Free spins no deposit casino sites in the UK 2023

Casino bonuses come in various shapes and sizes. And one that always catches the eye of any savvy gambler is the no deposit deal. It’s a fantastic opportunity to play some of the best games on the market for free while still giving you a chance of walking away as a real-cash winner.

Our guide to no deposit casinos will show you how to get your hands on this top promo and what it could mean for your balance.

Brand Details & Bonus Data
888casino Logo First Deposit Get up to £1500 bonus in your first week New players • £20 min deposit • 1st deposit immediate 100% up to £100 • 2nd - 5th deposits must be done and wagered 3 times within 7 days of the 1st deposit, to receive 30% up to £350 bonus per deposit • Bonus wins are capped at £500 T&Cs.
Bo Vegas Logo Welcome Bonus 300% Welcome Bonus T&Cs.
BGO Logo
First Deposit 100% Bonus up to £200 on first deposit T&Cs.
Castle Jackpot Logo Welcome Bonus £10 no-deposit bonus £990 wagering target. £5 max stake with bonus. £50 max withdrawal for non-depositors. 7 day expiry. Not all games contribute. 18+ T&Cs.
BetUK Logo Free £5 FREE - DOUBLE WINS! £990 wagering target. £5 max stake with bonus. £50 max withdrawal for non-depositors. 7 day expiry. Not all games contribute. 18+ T&Cs.

How we rate and review free spins casinos

There are many fantastic no deposit bonus casino brands available for today's modern player. And in general, that is great news. But with so much choice, comes the task of deciding where to play. And this is where review sites like ours come into their own.

Our team of experts meticulously assesses every part of a free spins casino to make sure that the user experience is second to none. We’ll share with you now a few of the things they look for when they put a casino bonus under the microscope.

Number of freespins

One of the most important things for many customers is the number of spins available. And this is perfectly natural for this to be their primary concern. After all, they want spins so why wouldn't they want a ton of them? However, hundreds of spins may sound amazing but you need to scratch a little deeper below the surface to see if they are really worth having.

It all depends on the terms and conditions for each particular bonus. For example, 500 spins at one site may not be as valuable as 100 spins at another site. And one of the most obvious reasons for this is the value of each spin. Some sites can have a very minimal 1p value to each spin. Whereas others may have an overall bonus value and you can divi-up the spins as you wish. There is usually a maximum wager amount per spin, but you may have the chance to play for 5p per spin rather than 1p. And this can make a big difference to the size of any potential win.

Can you cash out your winnings?

No deposit spins aren’t worth having if you can’t cash out anything that you win. It is all well and good having the spins but if they mean nothing for your bankroll at the end of the day, then what is the point? You may as well play the demo version and not worry about creating a new account.

Thankfully, this isn't usually the case. Most promos will allow you to cash out the winnings but it's not always as simple as you might hope. There is often a limit to the amount that can be withdrawn from playing with bonus spins. And it is this amount that we monitor. We want our readers to have a fair deal. And this means the opportunity to walk away with a decent share of the winnings. We understand that a casino brand can’t allow every new customer to potentially walk away with thousands of pounds for free. But if players are making the effort to create a new account, then they should be treated well.

What are the wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements is one area that often trips up a newbie casino customer. If you only glance at the size of the bonus and read no further into the offer, then you may have an unwelcome surprise when trying to redeem any bonus cash or spins.

Wagering is the term for the number of times you need to gamble with any free cash. And it is not just an initial cash bonus that needs to be wagered. It is also the winnings that arise while playing any bonus spins. The number of times that you must wager this bonus cash can vary from site to site. And it is not unheard of for some brands to demand that you play through any bonus money up to 50 times.

We have no influence over the wagering for any deal so this is out of our control. Therefore as a player, it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you understand how many times you will need to play through any promotional cash gift.

Spins without any wagering requirements is one way to avoid this problem. However, any deal that does not require wagering will often be quite small in value. But that is not to say that you should not consider these deals. They are still spins that require no cash outlay on your behalf. And that is usually a good thing in our opinion.

What games can you use your spins on?

In general, a no deposit free spins deal will be available to use on 1 or 2 slots at that site. It would be nice to use those spins on any game that you wish but this generally won't happen. Some slots allow for very small wagers and this is part of the reason why they are selected. You will usually find that the game available when playing promo spins is one that allows a 1p - 10p wager.

