Fast Payout Casinos 2024 – Reviews and Player Guide

Nobody likes waiting around to get their hands on their winnings so fast payout casinos are growing in popularity every day. The casino industry is always thinking of new ways to improve the customer experience and payment options are one major part of that.

We’re going to take a look at all the options out there and see how you can find the quickest withdrawals that work best for your money.

The UK’s best fast payout casino sites

If you’re looking to find the best payout casino available on the market today, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We aim to provide you with all the info you need to get the quickest withdrawal times possible. And with so many top payment choices out there on the market, this can be a daunting task.

Luckily, our team of experts don’t just know everything there is to know about slots and other games. They are also extremely adept at assessing all of the back-office software too. Years of experience has taught them that if you want to know exactly how something works, then you need to go through the entire process and discover it for yourself.

That’s why we’re committed to diving deep into the customer experience of each and every one of the sites listed here on this page. We don’t just make assumptions, we sign up and play to give you knowledge of our first-hand experience.

How fast withdrawal casinos work

A fast withdrawal casino is much the same as any other. Except with one big advantage – you get your hands on the cash quicker. But the concept of fast payments needs to be broken down into 2 parts. There’s the casino’s turn-around time and then there’s the payment gateways processing procedure.

It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest payment method in the world. If the casino takes days to process any payments, then it’s still going to take days to get that cash in your account.

By declaring themselves a quick cashout casino, they must have the best admin steps in place to get their customer’s money moving as soon as possible. And it’s very easy to test this out! But the drawback for a player trying to test the lead times on their withdrawals is that their money is tied up while they wait.

A review business like ours has designated funds to try out everything that we want to know about a fast withdrawal casino – it’s our job! So it’s not personal. If our cash takes a while to move, then it doesn’t create big issues as it can for individuals. And that’s why our readers come back to us time and time again to get our opinion on a whole range of subjects.

Why are not all payouts instant?

You might be wondering why all casinos aren’t an instant withdrawal casino. And that’s a fair point. The truth is that casino brands use the services of a software provider to control and deliver all aspects of their business. Everything from payments to slots to mobile platforms. The technical genius comes from the software companies and not the individual casino.

You won’t find many casinos that have the power to create all of these solutions in-house. Not unless the software providers create the brand themselves.

So you see, it’s not always down to the casino. They are restricted by the things that go on behind the scenes. Most casinos will be keen to get your cash moving as fast as possible. But this ties their hands to some extent.

The casino’s processing time for withdrawals

As you’ve seen, fast payout casinos are reliant on the systems that control the show behind the scenes. They also have to rely on human input to approve payments. And this can mean waiting for someone to sign everything off. So waiting for software and signatures can hold things up a little. In this respect, they’re no different to many other businesses.

Despite all of the hurdles that can create delays, most sites will endeavour to get things done as quickly as possible. It shouldn’t, generally, take more than a day to start the ball rolling but it can change from brand to brand. Some of the smaller, less established companies may find that things take longer simply because they are still learning how to do things the best way.

But once the fast withdrawal casino has put the process in gear, it’s then down to the payment processor to get the cash out of the casino and into your pocket.

The payment service’s processing time

Each payment method has its pros and cons. And some are naturally able to get things done a lot faster than others. Certain products can get cash in and out pretty instantly thanks to the way they are designed. And it tends to be the more modern platforms that are able to achieve this as they have been built from the ground up. This is usually better than an old product that they didn’t create for this kind of activity.

We’ll take a look at the individual products in a moment, but to give you an idea of what we mean, take bank transfers, for example. This method was designed for physically moving paper around from bank to bank. The protocols in place are perhaps slightly out of touch with the demands of e-commerce. The internet wasn’t a thing back then and it’s had to adapt begrudgingly with the times.

Very slow withdrawals is bad customer service

No casino wants a reputation for being a slow payer. And that’s why the majority invest a lot of time and money into providing the very latest payment methods. Their computer systems need updating so they can handle the changes. And this doesn’t usually happen overnight.

If a brand refuses to get on board with modern change, then we won’t be publishing their details here for our readers. We are only interested in those who commit to the best possible service for their customers. And this includes all aspects of their business.

Why play at a fast payout casino?

So why should you care about the turnaround times when it comes to your cash? Another good question and the reasons are all personal to the individual player. Some customers aren’t so worried about waiting for a few days but others simply cannot play at a slow-paying site.

Here are a few of the main reasons why this is such an important subject for many of us.

Get your money quickly after a win

A fast payout casino is committed to getting your cash to you ASAP as they know how players respond to landing a win. It’s a huge thrill to find yourself on a winning streak. And this experience continues all the way until you can physically feel the money in your pocket.

