30 Ball Bingo

Are you looking for a different kind of bingo that will get your adrenaline pumping? Then check out 30-ball bingo! 30-ball bingo is a quick-fire game that is taking the online bingo community by storm. This game adopts the same rules of the UK 90-ball bingo and the US 75-ball bingo, but features fewer number selections. This means you have higher chances of getting a full house with 30-ball bingo than other variations out there. Plus, 30-ball bingo starts and ends in a matter of seconds. You can play much more rounds in an hour than you would playing the traditional 90-ball or 75-ball format.

30 Ball Bingo sites:

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LMAO Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £5 get £25 free

How to Play 30 Ball Bingo

One of the best ways to illustrate how to play 30 Ball bingo, is to describe the game cards. Each 30-ball bingo card is a smaller version of the American 75-ball bingo card. The grids contain three rows, three columns and nine numbers. Each of the columns contains a set of numbers:

  • The first column has the numbers 1 to 10
  • The second column has the numbers 11 to 20
  • The third column contains the numbers 21 to 30

Because 30-ball bingo is simpler than other bingo variations, even newbies will pick up on the game very easily. 30-ball bingo is also a great choice for veteran bingo players who want a break from the dizzying numbers in other bingo game variations.

30-ball bingo works in the exact same way as other bingo games – what you have to do is complete a pattern in order to win prizes. But unlike other games that usually involve winning lines, 30-ball bingo is won by covering all of the numbers on the card. This is also known as a full house.

In order to play a game, you have to first log into your online bingo account and purchase a 30-ball bingo ticket. You can select your card from an array of options, or let the site automatically generate a random one for you.

After you have your card (or cards), numbers are drawn randomly from a pool of numbers from 1 to 30. If you have any of those numbers on your card, all you have to do is mark that number off.

That is really all there is to it with 30-ball bingo. Once you block out all your squares, you will then receive awesome prizes!

What Makes 30 Ball Bingo Special?

Both the 90-ball and the 75-ball bingo offer players a fun game experience. But for some, playing these games in a row can turn out to be taxing. This is why 30-ball bingo is a great alternative! With 30 ball, you can sign up, buy a card and win prizes in a few seconds. Here are some of the reasons to try out UK 30 ball bingo:

  • It’s fast paced
  • It’s very easy
  • You are always in the middle of the action

The fewer numbers in 30-ball mean that the balls are drawn at a faster rate. This means that the gameplay experience constantly produces new winners at regular intervals, which increases your chances of winning a fixed or progressive jackpot. If you don’t win at one game, you only have to wait a several seconds before you can start with another round. So when you play 30-ball bingo, you are always in the middle of the action!

Why Play 30 Ball Bingo Online?

Playing 30-ball bingo online has some special perks that you won’t get if you play it in a traditional bingo hall. Here are some of those advantages:

  • You will never miss a number with auto-daub
  • You can play anywhere at any time
  • You get a great social experience

In a traditional bingo hall, you have to attentively listen to the bingo caller so that you can manually mark off your numbers. Sometimes traditional bingo halls can be busy and loud, and you might miss a number that was called. When you play online, you don’t have to worry about missing a single number. This is because most of the best bingo sites have the auto-daub feature. This feature will automatically mark of the numbers for you. This means you can enjoy a conversation with your roomies or play other instant-win games while the 30-ball game in ongoing.

One of the greatest advantages that online gaming has given all players is the convenience of playing anywhere at any time. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can sign up for some rounds of 30-ball bingo while you are stuck in traffic or waiting for the train through the use of tablets and other mobile devices.

When it comes to playing bingo online, you will get a unique brand of interaction. This is because you get to meet and chat with roomies from all walks of life. You can meet younger or older people with varying interests. This is why you get a great social experience while you play online bingo, plus you get the chance to win big prizes!


30-ball bingo is a new way to enjoy the classic game of bingo. This game’s popularity is growing more and more, because of the attractive quality of cutting the game time in half. This means you get faster results and speedier jackpots. And just like any other beloved bingo game, you also get a chance to socialise with other players in the online chat room, crack jokes and make friends.

In addition, 30-ball bingo can be played anywhere at any time through smartphones and tablets. New online bingo sites have the auto-daub feature, so playing 30-ball bingo only becomes more convenient for people who are always on the go.

So if you are looking for a quick break, try a few rounds of the exciting game! You have the chance to get some big wins in a short amount of time, and you get to win big cash prizes. If you are looking for a trusted bingo site to visit, just check out our bingo site reviews here at hityah.com. Our reviews will tell you exactly what games are available in each site, so that you know where you can play a round of 30-ball bingo!