make your online bingo experience more pleasurable and convenient.

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