Deal Or No Deal

Deal Or No Deal Bingo is a relatively new and fresh take on the much-loved game of bingo that is now played online on many bingo sites. The game is based on the Noel Edmonds TV series “Deal Or No Deal” and pulls on many elements of the show. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular online bingo game types in the market.

Deal or No Deal bingo sites:

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Play Deal or No Deal Bingo Online

Since Deal or No Deal is a theme that most bingo players are familiar with, you will find that there are a lot of online bingo sites that feature this variation. There are Dragonfish as well as Microgaming bingo sites that offer this Deal or No Deal bingo along with other versions of the classic bingo game. Now, the difficult part is choosing which site to create an account with. Worry no more because here at HitYah, we take the hard work off your shoulders. Our expert bingo analysts curate the best online bingo sites which feature Deal or No Deal Bingo and grade them based on a number of features, including the abundance of promotions and bonuses, security of transactions and selection of games. So don't forget to check out our featured bingo sites today!

Premise of the Show

On the TV show, there are 22 boxes which contain different amounts of cash up to £250,000, with a 23rd Bankers box. The contestant has a choice of accepting a deal from the banker on the first round instead of choosing five boxes to open. By not agreeing to the 'deal' they open the 1st five boxes in the round, these amounts are removed from the game and the player cannot win them. For the next four rounds, three boxes are opened with an offer made from the Banker at the start of each round in the knowledge of what amounts are left, until there are just 2 boxes left, another offer is then made which the player can choose to accept or decline. Should he decline the Banker may offer the option for the player to swap his box for the Bankers, and maybe make another offer. If no offer is taken the last box standing contains the amount the player wins. The amounts in the boxes are randomly placed so it is a game of chance and luck as to what is won. The risk element of this game has made the show a huge hit.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Bingo

This is quite simple as the game uses quite a few elements of the show and really is great fun to play. It is a regular 90-ball online bingo game where you have tickets with 3 lines of 5 numbers on each. Ticket prices are random and tend to change for every game, unless otherwise stated at the time of play. This means each prize pot is different and, of course, that also depends on how many players buy tickets too.

As the 90-ball game name suggests numbers (balls) range between 1-90 and are drawn using a random number generator and you should mark them off your ticket as they match. There are prizes for the first player to mark off one horizontal line of five balls, then two lines and then full-house, where all the numbers on the card have been marked off, as per normal.

Progressive jackpots

Most sites also have a progressive jackpot or a low number call fixed jackpot where if you full-house win in a certain number of calls or less you can win an extra big special jackpot. A progressive jackpot gets bigger each game until it is won as it takes a proportion of the ticket sales each time. To win these jackpots, it can be quite tough as the call numbers to win in are pretty low (for example 31 calls on some sites) but it most definitely can be done. These jackpots can grow to huge amounts because of this and on some sites they are in the tens of thousands of pounds, at the time of writing one site's progressive jackpot prize for its Deal Or No Deal game was nearly £35,000. So aside from the online bingo welcome bonuses you can take advantage of, you can also find something beneficial from playing Deal or No Deal's progressive jackpot.

Deal or No Deal Element

The Deal Or No Deal part of the game is an additional chance to win an extra jackpot on top of the ones mentioned above. At the start of the game you will see 22 boxes above your tickets with a different bingo number attached to each of them. There will also be the Bankers box normally with a question mark on it. Each side of these numbers there will be 22 different cash amounts (these amounts tend to be relevant to the ticket price and how many tickets have been bought). The lower cash prizes are shown in blue on the left and the higher ones in red on the right. Each time a number ball is called in the game, if it corresponds with one on any of the deal or no deal boxes, that box disappears along with one of the cash amounts. The cash prizes have been distributed in the boxes at random, so there could be bigger prizes left than smaller ones or the other way around at the end of the game. Each game will be different, with no guarantee until after ticket sales have closed as to the prize pots and box prizes.

Beat the banker

When a player wins a full house there will be some of these cash prize boxes left. Obviously, the lower the number of calls the full house jackpot was won in, the more cash boxes there will be left. The Banker will then make an offer to the player for an extra cash prize. As an extra bit of fun, all the players who were in the game get to vote as to what the winner should do. They can choose to deal or no deal, so votes are cast and the result posted where the tickets were. The winner then gets to decide what they would like to do. Do they take their fellow players advice or do they go it alone? If they accept the Bankers deal then they win the cash prize the Banker offered as an extra amount of cash. If they choose no deal, they will win one of the cash prizes left from the boxes. Of course, the gamble is whether this prize will be higher or lower than the Bankers offer, just like the TV show. If you are lucky you could more than double the amount you have won for the full house and if not, you still win a cash prize, so all is not lost. Once chosen, the player wins this extra cash prize, and whether it is higher or than the offer it is still a nice bonus and a good way to play for something more than just the normal standard 90-ball bingo prizes.

This is definitely one of the more popular new style bingo games and certainly a good one to play if you would like a little extra excitement with your bingo game.