Pattern Bingo

Playing online bingo games sounds simple enough – players match called numbers to those found on the cards and hope to get one line, two, or a full house to win. However, there are games that involve different designs that are pre-determined to make the playing experience a little more interesting and challenging. This game is called pattern bingo and the rules for it are pretty much the same as those of the traditional types such as 75- and 90-ball bingo. It just comes with the additional rule of daubing a specific pattern on the cards in order to win the game.

Why Play Pattern Bingo?

While loved by many players all over the world, bingo itself is a pretty simple and straightforward game. The chance of winning a jackpot does sound exciting but waiting for numbers to be called can be a little boring. Playing pattern bingo is a fantastic solution to that as the game, especially ones with crazy patterns involved, requires a little more skill than usual.

It's very important for pattern bingo players to pay constant attention to their cards in the more complex games. A punter can stay focused on the original pattern and end up missing calls for numbers that can fill the other 3 on a crazy pattern or the seemingly endless possibilities on a crazy moving design. Many veteran players can actually attest to this happening all the time.

How to Play Pattern Bingo

Learning how to play pattern bingo is easy because it is actually just a variant of the 75-ball bingo game. Playing cards comprise of 24 numbers in a 5 x 5 grid, with the 25th number being the centre square that's a free space. Games have a pre-determined design that players must fill in order to win the prize. Balls are still called at random and numbers will come up that are outside of the pattern. Even if the next call can be found on a player's card, there's no need to mark it off as it doesn't get them any closer to winning. The game can also come to an end fairly quickly as there are some patterns that require as little as 4 numbers. With a tremendous amount of luck, a player can shout "bingo!" just after 4 calls.

The objective is simple but the game itself can create some confusion, especially for beginners. With the rapid increase of popularity of bingo games, it seems that the number of patterns and their complexity have followed suit. A novice can be asked to play a Crazy Kite game and there's no doubt that the first reaction would be that of confusion. While the game itself is more based out of luck than skill, the huge number of designs to play adds a layer of difficulty that many will find challenging and exciting.

Types of Pattern Bingo Games

Once upon a time, all players had to worry about was filling in a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Nowadays, there's a six pack, inside diamond, airplane, butterfly, and a bunch of others to play. In order to get ahead of other players and the game itself, it's important to learn about the different types of bingo patterns that can come into play. There are two type of patterns, namely standard and crazy.

Standard Bingo Patterns

Also known as static patterns, standard pattern bingo involves designs that do not move, shift, or rotate on the card. These games are considered the simplest of the many variations of pattern bingo. While there are many different designs, there's only one way to fill them on the card. Examples of standard bingo patterns include airplaine, baseball diamond, and chair. Blackout, better known as full house, can also be considered a standard pattern.

Crazy Bingo Patterns

As the name suggests, this is where the game gets crazy. The biggest difference between standard and crazy patterns is that the latter can have multiple variations of one pre-determined design. Furthermore, crazy bingo patterns can also be classified into sub-types.

Let's start off with the most basic. Crazy patterns are those that can rotate in 90, 180 or 270 degrees. This gives players better chances at winning as there are 4 different ways to fill the pattern. Some examples include Crazy Letters, Crazy Kite, Crazy Bats, and many more.

A moving bingo pattern is a design that changes at least once in a game. For instance, after completing a horizontal line, the game could continue with completing two horizontal lines. The moving pattern is still played on the same card, meaning punters can win more than once if more patterns are matched.

Wild bingo patterns are just that — wild. The patterns for these games are actually static but can be found anywhere on the card. Examples include Broken Frame, Bugs, and Explosion.

Then there are the crazy moving patterns that are a combination of crazy, moving, and wild. Not only do they rotate, they also move and can be located anywhere within the grid. The game can call for a block of 6 but won't determine where on the card the block needs to be. Basically, any 6 numbers that fill a block can qualify as a winner.


It's easy to understand why plenty of punters flock to well-established and brand new online bingo sites. The game is highly entertaining and easy to play, with no definite skills needed and plenty of cash up for grabs. Online bingo players who love the 75-ball bingo format are sure to love what pattern bingo has to offer. The extra challenges that different patterns pose add several layers of excitement and difficulty that can renew anyone's passion for playing the game. It's a good way to exercise one's attention skills while still hoping to have luck on their side.

So if you're looking for a little more excitement and a bigger challenge when playing your favourite bingo game, buy a few cards for pattern bingo. With so many designs that can come into play, the possibilities of winning are practically endless!