Roll On Bingo

Bingo is a universally loved game, but there are players who find themselves wanting more out of their gaming. In order to provide punters with a more exciting playing experience, bingo operators and software providers are always in search of ways to enhance the traditional game.

Back in the day, punters only had a choice between two formats — 90-ball bingo which is popular among Europeans and 75-ball bingo which is the choice for Americans. With advancements in technology and discerning player tastes, more bingo games have come to the surface that involve a varying number of bingo balls, unique rules, and an overall different gameplay. This can cause quite a confusion for newcomers and even veterans can take some time to get used to them, which is why a quick run through what developments have taken place is always handy.

In this case, let's talk about Roll On Bingo.

What is Roll On Bingo?

Regardless what type of bingo you're playing, the objective remains the same. Whether you're playing the traditional 90- or 75-ball bingo formats, or the modern 30-, 50-, or 80-ball bingo variants, the goal is to match numbers on your playing cards to those that are being called. The first player who matches a line or a pattern, or completes a full house is then declared the winner.

If you chance upon a Roll On Bingo game, a player shouting "Bingo" doesn't mean that's the end. This particular game actually continues to pay out even after the standard prizes have been won.

Where to Play Roll On Bingo?

So you've gotten the basic information on what the game is, found out how to play Roll On Bingo, and are now itching to see if you can win a game. The next question is where do you go to play?

Gaming operators usually showcase a variant that their bingo software supports. Since Roll On Bingo is not attached to a specific ball count, it's possible for players to find the game across a variety of platforms. More often than not, Roll On Bingo is featured as a promotional game. Online bingo sites will usually reserve a specific timeframe and bingo room to hold the games. The number of additional winners may also vary, with some having up to 10 roll-on prizes up for grabs.

How to Play Roll On Bingo

Now that you know what the game is, the biggest question that's likely running through your head is how to play Roll On Bingo.

Roll On Bingo starts out just like any other bingo game. Players can win prizes for filling in 1, 2, 3, and 4 lines, as well as a full house. However, this format extends your playing experience and boosts your chances at winning by continuing even after someone has already gotten the coverall. Even if someone else snatches the full house first, other players can keep on playing the same set of cards as more balls are called to keep the game going. 

Obviously, the prizes for the winners of the additional calls will be smaller, but you still win something. For example, the full house prize is £100. The first person to fill in a card gets the full prize, while additional winners get a share of a pool. If there are two more winners during the roll-on portion of the game, a pool of £100 will get split between them.

There's really nothing new for players to pick up when it comes to how to play Roll On Bingo. Bingo itself doesn't require a lot of gaming skills save for the need to pay attention. It's more a game of luck for numbers on any of your cards to be called out.

Why Play Roll On Bingo?

Experienced bingo players will tell you that there's nothing more frustrating than being a few calls away from having a winning card. You have nearly all squares filled and on the edge of your seat for the next couple of calls, only to have someone else shout "Bingo!". Hopes of winning are dashed, money's lost, and there's no jackpot to be found in your account. Punters can avoid finding themselves in that situation, thanks to Roll On Bingo.

Think of it as a light at the end of the tunnel. You think all hope's lost, but wait, there's more! It's a great way to keep on playing with an otherwise great set of cards, possibly even helping those who are low on funds. Sure, the succeeding prizes after the first full house may not be as huge, but a win is still a win.


Bingo is arguably one of the most loved games of all time. It's easy to play and doesn't require any special skills. The possibility of winning jackpots is a definite thrill, but missing out on the chance can also be quite frustrating. Roll On Bingo saves plenty of punters from the disappointment of losing by giving more chances at winning a prize. With Roll On Bingo, everybody can be a winner.