Bonus Codes

Bingo codes are a great way of getting the most from a new site when you join up for the first time. They offer a simple way for you to receive all sorts of extras for your money. This might be increased bonuses, free bonus cash, promotional gifts and even access to special rooms.

Bingo sites with Bonus Codes:

You may find it difficult to choose the right site that offers the best bonus codes. Well, we’ve made the selection process a lot easier for you. Our team of expert bingo analysts have compiled a list of top bingo sites featuring the best offers, including bingo bonus codes. Check out the ones with at least 4-star ratings and compare the bonuses to see which one works for you.

Ways of Claiming with Bingo Promo Codes

There are many different offers around, and you receive these bingo voucher codes in a few different ways. Click the links given or insert the bingo promo codes when registering or depositing to make sure you receive the bonus. The linked bonuses do it all for you automatically. With ones where you have to physically enter the bingo bonus code yourself, it is advisable to read the instructions carefully. An example of a bonus code could be ‘NEW200’ which offers you a 200% bonus. You need to make sure you type the code in exactly as the instructions read i.e. if the code is in capital letters put it in that way. You also need to make sure you add the code at the correct stage – you will receive a prompt or a code box when completing your registration or making a deposit.

Percentage or Set Amount?

Some bingo promotion codes will offer you a percentage bonus related to how much your deposit is. So let’s say the bingo promo code offers a 200% bonus on your deposit you will receive an extra £20 on a £10 deposit – you end up with a grand total of £30. Another type of bingo voucher code is one that offers a set amount of bonus for a set deposit. These are nice and simple because you know straight away how much you are going to receive and once again this is in the form of bingo bonus funds. The bingo code could offer a simple £25 for a minimum deposit of £5 or more.

Free Bingo Voucher Code

The nicest type of voucher code to find is a free bingo voucher code. This is one where sites offer you a try before you buy bonus and give you free bonus funds to play on the site before your first deposit. Most sites will also still ask you for you to register a bank or credit card in order to get the offer but will not take any funds from you. Free bingo bonus funds will allow you to play and try the site before any deposit. This will have certain restrictions on which games you can play or what game rooms you can enter. It is still a nice way to have a little free fun on a site before joining properly.

Bonuses will come in the form of bingo bonus and on most sites you can use this for bingo only and not on slots or side games. Some sites may put in the bonus immediately, and some may require you to wager your £5 deposit first before you receive it. There may also be bingo games and rooms you can’t access using bonus only. Most sites now allow you to win real funds with these bonuses which then means you can access these other areas and play some more. Watch out though, if your wins come in the form of bonus funds, these wins cannot be withdrawn.

Bonus Terms or Wagering Requirements

Bonus funds will always come attached with certain rules or wagering requirements. You cannot  withdraw bonus funds, and real cash bingo deposits will always be used to buy tickets before bonus funds are. You will always need to be a funded player (to have made a real cash deposit) to withdraw cash. Many sites will have minimum amounts you will have needed to have played in real cash before this can happen.

Sometimes sites will ask that you have wagered a multiple of your bonus or deposit amount. Watch out for codes that, while giving you a huge bonus, tie up your deposit in very high, real cash, wagering rules. These offers can seem very enticing at first glance but give you little chance of withdrawing any winnings. The best type of codes will offer you a sensible bonus with a reasonable wagering requirement. This would mean that you have a chance to walk away with some bingo winnings rather than being tied into unrealistic play through rules.

Bingo codes are a great way to receive extra playing funds on a bingo site and if they are lucky for you can mean you can win a pretty penny. It is good to remember that these bonus codes are there to encourage you to join a bingo site and pay to play. If a code looks too good to be true, it probably is.