Win Big With Team Bingo Online!

Win Big With Team Bingo Online!

- December 29, 2016

All new bingo sites and the established ones always search for ways and promotions to attract new bingo players. One of the newest trends among bingo sites is offering Team Bingo games. So what is all the hype about this new feature? Why are so many people talking about it?

Play Team Bingo with Your Friends Online

As we all know, bingo is a social game. Aside from daubing numbers and winning jackpots, the camaraderie built around the players is one of the top things that attract players to the game. Needless to say, Team Bingo is a great venue to bond with friends while enjoying your favourite pastime. With this game feature, you can invite your friends and form a bingo team online together.

With Team Bingo, the all of the members benefit from the competitions when one of them wins a game. However, it is important to note that the team competition is separate from the games that a player will join individually. If you are a member of a team and you win a team bingo game, you get the full house prize along with 50% of the team online bingo prize pot. The other 50% will be divided amongst the other members of the team. This would also mean that even if you lose a game and yet another member wins, you get a share of the winning as well! While it is disappointing to lose in a close competition, you will still be satisfied if one of your teammates won.

Online Bingo Promotion – Team Bingo

Do you prefer playing 90-ball bingo on the best UK bingo sites? Are you the type who love hitting the full house on 75-ball bingo games? It does not matter what type of bingo game you like because you can most type of games available on bingo site are also offered in the Team Bingo format. This game format is a great addition to the usual games we play on brand new Dragonfish bingo sites as well as on bingo operators powered by other software like Bridgend and Cozy Games.

In some sites, there are online bingo promotions for Team Bingo games. At online bingo site Gala Bingo, the games under this format run all the time. However, there are team bingo promotions organised especially for it. Typically, the special events run for a month and whenever a team member wins a game, their team is awarded points.

In this way, you will be encouraged to play as much as you can so you can earn more points and gain the best chance to win the Team Bingo prize. As the promotion closes, the team that has garnered the most points wins a prize. When you and your team wins the promotion, you can expect to get big cash rewards or free game tickets, among others.

How to Play Team Bingo

There are a number of old and new UK bingo sites which offer Team Bingo games. For the purpose of learning how to play this format, we will use Team Bingo on Gala Bingo as an example. If you are not a member yet, register with Gala Bingo to start playing this game. It would also be good if you know that you have friends who already have accounts on this site. On the other hand, you can always make new friends whom you can include to your team.

The first thing you would do is choose any room you like to play in. In the chat section, you will find a Team Bingo tab. Click on it and then click the “Create Team Bingo” button. Type in your team name and then invite your friends by clicking on the “Add Member” button. Typically, you can invite up to five friends to join your team by entering names in the box. An invitation will then be sent to your teammates.

Your friends can also set up teams and invite you to join theirs. Usually, bingo sites allow each player to join up to five teams. Another great thing about this format is the fact that you do not have to be online to win. If your friend wins a full house on a team bingo game, your share will go straight into your account. You can also see how your team is doing against others by clicking on the “Leaderboard” tab.

Why Play Team Bingo

Playing Team Bingo brings a number of advantages and it is becoming increasingly popular among online bingo players. The primary benefit you can get from it is, of course, the social element which allows you to go on with your usual playing routines and yet still feel part of a team. The feeling of belonging is quite important when you are playing online since physical contact with other players is non-existent.

You can also add more fun to your games as you come up with your team name. Let your imagination run wild and choose quirky names for your team. You can even come up with monikers for each team member to increase the fun! Another big benefit you can get from playing in a bingo team online is the prize your team can win at the end of a month’s promotion. You do not really have to do anything special – you just have to play the regular online bingo games and benefit from the success and luck of the other team members!

Brodey Sheppard

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