Another reason for the game selection comes down to the volatility of that machine. Volatility can affect the size of prizes and the frequency with which they pay out. The majority of promo games are pretty high volatility and this means that your chances of seeing many winning spins are fairly slim. But it may happen so they are still a great freebie to have.

Selection of online slots games

And even after you have taken advantage of your spins at a no deposit casino, you need to consider the games on offer for when you next want to play with your own cash. Having a great selection of games is incredibly important. Enjoying a flutter is a hobby for many people and having a great variety of ways to enjoy this pastime is key. We like to see a decent range of table classics and top of the line slots for all players to enjoy.

Are there other offers besides freespins?

It isn't only promotional spins that are on offer at top casino sites. There are other varieties of casino no deposit bonus that can also mean good things for your bankroll. It is always worth taking a look at deposit bonuses that may also run alongside those which do not require a deposit.

A deposit match promo, for example, can give your bonus balance a big boost when you pay in a little of your own cash. So why settle for one bonus when you could have 2 or 3?

How slots free spins work

Bonus spins are a fairly simple concept. They may come your way for creating a new customer account. Or they could be a random gift for existing customers at a site. And it’s always nice to see valued customers receiving a reward too.

Some promos will hand out a load of spins in one go and you can play them straight away. But others are let out daily. Releasing a few spins each day keeps you going back to the site to redeem your freebie each day. A clever tactic that may have you shopping around for other things while you’re there! It’s a perfectly legit type of promotion that some sites will offer.

Free spins no deposit

Spins without a deposit are usually what most players are looking out for. But as we said earlier, they may not always be the most valuable to you. The number of spins that you can get your hands on may be quite small and the value of each spin will likely be fairly minimal too.

But this doesn’t put us off as long as you can still cash out some of the winnings. Freebies are a nice gift and you shouldn’t expect them to make you rich. Just enjoy them!

Freespins with deposit

To see some of the bigger-value deals, you should expect to part with some cash first. It shows the casino that you’re committed to playing at that site beyond the promo period.

When you deposit your cash, the casino will release your spins. After that, you are free to go up and hit the spin button on any of the qualifying games. As we say, the main difference between these spins and the ones you received without making a deposit is that you will receive a lot more of them.

Any winnings will still be subject to wagering and max cash out rules.

In-game free spins rounds on slots

Promotional spins are not to be confused with spins that come for free during a game. On many of the popular slot titles, it is possible to hit a free spin round. The spins do not use up any of your credit and can be quite profitable.

While playing with promotional spins or bonus cash you are not more or less likely to trigger the bonus spins round during a game. It is completely random.

New player freespins offers

A free spins bonus isn't just reserved for new customers. It is possible to land yourself some spins even as an existing player. A casino may release this kind of promo from time to time.

But the chances are you will receive a higher number of spins as a new customer. And the great thing is that you can become a new customer at several sites. This way, you get to enjoy the promotional spins all over again. A Savvy player will always be on the lookout for new promotional offers. It doesn't take long to create a new account at the new casino site so you have nothing to lose.

Sign up no deposit free spins offers

Free spins no deposit UK deals can come your way for simply completing the registration form. What could be easier than filling out a few personal details in order to receive a great freebie?

The signup process that most casino sites use is extremely simple. Usually, the first thing you will need to do is to select a username and password. After that, you will need to enter your name and your email address. Your email address is needed to confirm that you are the one opening the account.

When the site receives the confirmation they will get your account up and running and you can start to enjoy those promotional spins.

Free spins with deposit required

As a new player, you will sometimes need to make a deposit to see your bonus spins. And this is perfectly normal. Most promotions require a little commitment from the player first.

For a bonus spins deal, you may not need to deposit much money at all. There will usually be a minimum deposit of around £10. And some of the deals will allow you to make a greater deposit in order to receive more spins. So always check the offer details to see if you can receive a better deal.

Combined casino bonus and free spins

Spins together with bonus cash can be a top combination. Bonus spins are a little restrictive in that you can only use them on slot machines. Whereas bonus cash can be used to play on a variety of different games. If you like to play both slots and traditional video card games then a combined offer like this is definitely the way forward for you.

