Bingo Free Pound Bonus

If only everything was free! Everyone loves a freebie, when it comes to playing online bingo, and many sites offer their players bonuses for various reasons.

We are going to take a look at types of free money that is given to newbies when they first join a bingo site and bonuses that are given to regular users too. So let’s crack on, and expose all the interesting facts and details.

Bingo sites Free Pound Bonuses

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Gala Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10. Play with £40
Costa Bingo Logo First Deposit 120 Free Bingo Tickets on your First Deposit - 18+ only. Min deposit £10. Max tickets 120. Tickets will be awarded to 4 specified rooms only, 30 tickets per room. Max 6 tickets per game. Winnings in real cash. Withdrawal policy applies T&Cs.
Cheeky Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £30 free
Comfy Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £50 free
Harrys Bingo Logo Sign Up Bonus Get £15 free no deposit required
Wow Bingo Logo Sign Up Bonus 12 Bonus Bingo Tickets and 300% up to £120
Landmark Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £50 free
Mummies Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £50 free
Love my Bingo Logo Sign Up Bonus Get £15 free no deposit required

It can be quite difficult to discover the best site that offers free pound bonuses. However, we have made the searching and selection process a lot easier for you. We have compiled a list of leading bingo sites which feature free pound bonuses. Compare the bonuses and choose the one that works best for you. Rest assured that our site reviews are accurate and completely unbiased.

Why Players Get Offered Free Bonuses

Firstly, why are the bonuses offered to bingo players? There are many reasons why people would receive these free bonuses, and we have listed some of them below. But the main reason is, so players keep depositing, and playing at their bingo site. There is nothing better than getting a free bingo bonus, to enable you to play even more bingo games.

Sign-up Bonus

This bonus is offered by some bingo websites, once players have registered. The reward can be anything from 5 pound bingo bonus, through to 15 pound bingo bonus. What this means is, once you have registered your details and joined the bingo site, and then you will get a free bonus, without even making a deposit. So, you can try out the site for free, and then decide if it’s the one for you, or not.

Common Pound Bingo Bonus Amounts:

  • Free 5 Pound Bingo Bonus.
  • Free 10 Pound Bingo Bonus.
  • Free 15 Pound Bingo Bonus.
  • Free 20 Pound Bingo Bonus.

Welcome Bonus

When someone makes their first deposit at an online bingo site, they normally receive a welcome bonus. This is a onetime reward that is most often between 200% through to 500%. This is one of the best bonuses to get because it’s usually the highest amount when it comes to getting free bonuses.

Reload Bonus

Regular bingo players will receive what is called a reload bonus. This is like a top-up amount that is sent to their bingo account when they have made a deposit. For example, Mary deposits £10, and she is a regular player, so she gets a reload bonus worth 50%. This means she gets an extra £5 on the house, making her new total £15.

Coupon Code Bonus

A coupon code bonus is commonly sent via email, or by the on-site pop-up messages on the website. Sometimes people can get the codes from Facebook. It’s a code with letters and numbers, for example, BINGOMAGIC007. Players would insert the code, the same time that they make their deposit, and the bonus would be applied to their account instantly.

The Standard Bonus Rules

With every bonus, there are a wagering rules. If you are new to bingo, you will most likely not understand the wagering requirements. We will explain what a wagering rules are so that you know the next time you receive a bonus, just how to work out your wagering. 

A Wagering Rule Example

  • Mary deposited £20
  • She received a 50% bonus of a 10 pound bingo bonus
  • The wagering rule at her bingo site required her to wager 4X her bonus PLUS her initial deposit.

How The Wagering Works

  • Mary’s Deposit of £20 plus her bonus reward of £10 = £30
  • So, Mary had to times this by 4, which would make the wagering amount £120!

Wagering means the amount of money you play/spend or bet on bingo cards.

Watch out for Bad Bonus Rules

When you join a bingo site that offers ridiculous amounts of bonuses, beware! You may think you’re getting a bargain, but check out the wagering and withdrawal rules, before you spend a single penny at any site. Many online bingo homes offer fair rules, but there are some out there that require players to wager more than 6X their bonus and deposit.

So, always read the rules because, at the very least, you will know the terms before you spend any cash. Having that huge bonus is appealing, but when it comes to withdrawing, the rules can be nearly impossible to meet!

Why Are Bingo Bonuses Available?

Many bingo players look for free bonuses when they play at any bingo site. This is because having the bonuses enables them to play longer. At some sites if members win real cash with the free rewards, then they get to keep it, that’s as long as they have met the wagering and withdrawal rules.

Online bingo sites give their customers bonuses because it entices them to join their site. It’s a well-known fact that if you’re a bingo fan, and play loads of bingo, then you wouldn’t play on a site that didn’t offer a bonus. Most players tend to flock to the ones that offer loads of bonuses, but are also fair, when it comes to the rules.

Good Bonuses to look out for

When it comes to receiving a good bonus look for the bingo sites that are established, or are connected to a well-known network. Players should look for a good first time welcome bonus. Also, make sure the wagering rules aren’t any more than 4X your initial deposit plus bonus rewards.

The best sites will offer good and fair rules, and these are normally 2X your bonus plus your deposit. Also check out the schedule, and make sure they offer ‘Free Bingo’. Because if you win while playing this types of game, then your bank balance is sure to be higher.

Another thing to look for is a bingo home that feels like a family community. There is nothing worse than playing at one where no one talks. You will know from the onset if it’s a friendly, fun and professional bingo site. You can tell a lot from of the way the Chat Hosts and the players chat and behave in the chat room.

Happy Bingo Bonuses and Good Community

If you have found your favourite bingo site that offers great bonuses, free bingo games, fair rules and has a lovely community feeling about it, then you will have cracked it! Remember you will have to understand the bonuses, before you accept them. But if you have done your research then you’re sure to be playing on a site that offers only the best, when it comes to Free Bingo Bonuses.