The Inside Scoop on Katies Bingo!

The Inside Scoop on Katies Bingo!

- September 08, 2016

There’s a new girl in town! In an earlier news article, we promised you she was coming soon, and now she's arrived! And she's the coolest, funkiest, most fun and rewarding site to visit in the melee of new online bingo sites on offer.

Katie Cooper is the owner, creator and soon to be chat host of the new Katies Bingo website. Taking on a new challenge – especially one as big as starting up a brand new online bingo site in amongst a cacophony of competitors already out there – is a daunting challenge, even for the fiercest heart. So what sets Katies Bingo apart from all the rest?

Well, we went right to the source and asked Katie herself. And, as you’ll see from her responses which we’ve shared with you here, her heart is definitely in the right place. Katie cares about her customers, about what they want a new bingo site to offer them – and it’s definitely not just another new-but-pretty-much-of-the-same-old-stuff site - so many of which are already readily available out there in online bingo land.

As you see from her story below, all the best ofs and must haves that people want out of an online bingo site are on offer here, as well as the choicest online bingo games available at Katies Bingo. Plus, for all the inside tips and the latest welcome bonuses and promotions for Katies Bingo, read on…

1. So Katie, what do you love most about bingo?

I think I love the anticipation of a win the most! But I have to really try, and I only ever get the anticipation part and hardly ever win lol! I also love meeting new people in chat and getting to know all the people who play on the site. I think that’s why I’m dying to launch our own chat room on Katies Bingo. Now that we’ve been going a couple of weeks and have a player base, I’m going to be launching it pretty soon. I just didn’t want it to go live with hardly any players in there - that’s not very fun; plus I wanted to have our players input on what they want from the room.

2. How long have you been playing bingo?

I’ve been playing since about 2008 – me and my sisters started to go to the clubs a few years before that. I’ve been working for online bingo sites too, since not long after I started playing.

3. And what made you start your own bingo website?

After working for bingo sites for around 8 years I was always having ideas for what we could do better and giving advice that was often overlooked.

Also as a player the sites that I was playing on were often just copies of the same old thing. I started getting into the same routine of just finding a new site to get a big bonus and then moving on to the next.

People I was working with told me that I should go out on my own for years, but it’s not that simple. You have to have a good pot of money to launch a site and it took quite a while to save up.

My husband and I are hoping that it’ll all be worth the risk. We’re spending a lot of time working on the site and making sure Katies Bingo lives up to our expectations… after all I wouldn’t have named it after me if I didn’t want it to be the best bingo site around!

4. Your website has a really unique look and feel. What’s the inspiration behind the design for Katies Bingo?

Well as I had quite a bit of time I actually put a lot of thought into what appealed to people (especially women who are the majority of bingo players).

I started a few Pinterest boards, one for art deco style stuff, another for pop art, one for Kawaii and another vintage board. Over the period of a couple of months the popularity of the Kawaii board stood out over all the other boards, it was just so popular. And you can see why, those little characters we made are so darn cute, they make me smile a lot, plus they’re easy to find online fairly cheap which is another bonus!

5. What sets Katies Bingo apart from other bingo sites?

I’ve not actually seen any sites ran by a real person, they’re all characters or themes. I think I saw one called Bobs Bingo, but you could tell from the site that it wasn’t a real person.

I want players to feel that I genuinely care about them. I want to make a site that grows with our player base and serves them what they actually want rather than being told what they can have.

Hopefully when we open our exclusive room players will see that I’m a real person, I’ve not actually had work as a chat host before so I’m hoping they’ll cut me a bit of slack when we’re playing chat games so I can keep up!

6. What sign up bonus is available for new Katies Bingo players?

At the moment Katies Bingo is offering all new players a 300% bingo bonus and 10 free spins on Fluffy Too. So if you deposit £20 you get £60 bingo bonus and 10 free spins too.

A bit of insider info for you guys is if players use codes BIG1 and BIG2 on their 2nd and 3rd deposits you’ll get a 250% bingo bonus up to £25. So make sure you’re getting all the bonuses you can!

7. What are the best side games to play at Katies Bingo?

Well my favourite is Fluffy Too, and that’s why I give away 10 free spins to all of our newbie depositors. I just love it when that pink elephant shakes its butt… hahaha!!

Other bingo side games I also love are Sugar Train and Fruit Shop - the cheesier the game the better for me. And both of those are pretty old school compared to the fancier NetEnt games like Starburst or Jack and the Beanstalk, which are both great too but just not my favourites that I go back to time and time again like Fluffy Faves.

8. How can players get involved with other aspects of the site?

We’ve got a load of great stuff going on via our social media channels. For example on my blog I am playing and reviewing each side game on our site. If a player comments on my post they have the chance to win 5 free spins on that game.

We also offer £2 free for joining our Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest and adding a review on the Katies Bingo Trustpilot page.

9. What VIP incentives are available?

At the moment we are offering a personalised mug for our “Founding Members” who are a Master VIP at the end of the month. The mug is really fun and features all the characters on the site as well as having each player’s name on it.

We offer the standard Dragonfish VIP program, which gives players lots of free tickets, spins and cash back. But of course in true Katies Bingo style we have remade all of the levels to be cute characters.

Next what we are looking to do is to contact our top 20 players at the end of the month and ask them for their ideas on what they like to receive as part of a VIP program. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never managed to get to a VIP level where you get cool gifts like a hot air balloon flight or something cool like that (I’d be a member for life of a site that gave me a hot air balloon flight lmao!). So this is why I’m reaching out to the players to give me an idea of what we can offer, so keep an eye out for some cool VIP offers.

Brodey Sheppard

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