New Bingo Sites November, 2017

The appetite for bingo has never been so voracious! Certainly not since its high street heyday in the 1960s. The online game has revolutionised bingo, bringing it straight into the 21st Century. With such a demand for bingo, there are plenty of operators trying to get a hook in the market. That means that barely a week goes by without the launch of at least one brand new bingo site, a new ad campaign, and a new offer! The consumer is spoilt for choice such as having New bingo sites with Fluffy Favourites, but why should we switch from one brand to another? What do all these sites offer to the discerning bingo player?

List of new bingo sites

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Bingo Millionaire Logo First match Deposit £5 and get £25 free bonus
Bingo 52 Logo First match Receive up to 400% match bonus up to £40
King Solomons Bingo Logo Regular Promotions Refer a friend and receive £10 bonus
Dabber Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 and play with £80
Give Back Bingo Logo First Deposit 350% Welcome Bonus
001 Bingo Logo Welcome Bonus Register to get £15 bonus free
Bingo Boat Logo Welcome Bonus Register to get £10 bonus free
Becky's Bingo Logo Welcome Bonus Up to 400% bonus + Spin the Wheel for extra freebies on your first deposit
Jungle Fever Bingo Logo Welcome Bonus Up to 350% bonus
Steamy Bingo Logo First Deposit 150% bonus up to £100

The Growth of Online Bingo

When online bingo first hit our computer screens more than a decade ago, there were only a handful of sites and not many more players. Through the years, the industry grew and even expanded through the help of mobile bingo sites. Needless, to say, the best bingo sites in the UK and across the globe exploded in popularity. Considering the fact that bingo is one of the oldest number games in the world, why does it remain so popular. Well, through the years, the game has not lost its social touch. Combine that with special features and bingo bonuses you can find online, a formula for a widely popular pastime is formed.

How to Choose the Best New Bingo Sites of the Year

If you are going online to choose a new site to play on, you will select from hundreds of brand new bingo sites in the market. Every year, over 350 new bingo sites launch and you can expect to see even more as the industry grows. 2015 was an incredible year for both online and mobile bingo, but 2016 new bingo sites are expected to go even further. So with so much choice for players, should we be trying out all these new bingo platforms, and if we do what should we be looking for? None of us can play at 350 sites, no matter how big a fan of the game we are so how do we choose?

Check Out the Site’s Software and Bingo Network

In the last year, we’ve seen about 50 bingo sites launch in the UK market alone, but are these all brand new? Well, yes and no. While many sites may have their sign-up bonuses and offers, there aren’t that many software suppliers. This means you can end up with many sites using exactly the same software. While they may have a different name, design, and sign-up offer, you are essentially playing on exactly the same software. Many sites new and old, are part of long-established networks, so it’s the same game in a different wrapping.

There are a lot of new Dragonfish bingo sites launching every year. Moreover, the brand is considered as one of the biggest bingo operator on the net. Some sites belong to the network of the same name and others belong to smaller networks that use the same software. There are a few that standalone completely. The software is huge when it comes to the new bingo sites UK market, and is popular across Europe too. However, no matter which of these sites you play at, you’re going to get a very similar experience. There are the same games, the same software, and a very similar layout.

Another big name in the new UK bingo sites market is Virtue Fusion, and they count a lot of big names under their hat. You’ll find similar games and promotions across all sites using this software. There are some networked games and promotions and other standalone offerings. These sites always share at least one main room, and have network promotions and jackpots. Often they do have the freedom to offer many unique specials too, and that’s what we love!

There are lots of smaller networks and packages too, and with so many new bingo sites launching, there have to be different software packages to support them all. There are, of course, a few sites out there that offer something unique, a software package you won’t have tried before, or a brand new experience. Now these sites can be a bit hit and miss and make up the very best and worst sites of the Internet. New software sites are always worth a try because some can be brilliant. You'll often find that they have a try before you buy ethos too so you can try out the software before you dedicate!

So what is it that makes us keep hopping from bingo site to bingo site? Well if the truth be told we all love a bargain! We all love something new, and love to try out anything that is unique. That and the sign-up offers of course! These sites use all sorts of offers to tempt us in. The biggest of these has to be free cash! With a brand new bingo site, free cash can often come with a no-deposit temptation, allowing you to try out the new site without spending a thing! When you don’t have to part with any cash, why wouldn’t you try out a new site? It’s this that makes no-deposit offers king, and gets sites off to a running start!

Every company has its unique selling point, and while that will change on each site, it’s often tied into their theme. No-deposit offers, deposit offers, free gifts, free tickets to jackpot games. These are all the temptations that brand new bingo sites use to tempt us in and gain our loyalty. For many of us that loyalty only lasts as long as the tempting new offer. There’s always another advert for another new bingo site, another tempting sign-up offer or big jackpot game.

If you’re sitting there wondering whether it’s worth signing up to the latest new UK bingo sites, or whether to stay where you are, here are some things to look out for. You can decide whether it’s really worth signing up or whether you’re being blinded by the razzmatazz!

