Spin the Wheel

As bingo sites try and think up more and more original ways to tempt us in we’ve seen some pretty generous bonuses. Some brands are offering in a random luck factor in addition to the standard bonus. These manifest themselves in many ways but one of the most popular is a Spin the Wheel bingo bonus where you can win random amounts, and quite a lot of cash!

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Bingo Legacy Logo Sign Up Bonus Get £10 free no deposit required
Tidy Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get 200% bonus
Carlton Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £20 free
All Stars Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £20 free
Viking Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10, get 50 free spins
Game Village Logo First Deposit Deposit £5 get £20 free
Bingo Giving Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £40 free
Naughty Bingo Logo Sign Up Bonus Get £15 free no deposit required
Dove Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £20 free
Empire Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £20 free

Best Sites with Spin the Wheel Bonuses

When you search the Internet, you will find tonnes of bingo sites offering spin the wheel bonuses. Needless to say, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect site for you. However, we have made the selection process a lot simpler for you. Our team of knowledgeable bingo analysts scour the Internet and review every detail of bingo sites, including bonuses. Take a look at our list of top bingo sites, compare the bonuses and see which ones work for you.

Spin the Wheel Bonus Explained

While many sites offer a percentage sign up bonus, these spin the wheel bonuses aren’t fixed, but rather a bonus wheel with several amounts. A bonus wheel may have £2.50, £5, £10 and other increments up to the top amount. It could even have free spins available and you can win this amount on top of any standard bonus you would receive.

These random bonuses are a bit of a new featuring having only appeared over the last couple of years. The reason sites offer them is that potential big bonuses are always going to be a draw to players! You'll notice that there is always a high amount on the wheel for us to get excited about! So how do bingo Spin the Wheel bonuses actually work? Well, they’re usually paid as a two part bonus as follows.

Standard bonus

This standard bonus will be a match bonus, sometimes offered as a percentage, sometimes as free cash on your first deposit. This bonus is fixed to one amount that you will definitely receive when you make or play through your first deposit.

Spin the Wheel bonus

This bonus is slightly different and in addition to your standard bonus. Once you have deposited, you will be directed to a bonus wheel and this wheel will contain many different amounts. Spin the wheel and wherever it lands, that’s the bonus you will receive.

Bonus Example

For example, if a brand is offering 200% and a Spin the Wheel bonus, this is what you’ll need to do and what you will receive.


Make a deposit. We’re using a £10 deposit for our example.

Collect your bonus

Standard bonuses are sometimes paid immediately on deposit. Others once you have played through your deposit. Your free cash on £10 will be £20.

Spin the Wheel

Now you spin the wheel for your extra bonus, for our example we’re going to say you land on £5 on the bonus wheel.

Cash total

In our example a £10 deposit will get you an extra £25 free, that’s £35 in bingo funds to play with.

You can see why these bonuses are so popular, and some sites go so far as to offer extra bonuses on special days, to VIP players, or on reloads too.