One Off Bonuses

We all play bingo in the hope of winning big, but even those little wins keep us playing on until the next game. However, in addition to those small online bingo wins many sites offer one off bonuses either when you first sign up or during your life as a player. These are an effective way to boost your balance and increase your chances of a big win!

There are several different types of one off bonuses, and it’s likely that the biggest you will ever receive is the welcome bonus when you sign up to a new brand. The bonuses don’t step there though thankfully, and bonus codes and promotional bonuses can see you on your way.

There are so many terms and offers available when you play at any online bingo site and so to help you get a better understanding of the one off deposit bonus, we’ve broken down all the different terms you’re likely to hear surrounding the one off deposit bonus.

One off bingo bonus sites

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Gala Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10. Play with £40
Costa Bingo Logo First Deposit 120 Free Bingo Tickets on your First Deposit - 18+ only. Min deposit £10. Max tickets 120. Tickets will be awarded to 4 specified rooms only, 30 tickets per room. Max 6 tickets per game. Winnings in real cash. Withdrawal policy applies T&Cs.
Cheeky Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £30 free
Comfy Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £50 free
Harrys Bingo Logo Sign Up Bonus Get £15 free no deposit required
Wow Bingo Logo Sign Up Bonus 12 Bonus Bingo Tickets and 300% up to £120
Landmark Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £50 free
Mummies Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £50 free
Love my Bingo Logo Sign Up Bonus Get £15 free no deposit required

There are a lot of sites which offer bingo bonuses. With tonnes of new UK bingo sites launching every year, it can be quite difficult to distinguish the good ones from the ones that are not worth your time and money. Well, here at HitYah, we have made the selection process easier for you. Check out our reliable bingo site reviews and compare the one off bonuses so you can choose the operator that best works for you. 

Welcome Bonuses

Probably the biggest of all the bingo one off bonuses you will receive when playing online or from your mobile is the welcome bonus. This is a one off bonus you receive when you sign up to a brand first of all. There are two different types of one off welcome bonus, the no-deposit bonus and the deposit bonus. No deposit bonuses often come with big restrictions, but a deposit bonus can give your balance a boost before you hit the bingo rooms.

Welcome bonuses are an integral part of the industry and take all sorts of forms. They are usually offered as a percentage amount on your deposit, and can be a great way to get some extra cash to try out all the games at a new site.

Bonus Codes

While playing, you may notice that some online bingo sites offer occasional bonus codes. Get the code, check when it’s valid and use it when you deposit for a one off bonus. These bonus codes vary in value but are often represented in a percentage amount, dependent on your deposit. Do check the bonus code carefully and follow the instructions to the letter as if you enter the incorrect code or enter the code at the wrong stage of your deposit you could lose your bonus.

Free Games

Some sites offer free games occasionally in the form of scratch cards or interactive games. These games are not only a lot of fun to play, but can offer you one off bonuses to use in the bingo rooms, or on slots. Often these games require you to log on daily during a fixed period, and this can be a great way to grab yourself an occasional one off bonus.

Deposit Days

You may notice if you look at the promotional schedule of an online bingo site that they have special deposit bonus days. These are often occasional and do move around so you’ll need to keep abreast of the promotions. These deposit days will offer you a one off deposit bonus, usually offered as a percentage amount only on a specific day. These bonuses can often come with a bonus code you will need to enter to receive your bonus so make sure you check all the terms before you grab your bonus.

Bonus Restrictions

Sometimes you will notice that bonuses come with small restrictions, and while these aren’t too much of a problem, it’s best to know what they are. Often off bonuses will be restricted to bingo only, or access to big jackpot games will be restricted with bonus cash. These rules are designed to keep things fair for everyone, and it’s best to check what they are when you claim your one off bonus.

Wagering Requirements

As with most online bingo bonuses, it’s likely that your bonus will be subject to wagering requirements. If you check the Terms and Conditions on the bonus page, these should be linked clearly. Wagering requirements signify how many times you will have to play your bonus through before you will be eligible to withdraw it. While at most reputable online and mobile bingo brands wagering is fair and achievable, it’s always best to check exactly what the terms of any deal are to ensure there are no nasty surprises if you win.

Wagering requirements certainly shouldn’t put you claiming a one off bingo bonus, but being informed ensures the best bingo experience you can possibly have.