Bingo Software

Bingo sites rely on software to set up and operate their games. It is important to note that the type of software a bingo site uses determines how its games are played. The software also determines sound effects and graphic designs for all the supported bingo games. Most of these bingo sites operate on software manufactured by the major software manufacturers. If you want to set up a bingo site, you should consider the best software. All players prefer playing games on reliable and secure bingo software.

You might have visited several bingo sites and noticed that they operate in a very similar way. The reason is that most bingo sites are operating on the same software platform. Bingo sites, however, may change the colors and designs of their bingo sites to differ from the rest.

Software platforms differ on layout, games and styles depending on the manufacturer. However, you might not know the difference if you have been navigating through different bingo games offered by the same software provider. Bingo platforms are generally shared as they are very expensive to manufacture. They can also share the large number of players on the same platform.

Types of Bingo Software

There are a number of bingo software providers you can choose from. They can be classified into two categories.

Downloadable software – The software requires you first to download and install it on your device for you to play bingo games. There are hundreds of bingo sites supported by downloadable software. It might take you some time to download and install the software. They are therefore not recommended for shared devices.

Instant play – This is where you can play your favourite bingo games using your devices with no download required. Most bingo sites prefer instant play platforms. The benefit with such bingo games is that you can play anywhere at any time. Most of instant play games are played on mobile devices such as tablets and iPads.

However, it is important to note that most software supports both downloadable and instant platforms. In fact, most software developers ensure that the software is compatible with any available device. The more compatible the software is, the higher the number of users.

Features of the Best Bingo Software

Choosing the best bingo software can be tricky especially if you are a newcomer to the bingo industry. The differences between the software are their features. Software manufacturers have worked hard to provide bingo sites with exceptional and unique features. With your favourite software features, you are likely to enjoy playing bingo games. Here are major bingo software features to look out for when choosing your favourite software.

Games Offered

Different software products support different bingo games. If you want to 90-ball games, for example, you need to choose software that supports such games. Bingo sites offer 30, 75, 80 and 90-ball variation games. Note that not all bingo software supports all these bingo games. If you are a pro in a specific bingo ball game, look out for sites supported by platforms allowing such games.


This is another factor you may need to consider when selecting bingo software. A few years ago, most players preferred downloaded bingo software. However, there is increasing demand for instant play bingo games. Look out for installation terms for the different casino software platforms. Different players have different preferences. If you don’t have time to download and install software, choose instant play bingo sites.

Language and Banking Options

Most casino software supports multiple languages. The best bingo sites should also offer a wide variety of payment options. Bingo players prefer e-wallet payment options since they are easy and fast to transact.


How secure a bingo site is, depends on the security of the bingo software. The best bingo software should be licensed and authorised by gaming authorities in the UK. Before they are certified, software platforms are tested to determine their security and reliability.

Community Options

Chat rooms in bingo sites allow players to interact and develop a sense of team play. A large number of players prefer sites powered by software platforms offering chat options. Players on different games can interact and share the same bingo network.

Support System

A good bingo site should offer support to its users. Most software allows supported sites to offer chat room support. A reputable bingo site should offer 24-hour support. Before deciding on the best software, consider its chat room support system.

Top Bingo Software

These top software products have been tested and have been in the market for quite some time. They have been authorised and licensed. They have also been approved to be safe and secure. Their manufacturers have ensured speed and high performance of the games they support.

Virtual Fusion

Based in London, UK, Virtual Fusion is the largest online bingo network, bringing together a large number of players in the UK. This software supports over 25 bingo sites, offering the best bingo experience to its players. Virtual Fusion was started in 1999 but was later acquired by Playtech Ltd, the leading casino software developer, in 2010. If you are a regular casino player, you have noticed that Virtual Fusion bingo sites are similar to Playtech bingo sites. It is considered by many players as the safest and fairest platform to play on.


  • One can play without downloading the software
  • Chat function available
  • Supports different ball variations (30, 75, 80, 90-ball)
  • Virtue Fusion bingo sites offer real money bonuses

Dragonfish Bingo 

Launched in 2007, Dragonfish is one of the B2B divisions of 888 Holdings. Other divisions of 888 Holdings are Cassava Enterprises, Globalcom Ltd, and Brigend Ltd. This software platform powers most bingo sites. Most players prefer Dragonfish due to its high performance and authentic effects. Dragonfish bingo sites can be easily played via mobile devices. Among the benefits of Dragonfish bingo sites are over 250 chat hosts, user-friendly interface, instant play and huge prizes and jackpots.


