Playing Bingo on Your HTC Device

The rise of the smartphone has been swift and prolific! In just a couple of years we’ve gone from being hooked to our computers, to doing everything from our phones or tablets instead! The popularity of the smartphone and improvements in technology have been good news for bingo players however, as we now have mobile bingo on offer!

The popularity of mobile games has soared in recent years and improvements in software and technology mean that bingo from your smartphone or tablet is a lot of fun! There are so many brands of smartphone or tablet out there and thankfully most are now compatible with mobile bingo. If you have an HTC phone or device then chances are it’s running the Android operating system. That means playing bingo for HTC couldn’t be easier.

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Bet365 Logo First Deposit £10 gets £20
Winner Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £40 free
Katie's Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £30 free
Hunky Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £45 free
Zinger Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get 450% bonus
Spin Genie Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get 100% free
Bingo Legacy Logo Sign Up Bonus Get £10 free no deposit required
Tidy Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get 200% bonus
Sun Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £30 free
Ladbrokes Bingo Logo First Deposit Spend €10 and play with €40

Unlike online bingo, mobile games are played on a much smaller screen, and so the layout is slightly different. You’ll find bingo apps for HTC run a ‘lite’ version of the full site, but don’t worry as most of the features from online are replicated in the mobile site or app!

Getting Started with HTC Bingo

The first thing you need to do if you want to try bingo for your HTC device is to get your smartphone or tablet ready! Is it fully charged? Do you have a decent Internet connection? Are you running lots of apps at the same time? Charge your phone, close your other apps and now let’s play some bingo.

Finding a Bingo Game

Now you’re ready to play you need to decide where you’re going to do so. There are lots of bingo ‘games’ free to download for HTC and a free bingo app for HTC will offer a fun game + heaps of free no deposit bonuses. However, many free bingo apps are just games, and you may not be in for any real cash prizes.

There are however a lot of online bingo sites that offer mobile versions! If you’re not already signed up to one, you can sign up from your HTC device, or just use your log in to an existing bingo account to get started. Most sites now play from the browser, but some do require you to download the bingo app for HTC, which then gives you easy access from your home screen.

How to Play

This bit is really easy because today’s HTC mobile bingo games really couldn’t be more user-friendly! Sites vary from software to software but generally you should land in the bingo lobby and once you choose a room there are plenty of prompts to help you along. Check around the top and bottom of the screen for icon features like other games, chat and account access. We have a great article how to play bingo if your still struggling! 

Other Stuff

It’s not just bingo either, most bingo sites offer a casino platform with slots and games. It’s likely that a great many of these games will also be available from your HTC device too. Look out for the games icons because slots and table games play in full screen for mobile and offer an amazing, immersive experience, not to mention the big prizes you could win while playing on the move.