PayPal Casinos

There are so many changes that have taken place in online gaming since it began. In just a few years, gaming online has become more and more popular and the number of players is increasing tremendously all over the world.

About a decade ago, playing casino games for money online was considered a bad choice due to the high risks involved. However, the revolution of the Internet and social media has changed this perception that many had. In fact, today online gaming is legal in many countries and is regulated to ensure that players are protected.

The main method used for sending and receiving money on the internet is PayPal. There are many people and businesses that use PayPal on a daily basis.

Payment through PayPal can be done in many countries, making it extremely convenient for Internet users. It is available in more than 200 countries and accepts over 25 different currencies. This gives players from most countries in the world the flexibility that they need when gaming online.

PayPal is no doubt the most commonly used online paying platform that allows users to send and receive payments to various websites. Once an account with PayPal is set up there is no need to share anything else apart from an email address.

PayPal Policy Governing Online Casinos

As mentioned before, the main aspect that separates PayPal from its competitors is the strict regulations. PayPal only works with the online casinos that have a gaming licence in the country that players come from. This means that if you are a player in the UK, you will only be allowed to deposit your money in online casinos that have a licence from the United Kingdom. If casinos do no have the relevant licences, PayPal will remove such casinos from your list and remain only with the trusted and more established ones.

How to Play at PayPal Casinos

This is relatively simple to do. All you need is to have a PayPal account. It only requires you to have an email address to be able to acquire an account. Once you have a PayPal account, you will have access to gaming in PayPal casinos. There are also other aspects of the relationship between PayPal and the online casinos that you need to understand.

Deposit and withdrawal

There are casinos that accept deposits and withdrawal using PayPal. However, there are also some that will only allow you to deposit through PayPal and others only allow you to withdraw when you meet certain requirements. You have to check the banking page of the online casino that you are using to get all the information that you need. Cashing out with PayPal is usually the best choice as it takes a relatively short time in comparison to other alternatives.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit in most of the online casinos that accept PayPal is between £10 and £25. However, there are exceptions to this.

Countries that use PayPal

PayPal does not accept withdrawals from all countries. The countries where you can use PayPal include Spain, UK, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and Portugal among others. The online casinos that do not have gaming licenses from all these countries will limit their PayPal deposits to countries where they have licences.

Deposit bonus

There are casinos that give players bonuses depending on the amount that they deposit. This is also determined by the mode of payment that they use to deposit their money.

Deposit fee

This is the amount that is charged on the deposit that you make to the online casino. You should check the rates on the online casino PayPal banking page before making the deposit.

Why is it Good to Use PayPal?

Using Paypal promises safety for your money and personal information. With their tested and proven systems that encrypt your information, third-party members are barred from viewing any of your information. It has been in existence since 1998 which has made it a trusted money transfer system around the globe. It is used in 203 countries supporting 26 currencies. The beauty of PayPal is that is free to send money and register. You have more than enough reasons to use PayPal in your online gaming activities.

The Benefits of Casinos that Accept PayPal

There are many benefits of using casinos that accept PayPal. The main advantage of a PayPal casino is that it is easy to use compared to other casino payment methods. You only have to choose the sum that you want to deposit and input your login information. You will instantly see the transaction in your PayPal account. You only have to remember your username and password.

These sites are also very secure. PayPal has put in place measures to ensure that all its clients are protected. Using this method of payment allows you to add another layer of security to your transactions. This is mainly because through PayPal, you do not have to disclose your sensitive bank details to an online casino. If you already have money in your PayPal account, you can easily deposit it to the online casino.