  • Chat hosting available
  • Supports both 75 and 90-ball bingo games
  • No download required
  • Multi-currency and multi-language options available

Cozy Games

Established in 2005, Cozy Games is one of the best innovators in the online gaming industry. This software supports a large number of casino sites in the UK. It is one of the most stable and secure platforms. Cozy games bingo sites are easy to play as the software allows chat and support options. You are likely to have played games on Cozy bingo sites since the software supports a large number of casino sites.


  • Supports 30, 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo games
  • Chat function available
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency options


Bridgend was launched in 2007 following acquisition under Cassava Enterprises network. 888 Holdings Ltd acquired Bridgend bingo software. In fact, you might not notice any difference among the software covered by 888 Holdings Ltd. The software is safe, secure and among most the preferred software. Cassava bingo sites are easy to navigate, with excellent features and quality effects.


  • Supports 75 and 90-ball variations
  • Chat function available


Gamesys was launched in 2001. It is currently ranked among the most popular and fastest growing software products. It is made up of exciting and unique features compared to other platforms. The software supports a wide range of games categories including Instant Win, Slots, Casino scratch cards and Bingo. The software is appealing and offers an outstanding casino experience.


  • 24-hour support system
  • 70, 80 and 90-ball variations available
  • Real time chat application

Difference Between Bingo Software and Bingo Networks

For a newcomer to bingo, you might not see a difference between bingo software and bingo networks. Bingo games are multi-player games, meaning that you need other players to compete. The bingo game with the highest number of players is, therefore, the most interesting. To bring players together, different bingo sites make use of a single network to build a pool of bingo players. One of the unique features of bingo networks is that they allow players to interact on their chat rooms. You might be chatting with a player playing a different bingo game but on the same network.

Bingo networks with large numbers of players boast of their high prizes and jackpot. If you want to win big cash, consider playing games supported by popular bingo networks. More users mean higher bets hence higher prizes. Networks with a higher number of users also support a larger number of games. This makes it interesting as you can navigate through several bingo games on the same network.

Jackpots and exclusive promotions are run by networks. Most giant tournaments also rely on networks to sponsor their promotions. By joining the largest bingo network, you are assured of better promotions, offers, and huge prizes.

How Does Software Affect Your Favourite Bingo Sites?

Bingo software supports a wide variety of bingo sites. This means that the type of software you choose will determine the kind of bingo games you can play. Besides this, there are bingo game aspects that rely on the software.


You will notice that some bingo sites perform better than others. The difference is in the software supporting the bingo game. If you want a high performing bingo consider, consider sites supported by one of the largest bingo software platforms.


Speed is a key factor in any game. When playing bingo games, you need a platform that quickly responds to commands. Nothing disappoints like a non responsive bingo site. This is where you will find the best software supporting the largest number of sites.


Are you using a PC, iPad or tablet? If you want to play bingo games on a mobile device, make sure that you choose games compatible with your device. The good thing is that most software is compatible with all devices, but make sure to check.


Players prefer high-quality bingo sites. Among the things to consider are clarity, sound effects, and graphic designs. These are some of the factors that determine the quality of a bingo site. When choosing software, ensure that they will provide you with the quality you need.

User-Friendly Interface

Bingo sites supported by complicated software are not easy to operate. The software determines how the sites supported will operate. It is, therefore, advisable to choose sites supported by the most widely used software.


A bingo site is considered secure and safe to play if it’s supported by a secure bingo network. If the software is licensed and regulated by an official body, you can be assured that all sites using that particular software are secure. Secured software ensures that your cash deposits and prizes are safe.

Payment Options

Although most secure software supports similar payment options, it is best that you check the available options. You definitely don’t want any surprises when withdrawing your cash.

With this information, you will never go wrong when selecting secure bingo software. Bingo players should consider quality, secure and high performing software. They should also consider the largest bingo networks for huge prizes and unlimited promotions and offers. Most newbie players are enticed by bingo bonuses and offers and forget to check on the software supporting the bingo sites.

Before software manufacturers accept supporting a bingo site, they ensure that the site is recognised so that they can uphold their reputation. Any bingo site supported by the largest and most popular software can be trusted. Sign up and deposit cash with no doubts as your money is safe and secure.

Developers in the gaming industry are competing to offer the best bingo experience. Technological changes are evident in the gaming software. You no longer need to visit a casino hall near you to enjoy bingo games. The experience is right in your home, thanks to online casino games. With new software features underway, you are assured of much fun, more exciting and higher bingo jackpots.