Interesting Bingo Facts

Online bingo is enjoyed by so many people; it is exciting and an amazing past time. Nearly one person in every five households plays the game today. 85% of players are female, but the male users are on the rise. There is no doubt that bingo is loved by many people worldwide.

Bingo Professor Goes Insane

Edwin S. Lowe, hired professor Carl Leffler, to help him increase the number combinations in bingo tickets. Leffler had invented 6,000 different kinds of tickets by 1930. After he had completed them, it is said that he went insane. I can promise you, that you will go insane, with excitement, after you have read our 50 Fun Bingo Facts!

Fun Facts About Bingo

1. Educational Bingo Tool

Bingo tickets were used by the Germans in 1800. They used the game as an educational tool, which was designed to assist students with multiplication tables.

2. Bingo Arrangements In A Bingo Card

For the American style 75-ball bingo, there are about 552-million-billion-billion possible number combinations for a single bingo ticket?

3. The Joy Of Bingo

The top priority with new bingo players is to find enjoyment while playing the game. While winning a jackpot prize is only ranked fifth place.

4. Bingo Boosts The Brain

One of the best bingo facts right here. Did you know that playing bingo can keep your brain in trim? According to Southampton University, bingo players are more mentally agile than non-bingo players. It is also suggested that social activities, such as playing bingo, is just as good for your health as doing physical exercise.

5. Scottish Players Play More

One in five Scots people play bingo regularly, compared to one in 20 in the South of England.

6. Even Royalty Love Bingo

Apparently, The Queen and Prince William are two royals, who are first in line to play bingo, when the bingo tickets are being handed out at Buckingham Place.

7. Bingo is actually Italian

The game can be traced back to 1530, to an Italian lottery game, and the game is played on a Saturday in Italy, to this day.

8. The Origin Of Keno

Bingo is the origin of the popular game called Keno.

9. The First Charity Bingo Game

It is recorded that the very first official fundraising bingo game was played at Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania.

10. The Average Age Of Bingo Players

People of all ages play bingo but it has the reputation of being an older person’s game. The majority of players who participate in the game are, in fact, below 35 years of age.

11. 10,000 Games Played In Four Years

By 1934, there were 10,000 games being played on a regular basis.

12. By 1960 Commercial Bingo Appeared

Commercial Bingo first appeared on the UK scene in 1960.

13. Chat Host Awards

Did you know that online chat hosts can win yearly and monthly awards? There is an online site dedicated to presenting these awards.

Churches used bingo events for fund raising. This made the game even more popular.

15. Margaret Is The Winning Name

Did you know that women with the name Margaret, are more likely to win at bingo, compared to any other name.

16. Bingo Odds

Playing multiple tickets, gives players a better chance of winning the game. If you play four tickets at a time, and there were forty people playing the game with you, then your odds would be 4/40 or 1/10

17. Online Bingo Beats Land Based

It’s definitely better to play your bingo games online. You will get extra bonuses and special promotional offers. If you played in a bingo hall, then no free bonuses would be given.

18. Millions Of Female Players Playing By 2012

Did you know that by 2012, there were 2.5 million female players enjoying online bingo. That’s just from within the UK?

19. Online Bingo Has Started

In 2001 online bingo games were introduced to the UK. These games became a big hit, and today, there are loads of bingo sites available. There are so many online bingo sites that the market is said to be over-crowded.

20. Less Is More

It’s best to play bingo when there are fewer players in the game. This will increase your chances of winning.

21. Bingo Winning Combinations

Did you know that in a standard bingo ticket, a player can come up with ‘1,474,200’ different winning combinations.

22. Online Chat Is Good

Many online bingo sites such as Ladbrokes bingo offer their players a chat feature. Because of this, around 47% of the users form a circle of new friends. There is normally a Chat Host in the room, who will sometimes play chat games with the players, such like Bingo Trivia. The game is similar to a bingo questionnaire.

23. The Biggest Win

The largest win playing online bingo is a huge £430,900!

24. The Jackpot Prize

According to online records, it states that 96% of regular bingo users have won a jackpot prize, at least once in their lifetime.

25. More Tickets Mean Better Chances

Did you know that the more tickets you’re playing, then the bigger chance you have of winning?

26. Bingo Can Relieve Stress

The game has shown significant effects in approving player’s cognitive abilities too. This is a one of the top bingo facts!

27.Bingo Is Enjoyed By Millions

The game is very popular in the UK, and millions of members play bingo each day.

