How to Play Bingo

When you click on a bingo site for the first time it can be a little daunting if you have never played online before. Here at we have put together a guide on how to play bingo that should answer any questions you may have. We hope to help make your bingo experience as easy and fun as possible.

Getting Started

You will be asked to register when you first start at an online bingo site. They will ask for basic details such as name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address and a player alias. The site will tell you if the player name you choose has already been taken and it's always a good idea to pick one you can easily remember. Some players choose a version of their own name, and some like to play on words and have a fun name, the choice is yours. Many sites will also ask you to register a debit or credit card before you can play. No money will be taken until you choose to deposit, and many sites will offer you some free bonus money so you can “try before you buy”. Many sites will also offer you a bonus for every future deposit as well. There are many different new player bonus offers, deposit schemes and freebies about, and HitYah will guide you to the best ones around. It's always a good idea to take a look around a site when you start. You can locate the best games for you, see any special games or promotions that they have and that way get the most out of your bingo experience.

Types of Bingo

Once you have successfully registered with a site, you will then be guided to the player lobby. This will show you all the games available and the chat rooms you can join. There will be standard 90-ball bingo, just like the bingo halls, where you can win prizes for being the first to complete one line, two lines, and a full house. There are also many other types of bingo game on sites that have different formats but can be just as fun. American style 75-ball bingo will have a pattern you need to complete to win the bingo prize. These can vary from letters and numbers, to patterns and seasonal shapes. The game will clearly state the pattern you need to complete before you buy, and the tickets will be shaded to show the numbers needed. 80-ball bingo is more in the style of arcade and seaside pier bingo. Your ticket consists of a 4x4 square of numbers, and you can win by being the first to mark off a line or a full house. Lots of sites also offer 60-ball, 50-ball, and other bingo variations. Always with marking off a card, there are plenty of different types to keep things fresh. All of these will have an explanation of how to play when you join the game. Look out for special promotional games as well. Sometimes you can win more than just the bingo prize pot, perhaps tickets to a bigger jackpot game, or entry into a gift prize draw.

How to Buy Tickets

Bingo games can start from a tiny 1 per ticket up, and most sites offer many different ticket price options. The value of the jackpot prize is normally related to the ticket cost, so the higher the price of the ticket the more you can win. Once you have decided on which game you wish to play you will be presented with tickets to choose from. You can simply click on a ticket in front of you then click the option to buy. Most sites also have an option where you can bulk buy tickets up to a set maximum, which means you can buy quicker. Make sure you always check before you click 'buy' though. Many a player has mistakenly clicked to buy the maximum amount, once you have bought those tickets you are in the game. Some games will only allow you to use real cash and won't allow purchase with any bonus funds you may have. The site will always tell you when you try to buy. You may also be given the choice to auto buy. Here you can set an amount of tickets to buy each time, and saves you from buying every single time.

Daubing Your Ticket

Once the game starts, balls showing the bingo number called will be released on the screen, you click your number once it is out to mark it off your card. Some of these games can be quite speedy when you first play, and you may worry that you may miss daubing a number. The majority of sites offer an auto dab function so you can be rest assured you won't miss out on a win. This can normally be found in the game room under options or settings, and you can usually choose a dauber colour and style as well. Even if you don't use the auto dab route, most sites automatically register your win even if you have missed it yourself. This makes all players pretty happy. You will have the option to sort your tickets to show the ones that are closest to winning. There will also be markers showing you how many you need to mark off before you win. You will soon get the hang of it and probably be able to see how close you are before the site tells you! If you do win you will generally see your name in lights on your screen and how much you have won. These winnings should automatically be added to your balance, although sometimes you may need to refresh for these to show.

Chat Rooms & Bingo Jargon

Many of the newer bingo sites now have chat rooms linked to the games you play, and this can add a fun social element to your game should you choose to use it. At first the phrases everyone uses may seem a little strange. Just remember everyone was new once and when you get the hang of it, you will soon be chatting like a pro. You will see lots of WTG (way to go) 1TG (one number to go) 2TG (two to go) and GL (good luck). If the site has a Chat Host (CH/CM) in the room, they will be able to answer any questions you may have. Watch out for what the CH has to say as they will let you know about special site promotions, special games, and run chat games where you could win an extra bingo bonus.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Your sites banking facility should be easy to find and to make a deposit is straight forward and easy. This is where you will be able to use any bonus codes the site gives you and also where you can withdraw. Should you be lucky enough to win, and have enough to withdraw, all sites nowadays will ask for some form of identification before this can happen. This information will usually be found in the Terms and Conditions. Don't be alarmed when the site asks for this – it's standard banking practice and there to safeguard everyone. The site will let you know how much you can withdraw and if you will lose any bonuses should you do. It will depend on how you made your deposit as to how you receive your winnings back. A general rule of thumb is it will go back to the card or account you deposited with.

So while starting to play online bingo can at first seem complicated, it really is as easy as saying 1, 2, 3 (to go). HitYah has all the best sites for you just a click away. You can be up and ready to play extremely quickly and be enjoying your first bingo win in no time.