And this type of deal can appear more often than you think. Always check out the casino promo page to see what they have available at the moment. It may surprise you to see just how many freebies they have for their customers.

Existing player free spins offers

We love to see a site offering free gifts to their existing players as well. After all, without existing players, a site could not continue to trade.

Most people assume that the best deals only come when signing up for a new account.  But that isn't always true. Sometimes the greatest gifts can come to those who have been playing at the site for a while.

Rewarding loyalty is just one way that the casino can show its appreciation. They may hand out some bonus spins or perhaps even some free plays on some classic casino games.

Another great deal they can offer existing customers is a reload bonus. During the month, there may be a certain time when a site will offer to match your deposit. Everything that you deposit into your account will be matched up to a certain percentage by the casino. And sometimes this can be as high as even 50%.

Daily free spins deals

Grabbing spins every day for doing nothing is a fantastic prize. Some sites will award a certain number of spins but will not release them all in one go.

It is quite common for them to release 50 spins, for example, every day. And this is great for the customer as they get to return to the site and see what else is on offer on a daily basis. Every day it is possible that you could walk off with some winnings as a result of these bonus spins.

It is a fantastic deal and you should keep your eyes open for them whenever they come along.

Free slots tournaments

Another top promo that you can receive at many casino sites is a tournament involving free slot play. Many players love this kind of tournament which can mean winning some fantastic prizes.

And with a free competition like this, it won't cost you anything to enter. The casino will provide a prize pool that is up for grabs for the very best players. And to be considered the best you need to make your bankroll stretch. Being the last man or woman standing can prove to be a very profitable exercise. And it is also possible that a tournament is judged on who acquires the highest total in winnings at any point during the game regardless of how long their cash lasts.

Spins on specific slots games

Bonus spins on specific slot games are very common. A casino will often have a preferred slot title to use when handing out these bonus spins.

As we said before, this is usually to do with the volatility of the game or the size of the wagers that can be played. But the great news is that these spins are usually played on some of the best games around. There is a chance that you can win some top sums of cash for playing these titles.

If there is a specific game that you wish to play then you should read the terms and conditions of a deal very carefully. And this is especially true if you need to make a deposit first. You don't want to deposit cash into an account to receive some spins if you have no interest in playing that game.

How to find the best free spins UK casino sites

Finding the best casino sites can be a difficult task. There are so many to choose from and it can be hard to know where to look. And this is why review sites like ours are essential for any player.

Rather than searching through hundreds of different brands, you can simply take a look at our list of trusted providers. You know that by choosing a site that is listed here on this page that you are in safe hands. Take a look at the deals on offer at the moment and simply choose the one that works best for you.

Pick a casino recommended by Hityah  

Any casino free spins deals listed on this page come from the very best brands in the country. We check the licensing situation and make sure that every operator listed on this page provides a great user experience for everyone.

We've been in business for quite some time and there aren't any sites that slip under our radar. As soon as we hear about a new brand we go straight over and begin our review process. And if they can prove to us that they are a great place to play then we will get them up here on our site.

Let us take the guesswork out of choosing a new site.

Check the terms and conditions

Before signing up for any deal we cannot stress enough how important it is to read the terms and conditions. There are sometimes several caveats and we want to make sure that you understand exactly what you are opting into.

There is nothing worse than selecting a fantastic deal without realising exactly how to make the most of it. It’s possible to find a good deal of winning potential in a promo and if you don't read the terms and conditions you might miss something that could land you plenty of cash.

Check the software providers

Another important part of any site is the software providers who work with the casino. There are some fantastic software companies out there and you want to make sure that you are able to take advantage of their latest titles.

Another good reason for checking the software providers is to see how trustworthy a site is. It costs a lot of money to be able to use the games from the top software companies. So a casino that can boast titles from many different companies has some great financial backing and a top reputation in the industry.

Common terms and conditions

As you know, when playing free spins slots there are several conditions placed on their use. And it isn't often that you get to use a bonus that does not have at least some of these restrictions in place. It kind of goes with the territory so we just have to get used to it and understanding exactly how it works is our best weapon.

A casino needs to put several rules in place to make sure that they are not handing out loads of free money without an opportunity to win it back. This wouldn't make for a very good business plan so we understand that it is essential for the operator.

