Bingo on Facebook

In the socially savvy world of social media, Facebook offers a boon of options for bingo players. While brick-and-mortar bingo days are still popular, millions of people, young and old, from all around the world are playing bingo on the internet using Facebook as well.

Just type these three words “Bingo on Facebook” into your Google Search, and literally tens of millions of options appear. Somewhere around 44,200,000 of them!

In a world where you’re spoiled by choices, how do you choose which of these online bingo game options to try out?

At the top of these search listings is the bingo game run by Facebook for Facebook: Bingo! As the site declares, this is the longest running bingo game on Facebook. Facebook itself launched in the early months of 2004, and in mid-2007 it opened its doors to entrepreneurial platforms and the world of gaming. In the start of 2008, it launched Bingo!

This granddaddy of them all now boasts around one-and-a-half-million Facebook friends. As a place to start out, this one is obvious to consider. All you need to do is hit PLAY GAME. And it’s really easy to learn, even if you have to idea how to play bingo. Facebook will walk you through the how-to of bingo, with a practice game and bonus card credits get you started. There’s a good selection of rooms to choose from, so long as you succeed in meeting the requirements to join. But that’s all part of the fun.

As you play, you gain more prizes for winning and you can redeem any promo coupons for some extra bingo bucks. If you’re running through your bingo bonuses and winnings, can buy more bingo bucks too. Just be aware that you’re purchasing play money which you won’t be able to recoup should you decide to leave the site.

When you play Facebook Bingo!, you will be given 10 card credits per day (you need to use them the same day, otherwise you lose them). If you win a medal in a bingo room — bronze, silver, gold, etc — visit the store to check out the prize options you can purchase. You can increase your daily card credits by collecting sets of prizes. Needless to say, the more you play the bigger your daily credits will be.

There are continuous promotions offering to boost your bingo bucks, or provide tokens and card credits. There is a range of tournaments to enjoy as well. For those who love to engage with others as they play, you can follow and join in the chat with fellow bingo players. And you can invite your friends to the site too.

There is a wide range of online Facebook bingo sites that cater for various types of interests too. Just like brand new bingo sites, Facebook bingo makes sure that players from all around that world can enjoy different titles. If you like sleuthing, there’s Cluedo bingo, for example. Just type “bingo games” into your Facebook search panel and a whole range of choices will appear, with an easy link to them all via their “play now” button.

Mobile Facebook Bingo

Unfortunately, Facebook’s Bingo! isn’t compatible with the browsers of iPhones and iPads. But their app, Bingo Showdown, is. This bingo game for mobile devices offers back-to-back tournaments and powerups to get you those extra bingo bucks. There are other Facebook bingo options available for Android phones. Your main games and apps — Bingo Blitz, Bingo Island, Bingo Bash, Bingo Lane — are all mobile optimised for any Smartphone or tablet Facebook site. 

To play Facebook bingo on your mobile devices, you’ll need to download the bingo app and install it. It’ll only take a minute or two and won’t take up much space on your device, whether tablet or phone. The apps will look a little different from what you see on your computer screen where you gain the gamut of a site’s bingo options. Of course, as with any game, the more you play the better you get. So signing up for a site's mobile application is a great way to keep building your bingo success. Plus, you get to experience the joy of the game and all those potential wins wherever you go.

Playing for fun, and playing for cash

Whether you’re a die-hard bingo lover or a Facebook fan, bingo on Facebook has great appeal. For gaming enthusiasts, the downside might be that you’re not playing for real money. Real money gaming apps are illegal on Facebook. If you’d like to play for cash, just click here to play real money bingo

In the world of social media, the power of meeting up with friends, whether they’re nearby or far away, is what keeps many of us coming back — it's all about staying connected with the world. Facebook bingo has fast become a popular way to do this, because you are able to play with friends old and new in a fun and engaging environment — a virtual world where you can share real experiences. And, of course, nothing beats the thrill of that potential win.