28. Bingo Jobs

Did you know that online bingo sites have contributed in hiring people to work with them? The bingo economy has increased over the past years, because of this. And the industry employs well over 20,000 people.

29. Bingo Man Arrested

Davis Jeffrey’s, known as the ‘Naked Bingo Man’ was arrested on 2011 when he stripped down to his underwear when he won at bingo. Female bingo players came to his rescue and bailed him out.

30. All in a Day’s Work

Apparently around 48% of online bingo players play the game at least once a day, making it a big part of their daily routine.

31. Bingo Outweighs Football

More money is spent on bingo tickets in the UK in one year than is spent on football events.

32. Best Time To Play A Jackpot Game

Did you know that the best time to take part in a jackpot game in the UK, is on a Friday or Saturday? This is when the prize has been won, more times than any other time.

33. Celebrities Enjoy Bingo

Did you know that some celebrities started their careers calling bingo numbers? These include Shane Richie, Kian from West Life, and Russell Crowe. There are also tonnes of celebrities who enjoy hosting bingo games or just visiting halls to play. Who knows… you might unknowingly be playing bingo online with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Robbie Williams or David Hasselhoff!

Most bingo players prefer their dauber colour to be purple.

35. Australia Shouts Housie

In Australia bingo is known as ‘Housie’.

36. Bingo Makes Money For Charity

The bingo game is the number one fundraiser for charities across the world.

90% of the world play and enjoy bingo, and it’s known as the most popular past time.

38. The Amount Bingo Players Spend Each Day

The average bingo player spends between £15 to £20 each day.

39. The Speed Of The Bingo Numbers

Did you know that the bingo numbers are announced at the rate of 23 balls in a minute?

40. Game Play Duration

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for the normal bingo game to play? Start watching the next time you play, because it’s estimated that the bingo game lasts from three to six minutes.

41. New Technology

The majority of players play on their mobile devices, anywhere, at any time.

42. The Speed Of 90-Ball Bingo

The average 90 ball bingo game will take around four minutes to play.

43. Love Is In The Air

Many people have found true love, in the bingo chat rooms. Who needs online dating, when you may meet the love of your life while playing bingo.

44. Multitasking While You Play Bingo

83% of bingo players multi-task while playing the game. They are either watching TV, involved in Facebook, cooking or talking on the telephone. They do this because, they know that they will never miss a number because the game is automatic.

45. Superstitions

Many bingo players hold their bingo game close to their hearts. Some are superstitious and believe in having lucky charms by their side when they are playing bingo. Some superstitions include lucky pens, certain colours of daubers and lucky numbers.

46. Bingo Could Make You Rich

Online bingo could potentially make you a millionaire through jackpots and smaller prizes.

47. Bingo Wings Slang

The slang ‘bingo wings’ is a stereotype of chubby old ladies who play bingo. When they win at bingo, they flap their arms about just like wings.

48. Animal Lovers

Many bingo fans love animals, but the majority of them love cats more than other pet.

49. Bing Crosby’s Nickname

The famous Bing Crosby even got involved in bingo. Because his childhood nickname was, yup, Bingo!

50. Online Bingo Software

All bingo sites that operate online need a provider to run their games. The better the bingo software, then the better the gaming experience.

The Way We Play Has Changed

Times have certainly changed, since the days when all bingo players had to venture out to a bingo hall, for a game. Since online bingo evolved, everything has changed concerning the way we play the game. Since the game landed online in 2001, the market has become overcrowded. There are multiple online bingo sites available, more choice than anyone could have imagined when the first one launched in 2001.

Bingo Games Are Manual And Automatic

Players don’t need to cross off their numbers anymore. Bingo calling and winning is all done automatically now. This is a good thing though because it means that players will never miss a number, or lose a win. There is a feature included in the online game, where you can change the colour and shape of your dauber at any time. You can also manually daub your numbers too; this is just another one of those bingo fun facts.

The Joy Of Playing At Home

More and more people are joining in with the online bingo game. They no longer have to stand in line to buy tickets, and they can play the game from the comfort of their own home. It has been reported that many players play bingo in their pyjamas. Players who play online can play the game at any time, and don’t have to get dressed up to enjoy the game anymore.


The game changed from Beano to Bingo, and then it became a huge hit worldwide on the internet and as a mobile bingo game. Bingo is a game of enjoyment, it can be fun and can bring people together and they could potentially become great friends. The players get to know each other, and the bond that is made between them is amazing. Gone are the days, where there was no community online, thanks to the bingo chat feature. This is a place where people can meet and chat, we have heard that some players have even got married after meeting in the bingo chat room.