Best Mobile Bingo Sites

Mobile bingo sites are some of the fastest growing parts of the online betting industry. This classic game has been played for decades, and now it has entered our mobile devices through the internet. As technological developments continue to improve, the best mobile bingo sites are now as competitive as all online bingo sites. Some might argue that it is even better than desktop compatible ones. With billions of people around the globe owning a mobile phone, it’s really no wonder why this is so.

What Makes the Best Mobile Bingo Sites?

Here are 7 features that make the best mobile phone bingo sites.

1) Security and Safety Playing Bingo on Your Mobile

The first thing that makes the best mobile bingo sites is the secure environment that it offers players like you. These sites are those that adhere to the latest betting laws and guidelines. These sites also have updated anti-spyware and anti-fraud software to keep your identity and account information safe.

You should also find that there are many deposit and withdrawal methods at the best mobile bingo sites. You have the option to use credit cards, electronic wallets, Ukash, PayPal, NETeller and more.

If you want to know if you are at a trusted mobile site, just find the page where you can read the full details on how the site keeps your money safe. This information is open to the public for reading, and the best sites would never hide this kind of information from you.

2) Mobile Bingo Game Variety

The best mobile bingo sites make sure that you are never bored. This is why there are so many bingo games and bingo side games for you to choose from. You can find traditional and innovative variations of bingo, like 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, five-line, cinco bingo, bingo roulette games and online speed bingo games.

You will also have access to fun instant-win games like online slots and scratch cards. These bingo side games are fun because you can win extra money through these games. They are also a delightful way to kill time while waiting for the next bingo game to start. So the top mobile sites know that a good portfolio of bingo side games are also important for players like you.

3) Great Mobile Bingo Design and Features

You know when you are at a top mobile bingo site when you are blown away by the graphics that you see on your phone or tablet screen. There is no such thing as weak visual impact with these sites. You will see the animation, the colors and the icons with perfect clarity. Before you even start your bingo game, you already know that you will have a fun time just looking at the layout of the bingo room.

Aside from high-definition graphics, the best mobile bingo sites also have fun features like the “catch up” feature and the “auto daub” feature. These two features allow you to stay updated with the game, even if you are busy chatting with roomies. You will also find a large collection of emojis (emoticons) you can use on the chat box.

4) Universal Mobile Compatibility of Bingo Games

Not every single bingo game on the internet can be played on your mobile device. Only the best bingo mobile sites offer you a roster of games that you can play comfortably on your phone or tablet. These sites are typically powered by HTML 5, and support major mobile manufacturers’ software, such as iOS, Android and Microsoft. This means that you can play on your iPhone, Samsung, Nokia or Blackberry without facing any kind of slowdown.

5) Awesome Prizes to Win

The best mobile bingo sites offer you really big jackpots. For only a small amount for a ticket, you have a chance to win a very huge payout, especially if you are in a bingo game that has a progressive jackpot.

Aside from the jackpot, you can also win mobile sign up bingo bonuses from playing instant-win games, or bingo chat games. Bingo chat games are particularly a lot of fun because you get to play them with your roomies. All you have to do is keep an eye out for what the bingo chat host has to say, because your chat host can start a game any time.

6) Excellent Bingo Chat Hosts

A huge part of the online bingo playing experience is your chat host. If you have been playing bingo for a while now, then you know exactly how sociable and fun bingo is. Your bingo chat room allows interaction between all kinds of roomies, and your gathering is never complete with an exceptional bingo host.

An online bingo host has many different roles in the virtual bingo hall. The bingo host is an entertainer, a moderator, a promoter, an adviser and an all-around bingo expert. By spinning the right words together, your bingo chat host can influence the mood of an entire game. So the best mobile bingo sites only have excellent chat hosts – because these sites know exactly what you need for an incredible gaming experience.

7) Reliable Mobile Bingo Customer Support

It seems obvious to say that the best mobile bingo sites make sure that you have your needs taken care of. This is why these sites have efficient and reliable customer support services to address any issues you may encounter when you are online.

If you are playing at the best mobile sites, rest assured that any hiccups you experience will be acknowledged immediately.

Guide to the Best Mobile Bingo Sites

The kind of mobile device that you have will help you choose what kind of best mobile bingo site to play at. Nowadays, there are many mobile operating systems. Some of the popular ones are Andriod, iOS and Windows.

Playing Online Bingo with iOS Devices

Apple mobile devices are one of the most popular phones and tablets. When it comes to online bingo, having an iPhone or an iPad is a good option. This is because the latest version of the iOS8 promises more social connectivity and sharing options between online games. This means that the games can be tied in with social media sites, which allow you to share your great gaming experiences with your friends online.

Playing bingo on iOS devices has a lot of advantages. The first is that most games are compatible with iOS software, so you don’t need to worry about a limited game selection. You will be glad to know that you have literally hundreds of bingo games and side games to choose from.

