How to Play Bingo on the Internet

Online Bingo has become one of the most popular games 0n the internet. A game, which years ago, was played in huge, hot and crowded halls has evolved. Players can enjoy a faster, more exciting, and more profitable game from the comfort of their homes and even mobile devices.

In the mid 1990’s, with the fast expansion of the Internet, the first online bingo halls appeared. It has since become one of the most profitable and acclaimed games in the online gaming industry.

The great thing about the best online bingo sites is the fact that they allow bingo fans to play their favourite game from the comfort of their home and at any time. Nowadays, instead of going twice a week to the bingo hall, players can now enjoy a cup of coffee early in the morning, watch the 6:00am news and play a couple of bingo cards at the same time.

The growth and evolution of online gaming allow bingo players to enjoy this amazing game from mobile devices at work, while travelling or relaxing at the beach.

Benefits of Playing Online Bingo

One of the main benefits of playing online bingo is the variety of games that can be played in an online bingo hall. In live bingo halls, you can play only one or two variants of bingo. Most online bingo sites, on the other hand, have the ability to provide multiple variants of the game. This makes it more exciting and allows the player to enjoy different styles of play at the same time.

Other benefits are the chat rooms available at online bingo sites. Online bingo, more than a hobby, has become a social activity. Hundreds of thousands of players around the world play online bingo and at the same time enjoy the interaction with other players, providing a sense of community.

Convenience would be the best benefit to players since all they have to do is reach for their computers and begin playing within seconds. Before, bingo players had to fit in with the opening hours of bricks and mortar bingo halls, and invest large amounts of time (and money) travelling to get there.

Types of Online Bingo

If you are wondering how to play online bingo, you might also be asking yourself what types of bingos you can find online.

Throughout the years, online bingo has grown and continues to evolve. Nowadays players can find several variants of online bingo games. This will depend on the bingo hall they choose to play at, but the main types of bingo games you will find out there are:

  • 90-ball bingo with a 9x3 card
  • 75-ball bingo with a 5x5 card
  • 80-ball bingo (hybrid between 90 and 75-ball) with a 4x4 card
  • 30-ball bingo also known as speed bingo with a 3x3 card

Some sites will offer 40 and 50-ball bingo rooms and special Bingo Jackpot games offering bigger and larger prizes!

Where to Play Bingo Online

If you have decided to get started, you need to know where you play online bingo.

This is a very important question, and the first thing you have to make sure is that you are of legal age to play online bingo. Some sites have a minimum requirement of 18 years old to play. Some, depending on the software provider and jurisdiction, may need you to be 21 years old or older to play.

Using & our powerful ranking system, you can find the best online bingo sites:

  • Verify that the website is well built: Details like jurisdiction, customer service, Terms and Conditions, and software provider being clearly shown, are signs you are dealing with a competent site.
  • Years in business: Try to find out for how long a site has been operational. Usually, a website that has been in operation for a few years will provide a reliable service and fast payments.
  • Website reviews: Search the internet for several reviews on the website. You will be able to read testimonials, problems they may have had, the speed of payments, customer service quality, etc.
  • Payment methods available: Make sure you can withdraw winnings! Some sites might accept your credit card but will not offer you a reliable option to withdraw winnings.
  • Bonuses and promotions: If you are looking for special competitions, take the time to review their promotions page to make sure they offer what you are looking for.

Never pick a site just because it looks nice. To make sure you will have a reliable and hassle-free online bingo experience research is fundamental. You can look for online bingo forums where other players will express their feelings and share the good and bad moments they had.

Finally, check your local laws regarding online gaming and bingo. Some countries and regions might have different laws in regards to online casino games, poker, and bingo. Some might consider all of them the same. It is important to be aware if you have to pay taxes on your winnings and how to properly process payments to avoid issues with government entities and financial institutions.

How to Deposit and Withdraw From Bingo Sites

It all depends on where you live. As mentioned before, make sure to check your local laws on online gaming and online bingo transactions before deciding to fund your online bingo account.

Most online bingo halls will offer a wide variety of funding options including:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Bank Wire transfers
  • Cashier Checks
  • Electronic Wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Ukash, etc
  • Western Union and MoneyGram transactions.

Make sure to contact support prior running your credit card. Players sometimes believe that all sites offer payments back to their debit/credit cards, and this is not true. Some sites offer the return of the deposit only. Winnings have to be withdrawn by another method. Other sites will only offer credit/debit cards as funding options.

The method used to request your winnings is influenced by where you are located, the amount of money you want to receive and website policies. You will find all types of rules governing withdrawals so make sure to check the Terms and Conditions before depositing funds.

Be aware that almost every site will request documents for financial transactions to be processed. The most common documents requested are picture id, copies of used debit/credit cards and a utility bill. An acknowledgement statement where players acknowledge the use of their cards and bank account to fund the online account may also be requested.

If you accepted a welcome or deposit bonus, make sure you are aware of the requirements of the bonus before cashing out your winnings. Most websites will have detailed rules for bonuses and cash outs. Some bingo rooms might forbid withdrawing the bonus amount and will only allow players to take home winnings. Others might allow withdrawing the bonus amount but will have high wagering requirements before doing so.

Mobile Bingo

Nowadays you can also enjoy bingo from your smartphone and your mobile device. Once you have registered on your favorite online bingo site, look for the mobile tab where you will be able to download the application required based on your mobile device operating system.

Bingo Bonuses

Once you have learned how to play online bingo and you have decided to give it a try, you might want to check for the bonuses available at different bingo sites.

Most online bingo websites are quite generous with sign up bonuses. You will be able to find bonuses up to 400% of your initial deposit. On your additional deposits the promotions vary but most of the times reload bonuses are offered, and on special days free games are awarded.

Remember always read the Terms and Conditions for all bonuses you accept. Most bonuses will put a hold on your payments until you have met certain gaming requirements.

Bingo Networks

The online bingo business has grown so much in the last decade, that there are dozens of software providers giving us some of the best online bingo sites.

Among the biggest and most reputable bingo networks you can consider playing at:

  • Parlay Games: They are pioneers in the online bingo industry. With more than 70 websites in operation, Parlay has been in business since 2004 providing reliable and innovative bingo games.
  • Virtue Fusion/Playtech: Any brand related with Playtech is sure to have excellent gaming experience and cutting edge technology. For more than a decade, they have been leaders in providing software to the online casino, poker and bingo industries.
  • Dragonfish/888: has been one of the most respected online gaming brands in the last 20 years. Players can be sure that major efforts have been made in making this one of the best online bingo software out there.
  • Microgaming: For years Microgaming has been in the top 5 best software providers. Their casinos and poker rooms are known for their awards and recognition of player experience and fairness. Their online bingo product will exceed the expectations of all types of players.

Online bingo continues to grow, and software is ever improving. Every day new applications and features are released, and hundreds of thousands of players enjoy this amazing game that is conquering the internet day by day.