Bingo Lingo

is undoubtedly one of the most popular pastimes not only in the UK, but also in several countries across the world. This is evident in the fact that there are different variations of the game, depending on where they originated. It has surpassed major bumps through the years, and managed to thrive in an even more competitive arena. With the introduction of online gaming as well as online bingo welcome bonuses, the game has been reached people who have never considered trying it before.

Some players may be well-versed with how traditional bingo works and its language. However, it’s a whole different world when you try playing online bingo for the first time. You can get easily swept with all the online bingo slang you will encounter and you can get lost without comprehending what’s happening. It is true that you can learn the language by checking out free online bingo sites. However, there is a way for you to avoid jumping blindly into the world of online bingo. Here at HitYah, we provide a number of useful resources you can use to learn everything you need to know about playing bingo online.

You can study our guide on how to play bingo online or even check out the different types of online bingo games you can play. You will be delighted to know that there is a wide selection available online – from classic 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games to hybrid bingo games like Snap Bingo and Bingo Roulette! And if you want to learn the important bingo phrases you will encounter when you play online, keep reading this article.

One of the reasons why people go to bingo halls is because of they enjoy interacting with other players. Social interaction is also available at online bingo sites through chat. Almost all bingo sites have this feature, including Jumpman bingo sites and IGT powered sites. However, there are some acronyms that long-time players use when they communicate with one another. You can get easily lost in the conversation if you do not know the essential online bingo sayings for chat. To make your initial bingo chat experience easier, here are some of the common bingo slang and terms you will encounter:

RoomieThe term ‘roomie’ is used when you are referring to other players inside the chat room.
WTGWay to Go
GLGood Luck
1tgOne to go – This term is used when the player wants to express that they only need one number to win the round.
2tgTwo to go – This term is used when the player wants to express that they only need two more numbers to win the round.
3tgThree to go – This term is used when the player wants to express that they only need two more numbers to win the round.
BRBBe right back
TYThank you
?Please explain
?4uQuestion for you
AFAIKAs far as I know
WDWell done

Bingo Lingo and Nicknames

In established and new UK bingo sites, callers typically use traditional nicknames when calling out specific numbers as they are drawn. These bingo phrases or terms are usually bingo rhymes that cover most of the numbers from one to 90. If you have tried playing in a bingo hall before, you probably have encountered some of these nicknames before since most of them have been used for many decades. There are halls where the caller announces the number and the players respond using the nickname or the rhyme. Doing so adds fun to the game.

Before we give out the common bingo lingo you will encounter, let us talk about the background of the nicknames. These nicknames are phrases that are announced along with the number. They are used to emphasise what number has been called or to simply add a bit of fun to the game. You will find that some of them are incredibly hilarious! Bingo nicknames can be as simple and straightforward as “four and nine” or as odd as “two and six; bed and breakfast, twenty-six.”

Generally speaking, the bingo lingo or nicknames fall under two categories – those that rhyme and those with reason. The number 20 is a perfect example for it has two nicknames which fall under those categories. Callers typically refer to it as “one score” since a score is 20. On the other hand, it can also be referred to as “getting plenty” simply due to the fact that it rhymes with the number 20. It does not matter what type of bingo game you play because it all boils down to what the caller fancies. Some of them use a mixture of both the bingo lingo categories. There are a few numbers like 20 which has nicknames under both categories. Some bingo nicknames are hilarious while there are a few lonely numbers that do not have a nickname at all.

Important Things to Note in Bingo Lingo

The primary bingo nicknames you have to memorise are the single digits. Numbers one to nine are often mentioned with the phrase “on its own.” Also, you have to note twin numbers (eg 44) and the tens which are called out with the word “blind.” When you have memorised the nicknames for those numbers, you are halfway through the battle.

Digits Mentioned with the Phrase “On Its Own”

These numbers are called out with the following format” On its own, [nickname], number [number]. For instance, if number four is drawn, the caller will announce, “On its own, knock on the door, number four.” Take a look at the common bingo nicknames that callers use with single-digit numbers.

NumberBingo Nickname
1Kelly’s Eye; Bingo Baby; At the Beginning
2One Little Duck; Me and You; Doctor Who
3I’m free; One Little Flea; Debbie McGee
4Knock on the Door; the One Next Door
5Man Alive
7Lucky for Some; Lucky; One Little Crutch
8One Fat Lady; Garden Gate
9Doctor’s Orders

Numbers Mentioned with the Phrase “All the”

Twin numbers, like the one mentioned earlier, are announced in the following format: All the x’s, [nickname], xx. “x” stands for the single-digit number. So for the number 44, the caller will announce, “All the four’s, droopy drawers, forty-four.” Remember these nicknames when you’re playing at bingo sites powered by IGT and other popular software platforms.

NumberBingo Nickname
11Legs Eleven (the crowd may also refer to it as “Kelly’s Legs” if the caller has already called number one)
22Two Little Ducks (crowd respond by shouting “quack, quack”); Dinky Doo
33All the Feathers; Two Little Fleas; All the Trees, Sherwood Forest, Thirty-Three
44Droopy Drawers (if you take a look at the numbers, they could be legs of two loose women with one heel leaning against the wall)
55Snakes Alive
77Sunset Strip
88Two Fat Ladies (crowd may respond by shouting “wobble, wobble”)

Numbers Mentioned with the word “Blind”

These are the numbers that are announced in the following format: x-zero, [nickname], blind x0. The “x” stands for the single-digit number. For instance, for the number 60, the caller will announce, “Six-zero, threescore, 60.

NumberBingo Nickname
10Tony’s Den; Cock and Hen
20One Score; Getting Plenty
30Dirty Gertie; Flirty Thirty; Burlington Bertie
40Two Score
50Bullseye; Half a Century; or “Five-oh, five-oh, it’s off to work we go”
60Three Score; Five Dozen
70Three Score and Ten
80Gandhi’s Breakfast
90Top of the Shop; As Far As We Go

Bingo Nicknames with no Rhyme

These are the numbers that have nicknames that do not rhyme. Bingo callers use the phrases that are often associated with the numbers. For instance, for the number 14, the bingo lingo is Valentine’s Day.

NumberBingo Nickname
12A Dozen; Monkey’s Cousin
13Unlucky for Some; Baker’s Dozen
14Valentine’s Day (14th February)
15Rugby Team
16Sweet Sixteen; Never Been Kissed
17Dancing Queen; Often Been Kissed
18Key of the Door; Coming of Age
19Goodbye Teens
21Key of the Door; Royal Salute
23Lord’s My Shepherd
26Bed and Breakfast; Half a Crown

So there you have it! Those are the most common bingo sayings you will encounter when you play bingo online. Isn’t it fun to learn some interesting details like these about bingo? If you want to read some trivia about the game, make sure you check out our list of 50 fun facts about bingo. Once you think that you have acquainted yourself with some of the important bingo terms you need to learn, go ahead and play real money bingo online. Do remember to check all the bingo sites listed on HitYah. We have a team of expert bingo analysts who review all the features of a bingo sites. We grade them based on the promotions and bonuses they offer, their selection of games, available deposit and withdrawal methods and security features, among others.