Let's take a look at some of the most common restrictions that are in place when dealing with today's modern casino promos.

Wagering requirements

Pretty much every casino deal has them and it's imperative that you understand them if you're going to get the most enjoyment out of any offer.

Wagering requirements dictate how many times you must gamble with any winnings that arise from playing bonus spins. By gambling with the winnings, you are giving the casino an opportunity to get back some of the free cash that they are giving away. And this is an important element of any promo.

You may see an offer that gives you hundreds of bonus spins or hundreds of pounds in promotional cash. But if you have to wager any winnings a high number of times, then it can be very difficult for you to profit from such a deal.

Time limits

Ignoring time limits on any bonus deal can come back to haunt you at a later date. You may have made a hefty deposit into your account and are waiting to play a number of bonus spins. But if you don't play them in time then those spins will disappear.

Time limit details are outlined clearly in the terms and conditions.

Cashout restrictions

Max cash out rules is another one that you need to keep a close eye on. You may well score a fantastic number of bonus spins and fully understand the wagering requirements. But did you know that there is sometimes a limit to the amount that you can cash out from the winnings at the end of it though?

This is another reason why it is incredibly important to understand the rules and conditions of any bonus deal before you accept it.

Game restrictions

As you know, there are restrictions on the games that you can play when you are redeeming your bonus spins.

The good news is that the games that are commonly used for this purpose are often some of the best in the industry. Although you might want to check these details first as an older title may be in use for some casino promotions.

And if you receive a promo in the form of bonus cash rather than spins, then you also need to check out the game weighting rules. Some games will count 100% towards the wagering requirements while other games may account for less. Or in some cases, they may be excluded completely.

There are some popular choices for games that are available to play. They are all top titles so let's take a look at a few of the most commonly used ones on the market.


One of the most popular games that is used when offering a bonus spins deal is Starburst from NetEnt. This 5 reel, 10 pay line classic has enjoyed a huge following since its inauguration in 2012. Its simplistic format and regular wins all contribute to this popularity.

The smart space-age graphics are as crisp and modern now as they were back then. And there's no chance that this game will ever feel dated. Wins are created both left to right and right to left. And this helps to increase its winning potential. Look out for the wild stars which can stack and respin the surrounding reels.

Gonzo's Quest

Another game that features heavily when it comes to bonus spins is NetEnt’s classic - Gonzo’s Quest. The game follows the adventure of Gonzo, a Spanish conquistador, on his quest to find hidden gold in El Dorado. The game was NetEnt’s first to feature the cascading-style reels. Whenever a win lands, those symbols disappear and others fall into their place.

This innovative form of play was a big deal back in 2010 when the game was first released. And many other game producers now have their own variations of these mechanics. The game features multipliers that increase up to 5x each time you score a win. But during the amazing bonus spin round, this can increase to 15x.

Twin Spin

One of the slot titles that features high volatility and won’t present regular wins is Twin Spin from NetEnt. It’s a neat little system where two of the reels stay together and produce the same symbols all the time. This can increase to 3 or even 4 reels at some point.

It features some nice graphics and a smart disco soundtrack too. There are big wins up for grabs and 243 ways to win thanks to the combo formation that the symbols use. They don’t need to fall on a win line; just land next to each other.

Book of Dead

Special expanding symbols and an amazing bonus spins round make this Play’n GO classic a top choice for slot fans. And casinos often use this game as their go-to choice for welcome deals as well.

It has a cracking Egyptian theme with top graphics and a soundtrack to match. If you’ve never played this game before, then you’re missing out! Take a look at some of the bonus offers available and you might find that you can even play this game for free.

Book of Ra

Sticking with the Egyptian theme, let’s move on and take a quick peek at Novomatic’s famous Book of Ra. There are 9 win lines and loads of great bonus features to keep you entertained for the duration.

However, the game is starting to feel a little dated and the theme has been overused a little in recent years. It is also highly volatile so you will need to be patient while waiting for a win. This type of game probably needs to combine with a welcome bonus that allows for a decent max cashout from bonus spins to make it really worth your while.

