Types of Bingo Chat Games

Types of Bingo Chat Games

- September 08, 2016

A bingo chat game has all the features of the traditional game, except that it takes place through a virtual website called the “chat room”. Simply put, a chat room is like the physical bingo hall in the virtual world.

In a chat room, there is a real chat host that moderates the game. The chat host also makes announcements about bingo bonuses and other promotions. Just like in a physical bingo hall, there is a caller who calls out the lucky numbers. What makes a chat room special is that it features social interaction, much like in the real world. Through these chat rooms, you can meet new players and make new friends. Fellow players are commonly referred to as “roomies” who you can chat with privately through a one-on-one chat box, or through the group chat box. You are able to make comments, tell stories and even crack jokes in an online chat room.

Different Types of Bingo Chat Games

What is great about online bingo is that there are a variety of chat rooms to choose from. If you are new to the game and would like to learn how to play bingo, you can explore the newest bingo sites and discover where you fit in. In addition, game providers are always creating new games within a website, so you will surely never run out of options. With that said, check out these bingo chat games:

1) Buddy Chat Games

When you sign up for Buddy Chat Games, you are paired up with another player/roomie from your chat room. This kind of game is naturally fun because it encourages social interaction. There are also different versions of buddy chat games that you can choose from:

  • Alphabet Buddies – The first kind if called alphabet buddies. As the name suggests, the players are connected through their names. If players whose names begin with the same letter as the bingo winner, then all these players will win all at once.
  • Birthday Buddies – Why not celebrate your birthday in an online chat room? If you win a prize, all the other players who share your birthday will win too. Talk about a grand celebration!
  • Team Buddies – In this Bingo chat room, all the players are divided into groups. When a player from that group wins, all the other players in the team are also eligible for a prize.
  • Up-Down Buddies – Now this chat room is pretty interesting. In this game, all the players’ names are put in a list. When two players win the game, the player whose name is in between these two players also win a prize. If you are the only winner, then the roomies above and below your name win as well.

2) Themed Chat Games

If you feel like playing something different from the usual traditional bingo you enjoy, then check out themed chat games. These games are based on current or popular events, such as films, sports events, reward shows and other famous occasions.

Below are some of the types of themed chat games:

  • Seasonal Themed Chat Room – These chat rooms celebrate special occasions of the year, including Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day.
  • Film Themed Chat Room – In this chatroom, the chat host will ask questions relating to recent movies that have been released. For example, the first player who can name the actor in a Bourne film wins a prize. Or, the first player who can identify what movie a certain quote is from, wins.
  • Football Themed Chat Room – Sports fans will enjoy joining these kinds of chat rooms because these involve challenging questions about the FIFA World Cup or the Summer Olympics. Hot prizes await those players who are able to answer the questions correctly.

3) Trivia Chat Games

When you enter a chat room that is all about trivia, then you have signed up for a quiz on general knowledge. Just like any other exciting quiz game, trivia chat games include questions that come from all kinds of categories, such as politics, history, geography, popular culture and entertainment. This game is typically fast-paced, so be prepared to get the answer first so that you can win a round.

Here are some examples of Trivia Chat Games:

  • Movie Trivia – The questions in this game revolve around the movie world. For example, the chat host might ask the name of a certain character in a film, and the player who mentions it first is the winner.
  • Karaoke Trivia – For those who love to sing, then this is definitely a thrilling game. The chat host will post the beginning lyrics of a song, and it is up to the players to complete the lyrics and name the music artist.
  • Invention Trivia – For those who enjoy a more historical game, then the invention trivia will be a great choice. In this game, the chat host will mention two items that were invented in the same era. In order to win, the players must answer which of the two items was built first.
  • Celebrity Trivia – Anything and everything about Hollywood can be a topic for this game. For example, the chat host will name a celebrity, and the first player who names that celebrity’s partner wins the game.

4) Number Chat Games

When it comes to number chat games, the rules of the game are pretty much the same with traditional bingo. The only difference is that roomies have to play around specific kinds numbers, which makes the game a bit more challenging and interesting.

There are many variations of this game, including the following:

  • Birthday – With a Birthday Game, the players have to provide their birth dates before the game begins. The birthdays have to be written in the format 11-4-74 or 30-09-66. If all of the numbers in your birthday are called out, then you have to type in “Birthday” in the chat room and then you will be given your prize.
  • Mirrors – In this game, the first player to spot two mirroring numbers gets to win the game. Some examples of mirroring numbers are 42 and 24, 65 and 56, 21 and 12 and so on.
  • First Ball Out – This game requires players to guess which ball will be called out first in order to win.
  • Winning Number – This game is the opposite of First Ball Out. Players in Winning Number have to predict the final ball to be called out in order to win.
  • Eggs Up – In Eggs Up, the winner is the first roomie to correctly guess a pre-selected number that ends with zero, such as 10, 20, 30 and so on.

A Wonderful World of Bingo Chat Games

As you have seen, there are so many options and varieties of bingo chat games you can choose from. From simple birth dates to celebrity trivia, there is definitely a choice out there for everyone. Simply remember to check the game rules and regulations before signing up for a chat game. Some chat games require a minimum deposit before you can begin playing the game. Others might not require a minimum deposit, but would require an active bingo ticket instead. At the end of the day, bingo chat games are a way to have fun while having the opportunity to win awesome bingo promotions and extra bonuses. These games are truly exciting and interactive. So try one out today and have fun!

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