As you can expect from the Apple brand, iPhones and iPads are miniature processing powerhouses that can deliver high quality graphics at the speed of light. You also have the option of play on a browser, or through downloadable online bingo software.

Playing Online Bingo with Android Devices

Android devices are just as popular as iPhones and iPads these days. You can play on the best mobile bingo sites on an Android phone as long as you have Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or LTE connection. You will be able to play most games on a browser through your device. If you want to use downloadable mobile apps to play bingo on Android phones, there are some that work well – and also do not work well with Android. The ones that don’t work well are those that are not permitted for inclusion on Google Play – the marketplace for Android apps. You do have the option to download from non-marketplace apps, but we strongly advise not to do this for security reasons.

Playing Online Bingo with Windows Devices

In the past years, Apple and Android devices have dominated the online betting market. But there are other mobile operating systems that have been gaining popularity, one of which is Windows.

Windows, of course, has existed in the world for decades now. But it has only adapted to mobile gaming in the recent years. What Windows has always been known for is that the Microsoft software in phones make it easy for people to transfer work files from their mobile devices to their office computers. Now, Windows is accommodating online gaming as well.

If you happen to own a Windows operated phone, then you will be glad to know that you will be able to access some of the best mobile bingo sites through a browser. Windows also has released recent versions of the OS, so there are signs that it has intentions to catch up to Apple and Android’s gaming capabilities.

A nice feature of bingo games on Windows devices is the phone bill banking feature that allows you to fund your online bingo account through your monthly phone bill. This is particularly efficient if you don’t want to use your credit card or create an electronic wallet account for your bingo games.

Why Should You Play at the Best Mobile Bingo Sites?

The best of mobile bingo sites know exactly what you need. This is because these sites were specifically designed for the lifestyle of people today. The best sites know how to adapt to what you need. If you are busy with kids at home, or busy at work, or busy with travelling – you can play with ease and convenience on your favourite best mobile bingo website.

In addition, you can connect with your essential social media platforms when you play bingo. Because bingo is a sociable game, it only makes sense that it penetrates the world of social media platforms. Nowadays, you will be able to play online bingo on Facebook and other variations of the game.

So it doesn’t matter if you only have a few minutes to spare in between work, or you have a whole afternoon to relax. The best mobile bingo sites are here and available for you to access and play. You get to play in a great environment where you can win a huge payout, and share experiences with fellow player who love the bingo game as much as you do.

How to Sign Up for the Best Mobile Bingo Sites

Signing up for the best mobile bingo sites is fairly easy, but here is a step-by-step guide if you need help through the process.

1) Create Your Online Bingo Account

Once you have found your best mobile bingo site through hityah’s list of reviews, you can begin to register your account with your personal details. The site will typically require your complete name, date of birth, contact number, home address and email address.

The reason why this information is needed is because the site needs to protect you, and protect the platform. There are betting laws that need to be adhered to, and those laws require that players be of legal age. Your personal details are also necessary to protect the site from acts of fraud.

2) Create a Bingo Alias (a.k.a. Your Super Cool Name)

Even though you sign up with your personal details, the best mobile bingo sites will make sure that your privacy is protected. So you are asked to make a super cool name for yourself, which will act as your alias in the bingo chat rooms. All bingo sites will require you to make one to maintain a degree of anonymity. You can choose a name that fits your personality, or a name that is completely random. But you could take this as an advantage to come up with a creative name, so go for it!

3) Select Your Bingo Mobile Deposit Method

When it comes to choosing a deposit method, you can go for the typical methods like credit cards and electronic wallets, or PayPal online bingo sites or Ukash bingo sites online. But the beauty of the best mobile bingo sites is that you can pay through your phone bill.

Because of the rise of online bingo games, bingo operators and major phone networks have come up with effective solutions to make your online deposits a lot easier. These phone bill options allow you to make payments through your phone, so all you really need for it is your phone number.

Paying via your phone bill is convenient because you don’t need to use your credit card information or banking details. There are different kinds of phone depositing service providers, but generally, all you have to do is go to the deposit page, input your mobile phone number and confirm your payment. After that, the amount is deposited and you can start playing bingo!

4) Additional Mobile Bingo Security Suggestions

The best mobile bingo sites have all the security measures in place so that you are safe from foreseeable harm. But here are some additional security tips you can do to protect yourself when playing online:

  • Create a Difficult Password: When creating your account, set a password that no one will be able to guess. Use a creative combination of letters, numbers and symbols to build password strength.
  • Set a Deposit Limit: Setting a personal deposit limit will help you control how much you spend when playing online bingo games. You can set a cap on the amount you will deposit every day, or every week. Remember that bingo can stop being fun once you have spent money that you could not afford to. So just remember to play responsibly!