Check Out the Site’s Welcome Bonuses

The top priority of new online bingo sites is attracting players. As a player, you are at an advantage whenever a new bingo site is launching. The brand will do everything in its power to have you sign up for an account. When a new bingo site first launches, they usually offer big bingo welcome bonuses. There are different types of bingo bonuses you will find online. Some offer free cash deposit bonuses while others provide cash match offers. It’s these big cash offers that are the biggest incentive for new players even at New Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites, and they are designed to draw you in and attract your loyalty.

Sadly these big welcome offers don’t always stick around long once a site has become established. This situation lends itself to what we call ‘Bingo Tourism’. This is the act of hopping from site to site, grabbing the best sign-up offers, but never staying at any site for very long. While this is tempting, and we can’t blame players for doing it, it does mean you may miss out on more of the long-term offers provided by companies.

This competitive edge forces existing sites to pull out all the stops to keep players, including offers such as New Bingo Sites No Deposit Required. After all, if we’re hopping from new site to new site, then it’s more a case of a bingo merry-go-round than an established player base. That’s why you’ll see sites go through regular changes. The more established online bingo brands reinvent themselves every couple of years with new offers, new look bingo, and whatever else they can do to tempt players back! Sometimes you’ll see sites offering new games as part of their relaunch. Often this is just a homepage redesign and a new welcome bonus to tempt players back.

Look Around

Forget the flashing banner on the homepage! Before you are drawn into immediately signing up, take a look around. You’ll want to make sure all you favourite games are available and that the site has good promotions and offers. Also, check that there will be plenty to keep you playing after your sign up bonus has expired.

And About That Bonus

While the offer on the homepage of a brand new bingo site might look tempting, it’s worth checking the terms and conditions. Difficult withdraw rules, and high wagering requirements can often negate your chance to withdraw any winnings. A welcome offer is only as good as the terms with which it is offered.

Check the General Terms

If you win, how long will you have to wait for your money? What is the minimum withdrawal? How much will I have to ‘play through’ before I am eligible for withdrawal? These are all questions you should be asking when you sign up to any bingo brand, as the answers could greatly affect your experience at the site!

What Comes Next?

It’s all well and good being lured in by big welcome bonuses and tempting offers. Once you’ve used up that welcome bonus, what is worth sticking around for? You might want to answer this question before you sign up by checking out the reload bonuses, offers for established players, big jackpots and promotions.

Is This Really A New Site?

Well, that’s the question. When you sign up to a new bingo site, are you actually signing up to something new? With so many networks and software packages offering many sites the same experience, is it really worth changing? Often you can find signing up at a new site does nothing more than give you the same experience in different colours. If that’s the case, then that welcome bonus will have to be rather tempting to draw you in!

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether it’s worth brand hopping for new offers. It can be beneficial to make the most of the offers out there. The bingo market is huge, and you’ll never discover the best offers by sitting in one corner of it. A site that has been long established can be a bit tired and flat, only offer a couple of variants, or have software limitations. If you never try out any new sites, you’re never going to hear of any of the new games or innovations in the bingo industry that are designed to bring you a bigger and better bingo experience!

It seems the flow of new bingo sites is unlikely to be stemmed while the popularity of the game keeps increasing. With bigger and better offers, games and jackpots launching all the time, as a player it really does pay to shop around.

New bingo sites with Fluffy Favourites

Fluffy Favourites is no doubt one of the most popular slot games on the internet today, so much so you will find many of the best online bingo websites with Fluffy Favourites on their gaming portfolio.

All the icons are fluffy toys, ranging from cheeky little monkeys to teddies. This game has 5 reels, 25 paylines and a huge jackpot of up to 10,000 coins. Fluffy Favourites features free spin bonuses that are triggered when three or more symbols appear on the slot. Players can be awarded up to 25 free spins if they match five elephant symbols.

Fluffy Favourites is a creation of Eyecon Pty Ltd, an Australian software development company. Eyecon develops video slot machines using state-of-the-art game designs and industry standard hardware components. This company values long term relationships that stretch over many years. Eyecon is dedicated to continue to develop, test and deliver for its customers and external contractors.

New Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

Considered as one of the biggest bingo networks on the Internet, the Virtue Fusion network boasts over 60,000 active players every day and as many as 13,000 simultaneous players during peak times. It was bought by well-known gaming software company Playtech in 2010. With an enormous bingo network, old and new Virtue Fusion bingo sites can offer huge jackpot games several times a day to loyal followers.

A significant number of bingo operators prefer the Virtual Fusion network not only because of the cross-network and customised online bingo bonuses but also because of its chat hosting capabilities. Other networks only host one bingo chat network. This means that players can still see the messages from all other players within the network despite moving to another site.

With the Virtue Fusion network, each site can have its own chat and chat hosts which allow players to experience a more solid community.

New Bingo Sites No Deposit Required

The no deposit option is a great thing for players who are new to online bingo. Bingo sites offer this because new players may not have access to the payment methods listed in the site. Plus, everybody loves a good bonus.

New bingo websites aim to attract new players all the time. This is why the no deposit option is available for players who are still new to bingo and want to try the game without risking a single dollar. The most popular kind of no deposit bingo bonuses are sign up offers. Sign up bonuses are available to players who create an account on the site for the first time. There are also special promotion bonuses. These bonuses are typically offered in conjunction with a promotion, like a newly released game.

What makes these bonuses great is that newbies in the bingo world can try different kinds of bingo sites for free until they are confident enough to bet and win real money.