Blackjack Games

Blackjack casino games have grown in popularity recent years, and they are starting to regain their position as the all-time favourite casino game. The high payout, small house edge, an interesting game concept and the wide variety of choices offered by mobile and digital markets has made the game a growing star in many online casinos. Many casinos are starting to offer customers blackjack related bonuses and promotions that are worth checking out. Blackjack card game is worth trying for all those who have never played it before. For those who know and love the game, there’s lots more to offer with the game being updated with new versions all the time.

Versions of blackjack

Most common of the games is the standard version of blackjack. The game first surfaced centuries ago and has mostly stayed within the same boundaries when it comes to rules and playing. The basic idea is a simple one: player tries to achieve a higher score than the dealer without surpassing a score of 21. Because of this in some parts the game is simply known as twenty-one or blackjack 21. There are of course rule modifications such as the Spanish 21 blackjack game that is played with a reduced deck, or blackjack switch that gives the casino a greater edge but also gives the player two hands to play with per round. Some games also offer redeals or combination of the game with poker rules offering blackjack Hi-Low and similar remakes.

Blackjack offers the variety and choice in its own field, and not against other games. As it has held the place of the most popular casino card game for so long, it really doesn’t have any competition among card games and rules at the top for many reasons. Keeping to its core, it is still the favourite game of many, and a very charming opportunity for the rest. Trying the free demo version or playing with free money is one of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of blackjack.

How is Your Blackjack Game?

The first thing to concentrate on when playing casinos games is to make sure you know the game through and through. When it comes to playing blackjack online, this, at first, seems like quite an easy task, but like everything that seems simple at start blackjack too requires a wealth of information if it’s to be played with money in mind. The first task for any player is to read through and memorise the basic game rules. These are quite simple and require simply remembering the value of each card as well as the different possible side rules. Of course, the different side rules that are active depend on the game version you are playing, as there are many different blackjack games to choose from. In the very basic version, these include splitting and doubling down.


The most common variation offered by online casinos comes with the different themes. These usually add a graphical theme that often also incorporates music, animations and other improvements that mostly concentrate on the appearance of the game. These kinds of games offer the same basic rules and gameplay as the classic with increasing the entertainment factor of the game. There are of course differences in payouts as well, for example, certain rules offer 1 to 1 payback when others offer 2 to 1.

Some casinos offer promotions and blackjack games that have jackpots or competitions incorporated into them. In these games you are not simply playing for winning each hand, but even progressive jackpots or predetermined prize pots. If you want to add an extra layer of entertainment and excitement to your game these games are the best way to do it. As if there is one advantage other casinos games like slots enjoy over the classic 21 blackjack games it’s the considerably higher payouts and betting amounts. These, of course, depend on the casino, and many are starting to offer chances for high rollers to make larger bets. With the increase in supply and demand, these options are bound to change, and only the future will tell how well blackjack will fare against other games competing for its spot as the all-time favourite.

Things to Stay on the Lookout For

It might be hard finding the suitable casino to play, as table games are often not so well advertised as opposed to slots or poker. This is why most new players often end up bypassing this game. When you keep in mind that it is one of the oldest and with the least house edge, it is a shame not to try the game. As the game favours real money players, it is also often bypassed for bonuses as these might be hurtful for the casino, or give a slightly decreased payback. That’s why there are several things to remember when choosing the right site and the right game for yourself:

•Make sure to read bonus terms: some casinos offer reduced payback when paying bonus in blackjack. Other casinos offer blackjack specific bonuses.
•A good casino has a large choice of and usually a separate section for blackjack, as well as live tables.
•Some blackjack games can be played similar to slots, and usually share more in common with them.
•VIP-players and high rollers can often demand better bonuses for their favourite games.
•Casinos offer comprehensive tutorials for table games.
•Blackjack is extremely suitable for mobile gaming.

Regular players

If you’re a long time member of a casino, it’s always a good idea to contact the customer service and ask for possible blackjack deals. For the same reason, it’s wise to follow the casinos social media sites as they are usually the first to inform of any possible bonus, promotion or when a new game is introduced. Often different casino sites offer a varying amount of learning or other educational materials. It is a good idea to go through them as they offer insight into playing the game. In some cases it will offer clear monetary benefit, and especially poker players will certainly enjoy the theory and knowledge behind the game.

Mobile play

Nowadays most players are moving towards mobile play. Blackjack is an excellent choice in this regard as it offers a very simple but elegant game table that is specifically designed for it. There is no clutter or wealth of buttons to push, but instead even with a small screen everything is usually available in great detail. This, of course, depends on the casino and its products, as well as the game developers. Our choice of casinos offers great mobile services, apps as well as the site. All the games are mobile compatible and offer you the chance to enjoy your future favourite game anywhere you want.

Why Play Blackjack Games Online?

From all the table games blackjack offers the best combination of cards, gaming and entertainment. Each round is played as fast as the player wants, and the excitement of each round grows with your wins and losses. The bank roll is easy to keep care of, and you will not suddenly notice that you have lost everything. With the casino edge being so small it’s possible to trust on winning rounds after losing ones, which makes for some very interesting betting strategies and risky choices that can give big payments. The game is of course not a mathematicians dream, and luck is still a major element. Each and every player will certainly find their favourite game style.

With the different bonuses offered for blackjack games, it’s a good time to check out what different casinos have on offer. The multitude of games is certainly vivid, and whether you come from slots, roulette, poker, betting or other video games you are sure to find a blackjack game that combines everything you want to find in a game. The robust but solid rules are one of the cornerstones of the success of this game, as they allow the game to change in ways that don’t affect the core gameplay. New side rules, features and combinations from other games add a layer of detail that isn’t currently present in most other casino products.


If you’re looking for a trusted casino to play, an excellent bonus to start with, low wagering requirements, and the luxury of choice with games then we offer you the best options available. If you’re still hesitating the casinos will have your other favourite games available as well, and all the blackjack games are available as demo versions. Most of the time this does not even require registration, although this is usually an easy two-step process that require less than a minute to complete. As blackjack is available online at almost any casino, the player is free to pick their favourite with care, and polish his or her playing style for free until it’s time to try and beat the house.