Irish Luck

All of the stereotypical Irish symbols are ready and waiting to take you on a journey through the beautiful Irish countryside. And it’s here where you will hopefully find your own pot of gold. The game features 5 reels and 3 rows with a cracking 30 win lines to play on.

Collect 3 scatter symbols to launch the Gold Pot bonus spins where you can see some top wins with the 2x multiplier. It’s a Playtech classic that often features on a welcome bonus list of titles.

New casinos with free spins

Our team of reviewers is constantly scouring the net for any new sites. New casinos come onto the scene nearly every month so it can be a full-time job keeping up to date with all the activity.

But if our team thinks it is worthy of your attention they will have it up here listed on our page ASAP. This is why it is so important for you to keep checking back here regularly. You don't want to miss out on any freespins promos and bonuses. And some of the new casino brands offer the very best deals in the business.

Why many new casinos offer these deals

Competition out there is fierce and to get new customers you need to stand out above the rest. And one of the best ways that a casino can do this is through its promotional offerings. Slots are one of the fastest growth areas in this niche so it makes sense that bonus spins are going to be the top priority when creating a promotional offer for new customers.

Are new casinos safe to play at?

The great thing about selecting a site that is listed here with us is that we have checked the licence that a casino holds. In many jurisdictions throughout the world, it is essential for a site to adhere to any gambling laws in the area. And this is especially true in the UK.

We only present sites that offer a completely legal service to their customers. Furthermore, they need to provide a great user experience as well.

No deposit bonus offers

Any freespins as well as other bonus deals will always appear here first. We aim to keep this page updated as soon as any new deals come onto the market. So keep checking back regularly to see exactly how the landscape is changing and what this can mean for your bankroll.

The difference between no deposit bonuses and free spins

Usually, a bonus that you land without depositing any cash into your casino account will come in 1 of 2 forms. You’ll either get spins or cash. The spins are generally a little more restrictive in that they must be used on a specific slot or slots. But bonus cash has the advantage of being a little more flexible. You can often use bonus cash on most slots and a variety of classic table games as well.


Hopefully, you have learned all there is to know about freespins and other fantastic no deposit deals. But just in case you are missing anything, then you might find it down below in our FAQ section.

What are free spins no wagering?

Not all casinos have this offer available for new customers. The majority of sites will have some form of promo up for grabs but you will need to play through any winnings that result from those spins a number of times. With a no wagering deal, you can simply keep what you win from the spins - or up to the amount specified in the T&Cs. These details should be clearly outlined in any promotional material.

Can I get free spins as an existing player?

As an existing player, it is sometimes possible to come across a no deposit bonus. Admittedly, most deals are aimed at new customers but that's not to say that existing ones are ignored. You should sign up for the newsletter at any casino site to find out what deals are available for existing customers during the month.

Are casino free spins better than bonuses?

Not necessarily. Bonus spins are a great promo and if you like playing on the slots, then these will suit you just fine. But if you are a player who likes to occasionally play some card games as well, then you may be more tempted by bonus cash as an offer.

What games can I use my spins on?

Bonus spins can be used on any of the games outlined in the terms and conditions of the offer. You won't be able to simply pick and choose, the casino will tell you. But it is usually one of the top titles around at the moment

Where can I find the best no deposit freespins deals?

To get your hands on one of these deals you will need to take a look at all of the offers available at the moment. You can either do this by visiting every site individually or you can simply take a look at the list of trusted providers here on this page.

Are free spins no deposit offers a scam?

Not at all. If you choose an offer available at a site that we list here on this page, then you know that the offer is legit. But you should always read the terms and conditions to make sure that the deal is in line with what you were expecting.

What casino offers the most slots spins?

Freespins offers can be found at loads of different sites but they will change from time to time. The best thing you can do is check out the list of sites on this page and see which one is offering the most spins at the moment. We endeavour to keep all the details up to date so come back regularly to see what has changed.

Can I cash out my winnings?

In most cases yes. But you will need to check the terms and conditions to see how much of the winnings you can cash out. Restrictions like this are put in place to limit the potential losses to a casino in the event of a huge win.

How many no deposit spins can I get?

It's difficult to say how many freespins you may get. As you know, the offers change all the time. And this affects how many spins you can receive. But it is not unheard of to receive perhaps 50 spins when you are not making a deposit first.