Free Bingo

There are many fun things about playing bingo online, but there are no three words that are better to a bingo player’s ear than ‘free bingo games’. There’s a lot of free bingo out there, from play for fun sites to free bingo games for cash prizes. However, with so much on offer, it’s hard to know which direction to turn in!

So many sites now offer free bingo, and it’s little wonder as the market is just so competitive. Whether it’s free bingo on sign up or a regular free bingo room, free bingo games offer you the chance to bump your balance without spending a penny. Of course as the bingo sites compete against each other for your custom, it’s all great news for us players! With sign-up bonuses, free cash, free bingo and more, the offers have never been better for bingo players!

To help you decide, we’ve got a rundown of all the terms and offers you might see in relation to free bingo games. These different free bingo offers are what you are likely to see as you browse the bingo market, each offers its own advantages, and disadvantages too, it’s just for you to decide which offer is best for you. Hopefully, this guide will offer you some clarity and help you decide where to start when looking for free games.

Play for Free Bingo

Play for free bingo is exactly that, they usually come in the form of Bingo mobile apps or Facebook apps, and don’t require any financial details for you at all! However, play for free is also play for fun, and no amount of luck is ever going to win you a cash prize. Free bingo apps are play for points apps only, you won’t ever win a cash or tangible prize, you are simply playing a game.

With an entire cash bingo industry out there making so many free bingo offers, we think there’s better available than play for fun! Making a deposit at a bingo site, just a small one, can ensure you have access to lots of free games and it can definitely be an investment worth making.

Newbies Free Bingo

When you browse around the bingo market you may notice that many brands today offer newbie free bingo as part of their welcome package. This is a fantastic way to get used to a bingo site, try out the software and find your way around but it won’t last forever!

Often players get access to the room for around seven days after sign up. Prizes vary but they can be fairly nominal, and they aren’t always paid as cash but if they are paid as bonus funds you can use this money to try your luck in other bingo rooms for the chance of cash prizes.

Newbie free bingo is an integral and important part of today’s bingo market and is hugely popular with players. However, as these rooms are open to all newbies with no requirements, they can often get very, very busy too and that can shrink your chances of a big win. It’s best to think of these offers as an introduction to the game, rather than the chance to win big cash prizes.

Free Bingo Rooms

Many online and mobile bingo sites today have a dedicated free bingo room! That’s an entire room where the games are always free and never cost anything. The terms for these rooms will change from site to site so it’s best to check what’s available at your chosen site. Often rooms are open for a set time each day, or week. Sometimes entry into the room will require you to be a depositing player, and some free bingo rooms require you to have made a recent deposit. Usually the stricter the terms of getting into the free bingo room, the bigger the prizes once you get in there!

Free Bingo rooms are the perfect way to complement your paid play when signed up to an online bingo site, helping you make your balance stretch a little further, especially if you can win some of the cash prizes on offer too!

Free Bingo Sessions

When you check out the promotional schedule on a site, you may notice free bingo sessions or free bingo days. These can be anything from an hour long session to an entire day of free bingo and the games often offer decent cash prizes too!

Be aware that the requirement for free bingo sessions is often that you have recently made a deposit at the site. This is to ensure the free games go to dedicated players, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the schedule to see what’s coming up so you can make sure you gain entry into the free bingo session.

Promotional Free Bingo

Now and then sites will slot free games in between the paid ones, and these can often offer big cash prizes so it’s well worth finding out when they take place. Because the free bingo games are slotted in between paid games, this can bump up the prize money and sometimes you can even see jackpot strength prizes on offer!

Almost always you will need to be a depositing player to take part in any of these promotional free bingo games.

Free Bingo Tickets

Many sites offer monthly big games for players, where if you are a depositing player you can either buy tickets for the chance to win, or earn free ones by playing at the brand throughout the month. This type of free game is the perfect way to reward loyal players, giving them free tickets as they play.

Sometimes the prize for these free games will be cash, but most often these are prize bingo games, and the prizes are certainly not to be sniffed at! We’ve seen many big prizes given away on this type of game over the last couple of years, and some as big as holidays of a lifetime, and even cars!

VIP Free Bingo

You may find that if you are a loyal player at your chosen bingo site and you earn VIP status that part of the VIP rewards will be free bingo games! Sometimes this is a free bingo room that is open all month if you qualify for entry, sometimes it’s offered a single free VIP jackpot game with a big prize.

VIP Free Bingo is great in that as only VIPs qualify to play, your chances of actually winning are greatly improved. Not to mention the fact that VIP prizes are often far more generous too!


That pretty much covers all the standard types of free bingo, but you may also see things like BOGOF offers, giving you free tickets as you buy some. While these aren’t strictly free bingo offers, they do offer you free tickets and can be a great boost to your balance!

You’ll also find that many bingo sites offer bonus cash to players signing up, and sometimes on cash reloads too. While not entirely counted as free bingo, the bonus funds will go towards buying you free tickets in cash bingo rooms. These bonuses increase your winning chances greatly, are an integral part of the industry and are expected for players!

There are some pitfalls to look out for as you play free bingo games, but not many thankfully. However, it’s always best to check the rules, and Terms and Conditions of any bingo site as you play!

Not all free bingo prizes are paid as cash, some as bonus funds. This isn’t a huge problem as you can use the bonus funds to fund cash bingo games. What it does mean though is that you may not be able to withdraw your free bingo prize but use it only to fund further bingo play at the site.

Winnings from free bingo do sometimes come with play through requirements too. These are usually fair and honest but will require you to play through any free bingo balance once or twice before it can be withdrawn.

Some sites also warn against ‘professional bingo play’ in their terms too. So while free bingo is fun, parking yourself in the free bingo rooms for 24 hours a day could be deemed professional play. Although we’re yet to find a player who has been banned for professional play, it is worth noting that the rule is there!

That’s pretty much it and everything you need to know about free bingo games. With all the help and clarity on the terms you are likely to come across when playing free games, we hope you’ll now be able to find some free bingo games to suit you. Bingo is a lot of fun, free bingo is just endless fun without spending a penny. Now all that is left for you to do is go and find some free games and try out your chances for the prizes.