Casino Bonuses

With all the choice, players interested in online casinos are often confused as to where they might sign up. In order to attract more players, the best online casinos will offer casino bonuses and try to top their competitors’ offers. Honestly, what would an online casino be without welcome bonuses and promotions?

We’ve written this short guide that will explain what a casino bonus is and why you should be interested. We'll also let you know how you can get the best bonuses in the online casino industry.

Online Casino Bonus

Nearly all casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players when they sign up. This is to attract as many players 'through the doors' as possible. Due to the high level of competition in this industry, most online casinos consider this as an essential step.

Not only do these companies offer bonuses to new players, but they also offer regular casino bonuses to their existing players. This aims to create loyal players that will keep playing on the website. Take advantage of the casinos wanting you to keep playing. The online casino bonus is a way of promoting their sites and keeping existing players happy, so they don't go elsewhere. Keep reading to learn more about the ever-popular casino bonus.

Types of Casino Bonuses

There are huge numbers of casino bonuses and learning every one of them would be hard without a detailed guide. A bonus can help you drive up your game and increase your chances of winning the jackpot. After all, more credit is equal to more chances of winning! Keep reading for the different types of casino bonuses and what the differences are between them.

Welcome/First-time deposit bonus

This is the most popular casino bonus online. A welcome bonus allows first-time depositors to enjoy their first deposit with a very generous bonus alongside it. This could range from 50-100% of the initial deposit and could be as much as £1,000!

Please keep in mind that you should read the Terms and Conditions of the bonus that you will be claiming. Some bonuses have certain restrictions to do with withdrawing bonus money from your account or how they are paid to you. All the details of these terms should be stipulated on the website, or you can contact the relevant customer support team for more information.

No deposit bonus

This specific bonus allows players to receive credit and other bonuses without even making a real money deposit. New operators would be the most likely offer no deposit casino bonuses to attract players to try out their online casino games for free. The idea is that you like what they provide and they you sign-up for more.

Reload bonus

This allows existing players to enjoy some of the same perks as new customers. Online casinos use this to keep their customers loyal and happy with their online casino. There are two sorts of reload bonuses, matching deposit bonuses and percentage deposit bonuses. A matching deposit bonus would match the amount of money you deposit into your casino account. A percentage deposit bonus would give you a percentage of the money you deposit back as bonus money.

Loyalty programs/bonuses

Another benefit from being a loyal player on an online casino is a belonging to the loyalty program. Although not every online casino has one, sticking to one that does can help you land extra bonuses and win real money. It's the casino's way to thank you for your loyalty to them.

High-roller bonus

A generous type of bonus dedicated to high-rollers who spend a lot of money in deposits. These people gain a lot of rewards and perks due to their competitive and high-stakes player profile. Online casinos would have a set amount of deposit per month/week in order for a player to qualify for certain high-roller bonuses.

Payment method bonus

Sometimes an online casino will give you a bonus when you deposit money using a specific casino payment method. Check out the payment pages on each site to see if you can choose a deposit method that helps you earn a bit more cash.

Referral bonus

Now, we’re all familiar with this type of bonus. Refer a friend and you get to earn a bonus. You can earn several bonuses just by referring your friends and family to the website. When they deposit funds to their account, you get a bonus amount credited to your account.

This doesn't only have to be on the first deposit they make. Some casinos give you a bonus each time your referral makes a deposit.

Cash back bonus

Last, but definitely not least, is the cash back bonus where players could be guaranteed their cash back if they don't win on a particular game. There are of course restrictions on these, and these apply to specific games, and so make sure you read the Terms and Conditions on the site.

Mobile Deposit Bonus

Online casino sites take measures to ensure that they attract enough players to all their products. For instance, if they launch a mobile casino platform, they would release a promotion specifically designed to invite new players to download the app. Basically, once they make their first payment, they will receive a mobile deposit bonus.

Claiming a Casino Bonus

There are times when claiming a casino bonus is hassle-free and automatic. Some even give the full bonus upon fulfilling a requirement such as depositing funds for the first time. There are, however, certain websites that don’t give out bonuses as easily as the others.

Some websites give out bonuses gradually. Every time you play or deposit more funds for example, you will get part of the bonus put into your account. This is why checking the Terms and Conditions of every bonus and promotion is very important. You don't want any surprises coming your way.

Why Read the Terms and Conditions

  • Allows you to understand how claiming the bonus is done
  • Allows you to know whether the bonus is worth claiming in your circumstances
  • Educates you on the withdrawal restrictions/requirements

Common Bonus Rules

Upon checking the terms of the bonus, you may notice that there are some standard rules that apply across the board. All websites have similar standard rules, although many have specific rules relating to their online casino bonuses and promotions.


First of all, there must always be a condition for every bonus. Whether it’s making a first deposit, a re-deposit, using a specific payment method, referring a friend or playing paid online casino games, a bonus would not happen without fulfilling the terms of the bonus first.

Bonus amount

Different bonuses and online casinos give varying amounts of bonuses to their players. Some seem more generous than others, but the terms of the bonuses may be more important than the face value.

The bonus amount is the online casino’s advertised bonus amount such as '100% bonus up to £500'. While you will always receive the advertised bonus amounts, they may be dependent on wagering requirements, claiming, and other conditions.

Claiming the bonus

Most of the time, online casinos don't advertise how you claim their advertised bonus. But this will always be in the Terms and Conditions, and this is why it’s very important to read the whole document before making any real money deposits.

Some online casinos deliver the full amount of bonus upon fulfilling the conditions. Be wary though because other online casinos, even though they offer huge bonuses, may hand out bonuses slowly over time.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are what you need to fulfill to withdraw your winnings from your bonus and initial deposit. Some may require you to bet at least three or five times your initial deposit amount before the site accepts any withdrawal requests from your account.

If the wagering requirements are acceptable to you, go ahead with the bonus.

If the wagering requirements are impossible to achieve, do your best to avoid this bonus.

Telling Good Casino Bonuses from Bad Ones

Telling good casino bonuses from bad ones isn’t really rocket science. As we’ve said a few times, you must read the Terms and Conditions of each bonus each and every time! Aside from this technique, below are some other ways to tell a good casino bonus from a bad one.

  • Check out the latest reviews on online casino promotions
  • Check reviews and updates from reliable websites that regularly review online casinos
  • Search for user feedback for bonuses and user experience
  • Make sure that the online casino you’re looking at is regulated by the proper authorities in your area/country
  • Avoid depositing the maximum amount, especially if you’re new to online casino gaming

Big Cash Bonuses are Within Reach

What are you waiting for? Cash bonuses are offered every single day! All you have to do is look for the right promotions and online casinos that accept players from your country/state. There are many worldwide as the online casino industry is one of the fastest-growing industries.

Online casino bonuses are a great way to have fun! Hurry and look for the best deals today from the most reliable online casinos in the industry!