Playing Scratch Cards

Thanks to the Internet, scratch cards are a far cry from the scratch off cardboard tickets that most of us remember. You can play scratch cards at many places around the net, and any online bingo sites offer them under the games section too! In addition, to these interactive scratch cards in the casino section, many sites also offer free scratch cards to players to win bonuses as they play.

If you’ve never played online scratch cards, then you don’t know what you’re missing. The online aspect makes playing them exciting and a big thrill! Just like the cardboard scratch cards that you get from the shop you’ll need to virtually ‘scratch off’ the surface and match the symbols to win a prize. Some of these games offer incredibly generous prizes, and you could find yourself a big winner!

There are lots of different bingo scratch cards available when you do play, from fun instant win games for big prizes, to scratch cards from bonuses and more! Here are the different types of scratch card offer you’re likely to see when you play bingo online.

Daily Scratch Cards

Some online bingo sites offer daily bingo scratch card bonuses, and these are a great way to play an extra game and boost your balance. These games are often free and are accessible to everyone who has met the previous day’s wagering requirements. They can also offer you a bonus to carry on playing with.

A daily scratch card is usually available at a specific part of the site, the same place each day and you’ll need to unlock it before you play. If you are eligible then just find out what you need to match on your free scratch card, click the card to ‘scratch off’ the surface and see what you have won!

Often these games have prizes ranging from small bonuses of around £1, up to £10 or even £20 if you’re lucky. Should you win a bonus, it will usually be added to your account balance right away and will give you a free bonus to keep playing with.

Free Scratch Cards

Just like daily scratch cards, free scratch cards are familiar in that you’ll need to qualify to earn your free card after a promotional period or by meeting the set wagering requirements on site.

Again these are likely to be restricted to bonus amounts, and if you match the three numbers, you’ll have that added to your balance so that you can continue to play bingo.

You often have to complete specific tasks on site to earn your free scratch card so make sure you know what these are so you can earn yours and get your full bingo bonus potential.

At times, bingo sites or online casinos use no deposit scratch cards as a way of welcoming new players to the sit. Without depositing funds, the player will receive free scratch cards which can let them win real money. However, certain conditions must be met before one can withdraw their winnings.

Casino Scratch Cards

Even if an online bingo site has free, daily or bonus scratch cards, it’s likely that in the casino section you’ll also find a selection of casino-style scratch cards. It’s here that you’ll be chasing some big prizes and the chance of some big wins. It’s likely you’ll find scratch cards under the casino section, under instant wins. With them, you’re likely to find many other games too that play in an instant.

The scratch cards in the casino section won’t be free; they’ll have a cash value or a value you can change depending on your bingo budget. These games are nothing like the cardboard scratch cards you play in the store. They are graphic rich, interactive and often have sound effects and an interactive feature.

However, despite the Flash technology and the fancy graphics, the premise of these scratch cards is the same, to match the amounts and win a cash prize. These cash prizes can be well worth winning too, and the jackpots in these games can be worth thousands, plus plenty of small prizes!


So whether they are paid or free, whether they offer cash prizes or jackpots we know that scratch cards are a lot of fun! Be aware that like slots, bonus funds won from scratch cards can be liable for wagering requirements. It’s always worth checking all the terms and conditions of a game before you start playing! Check the rules too, and see what you have to do to win, especially with paid scratch cards. You could find that you have bought several before you even work out what you are meant to be doing!