WebMoney Bingo Deposit Sites

Electronic wallets are good options for online bingo players who don't like using their credit cards to fund their accounts. Electronic wallets act like a buffer between players and online gaming sites. So if you are on the look out for an electronic wallet, then check out WebMoney. With WebMoney, you can make all kinds of online transactions with a few clicks of a button!

What is WebMoney Deposit Bingo?

WebMoney is a useful and versatile payment system that is similar to the PayPal bingo deposit method. You can use it for all kinds of online transactions, such as receiving and sending money, exchanging currencies, and managing funds. It is available in 86 counties around the world, so you can expect there are many all new bingo sites that support WebMoney.

How Do WebMoney Bingo Sites Work?

WebMoney accounts consist of “purses” that correspond to real world currencies. You can have more than one purse if you have money of varying currencies. Here are the available purse types:

  • Euros: E-Purse (WME)
  • US Dollars: Z-Purse (WMZ)
  • Russian Rubles: R-Purse (WMR)
  • Ukrainian Hryvnia: U-Purse (WMU)
  • Belorussian Rubles: B-Purse (WMB)
  • Vietnamese Dong: Prepaid transfer (WMV)
  • Bitcoin: X-Purse (WMX)
  • Gold: G-Purse (WMG)

When you create a WebMoney account, you will be given one 12-digit WebMoney ID (WMID). Whenever you want to fund your online bingo account, all you need to do is go to the cashier page and click the WebMoney deposit bingo option, and then input your WMID. Your money will be deposited instantly, so you can start to play rounds of online bingo games.

Types of WebMoney Accounts

Signing up for WebMoney is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to the WebMoney website and go to the sign up page. You will have to input your personal details to create an account. After your account is created, you will have to load your purses with funds. You can do this via credit card or bank transfer.

WebMoney offers customers different kinds of accounts (called “Keepers”). Here are your options:

  • Keeper Classic: A software download that you install on your personal computer.
  • Keeper Light: A browser add-on that you can use to access the WebMoney website over a secure connection.
  • Keeper Mini: A smaller browser add-on with limited functionality.
  • Keeper Mobile: An app for your smartphone or tablet.

Pros and Cons of Bingo Deposit WebMoney

Just like all payment methods, there are pros and cons to WebMoney. Here are some of the advantages of using WebMoney bingo sites.

  1. You don’t input you bank or credit card details directly to the bingo site.
  2. All of the transactions made with WebMoney are protected by the latest SSL technology and encryption programs.
  3. Your money deposits will be received by the brand new bingo site in a matter of seconds, or a couple of minutes.

There are also downsides to using WebMoney deposit bingo. These disadvantages are discussed below.

  1. WebMoney often charges fees of 0.8% when sending payments to your bingo account, and when you withdraw from bingo sites.
  2. You need to go through the trouble of creating an account with WebMoney, instead of directly transacting with your bingo site.
  3. Because there are so many services offered by WebMoney, the website can appear very complex and overwhelming.