Play Craps Online Free

Craps is one of the lesser known games in the current online gaming industry, but that is only because it has not pushed through with full speed yet like other table and card games. This gem of gaming dates its history back to the Crusades, and possibly even further. The betting structure is what makes craps a very interesting game: you are not simply rolling with luck for a certain number, but betting on different possible outcomes. The game is so simple that it is still one of the favourite street games played anywhere in the world, although the casino version, of course, differs in that it is played against the bank.

Craps is available for free and there are many different versions to play in the variety of casinos we have on offer. You can play free craps by simply visiting the site and finding the game you like. If you’d like to take advantage of deposit offers and free members bonuses, you will also need to register an account, which takes no more than a minute or two. Although most casinos don’t offer a free craps game, they do offer promotions such as hitting certain combination in a single turn that leads to winning extra promotions.

How to Play Craps

Craps can be divided into two phases: placing the bet and rolling the dice. Before doing this it’s best to know the layout of the craps table well, and playing craps online for free is a good way to learn this. The wins in craps are determined by the bets placed on the table and the odds offered, and the outcome of the dice rolls which range from 2 to 12. Two six-sided dice are used, and the most common combination 7, of course, ends the game in the houses favour. Players take turns rolling the dice until they go bust, and bets can be placed on each round by any player. In this way, it is both a social and a single player game. Keep in mind that at an online casino you usually play alone against the bank, but there also 3D and live tables where more players can participate and play at the same time. With the range of games available, this is purely a player’s own choice.

The first roll of the dice is always called a come out roll, and it requires a bet on the do not pass line or on the pass line. At first glance, the amount of different possible bets is quite intimidating, especially for a casual player, but they are easy to understand and to know once you’ve played a few rolls of the dice. The pass line is quite simple to understand, and most players use it for betting. This bet is done with the come out roll, and if the dice rolls 7 or 11, then you win even money. If the roll totals 2, 3 or 12 then you lose your money. Any other combination will result in the total being called a point. In all subsequent rolls, players try to roll this point again, and if they do so they win even money. Should they roll a 7 before rolling the point, they lose their bet. Both real money and free craps games follow the same rules.

Once the come out roll has been done, the player will keep rolling and betting until he hits a 7 and passes the turn to next player. Remember, only the turn to roll changes and all players are free to place bets. The player can bet on don’t pass as well, and in this case he will win on 7 and lose if the point is rolled first. If you do win on a don’t pass bet it’s best to keep a low profile as most players will usually be losing when you’re winning, as playing the opposite bet is much more common. Worth noting that if you are playing the don’t pass bet getting 12 (although this differs by casino) is called a push, and results in neither win nor loss. Instead, the player can opt to keep his bet on place, or move it if he so wishes. Playing craps free might not be so intriguing because usually it gives no wins unless there is a special promotion for free money, but it is still the best way to learn the rules and the gameplay before entering real money games.

The Betting

Although the betting side of craps might not be so useful in free craps games, it is a must know for anyone playing with real money. Free online craps, just like any other free game does differ in feeling when it comes to the actual playing. The basics of betting are the pass and do not pass line that were explained above. After this, you enter the real betting real, as you decide which number, which combination of dices or different odds.

Single roll bets

These are made just for one roll of the dice, and the bet will either pay or lose on that round, whereas multi-roll bets that might require one or more rounds to finish. The different bets are colour coded and easy to recognise on the table. The first one to know are the place bets; this means simply placing a bet on any single number outcome between four and ten. If the number is rolled before seven the bet wins, and player collects his wins, and if seven is rolled first, he loses. Depending on the casino the bets will pay out different odds depending on the number as follows:

  • 6 and 8 pay with 7 to 6 odds
  • 5 and 9 pay with 7 to 5 odds
  • 4 and 10 pay with 9 to 5 odds

Buy bets

These work much the same way, but on the other hand pays true odds: 1 to 1. Usually they require a commission to be placed on the table. Most casinos charge 5%, but there are variations to this and for example sometimes the commission is not paid unless you win with the bet. The opposite of buy bet is a lay bet, which works the same way as place and buy, but banks on 7 being rolled before any other combination.

Most of the rest of the bets are single outcome ones, for example betting that both dice will rolls the same number(called the hard way), or that they will roll a combination with two different numbers(called the soft way). As these are much rarer than other combinations they also pay quite well, but require luck and the correct strategy to work. For example, hard 6 and hard 8 both pay 9 to 1 odds.

Field bets

One of the more interesting plays is the field bet, which means that you place a bet that the next number is 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. Depending on the casino again the odds differ. Usually 2 and 12, the most difficult rolls in craps as they each come with only one combination of the two dice, pay three to one odds. The remaining numbers pay one to one odds. As is usually any bet ends when the player hits a 7, clearing the table for the bank and passing the dice to the next player. There is a lot more to be said about the different betting structures, and each player should read the game rules carefully. Getting started is easy despite this, as the only bets you need to know to participate in a craps game is the pass and don’t pass bets. Most of the different bets work in this similar fashion offering either betting to get a certain result, or not getting it.

Where to Play Craps Free Online

Playing online craps free is easy as most casinos will offer the game as a demo version, with play money or with some kind of bonus or promotion. Free bonuses and promotions are of course hard to find, but they do come along now and then. Of course, as with all gaming if you want to play craps free you will sooner or later realise you might want to play it for real as well. You will find the game available at the casinos recommended at our website, and we suggest you use this chance to register in a trustworthy casino and play craps for free for a few rounds before taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered.

If you are familiar with other table games moving to craps is not too difficult even for a beginner, as it follows the same idea of low house edge, quick betting and not too big or small odds like other games such as blackjack. The major difference is of course the use of dices, and the very vivid betting structure. The game play is always quick and very exciting, which is also perhaps the only reason new players find the game intimidating to begin. If you want to play craps for free, you can do so in any of our chosen sites, with the option of registering and trying your rolling skills for real at any time.