High-street bookies and land-based casinos have the benefit of returning your winnings there and then. You’re still enjoying the high of winning and that great feeling culminates in holding the cold-hard cash. You’ve earned it, so you want it now!

Unfortunately, online sites can’t compete with this type of payout. It would be great if the banknotes could fly out of your computer! So the next best thing is to offer the fastest possible methods to get you your money.

Fast payouts mean they are looking out for their players

When fast payout casinos commit to investing in the very latest payment gateways, they are showing you that they care about what they’re doing. Taking pride in their customer service is a huge pull for many players and can make the difference between signing up and simply moving on to the next.

We like to see a brand that puts its customers first. In fact, if we get the impression that the casino is simply all about its own profit margins, then we won’t take the time to promote them. There are thousands of sites out there that you’ve probably never heard of. And you probably never will because reviewers like ours don’t consider them to have their customer’s best interests at heart.

Nobody likes to wait

And one of the biggest reasons why players are drawn to the promise of a faster-paying site is simply because it’s not in us to wait around for anything!

Our fast-paced lives have made us intolerant to hanging around and it can be a real deal-breaker in many different ways. It’s not just shopping and gaming that we want instantly. Any time that we have to wait for anything, the stress starts to build and it ruins the whole experience. That’s just how we are these days and a casino needs to be able to respond to the needs of its customers.

What’s the fastest way to make a withdrawal?

A fast payout casino will offer several top methods for you to choose from. But they aren’t all created equal. Some products focus more on different aspects of the business, such as accessing otherwise tied-up funds, for example.

Paying by mobile is one very good case in point. There’s nothing nicer than being able to access your own funds, even though they are currently sitting in another product – like your mobile prepay credit. Using this source of deposit is extremely convenient but you can’t use it to get money back out of your casino account. So as a withdrawal method, it doesn’t even get a mention.

Let’s take a look at some of the payment products that put a big emphasis on quick withdrawals so you can decide which one might be best for you.


As far as moving cash around in the gambling world is concerned, they don’t come much more dedicated than Skrill. Officially known as an e-wallet it is one of many products that look after your cash online and lets you access it in a flash.

This gateway was designed with casino fans in mind and ticks all the right boxes. Apart from one, and that’s the issue of fees.

E-wallets are like a digital bank account where your money sits and waits for you to tell it what to do. You can receive payments from other people, withdrawals from casinos and refunds for purchases etc. And you can use it in the other direction to do all of those things in reverse. However, getting money into that wallet and ready to move comes at a price. It will cost you 1% for the privilege of topping up your account. And transferring across different currencies will also set you back a few quid.

It’s free to make purchases and send money to a casino balance etc. And this type of transaction doesn’t incur any fees. Accessing your winnings via this method is also free – unless the casino has its own fees. And because there is no need to interact with the bank each time you move your money, it’s incredibly fast. You should see withdrawals happen instantly but you need to take into account the turnaround time at the individual casino. And you can find these details on their website.


Seeing as you now know all the important details about Skrill, you are pretty much up to date with the Neteller product as well!

Fast payout casinos will happily accept both products as they are so similar and function in the same way. Skrill and Neteller were created around the same time. A group of gambling enthusiasts in America were working on Neteller, while Skrill was being developed in the UK.

Both brands are now owned by the Paysafe Group.

There are 2 big differences between the two products. Neteller will cost you more to top up your account. Their fees are 2.5% for most top-ups compared to Skrill’s 1%.

On the other hand, Neteller will allow for much larger transactions if you are using the prepaid card service that they both provide. You can spend up to €2,700 per day as opposed to €1000 per day with Skrill.


One of the first-ever e-wallets to hit the scene was PayPal. It revolutionised the way we shop online and it all began, primarily, with eBay. Before this came along, any trader that wanted to accept card payments needed to pay hefty merchant fees for the privilege.

This was impossible for small sellers, and so PayPal bridged the gap between large firms and one-man-bands.

With this product, you can accept and send payments all over the world and for very small fees, depending on where you live. You can also attach your bank account and debit card to your PayPal account to access your bank funds instantly.

Payouts are also instant from the casino winnings perspective. But again this may be affected by the brand’s own admin processes. You would usually expect to get cash out of your casino balance within a few hours or perhaps the next day.

Slower payout options

Some payment options simply can’t match the speed offered by those above. They involve direct access to your bank account. And these details need to be checked rigorously each time to make sure that they haven’t fallen into the wrong hands.

Debit cards

When paying by debit card, the details are being entered into the seller’s payment platform. And this adds another layer of security checks that need to be implemented. Anyone could get hold of a stolen bank card so they have to check that the transaction is legit with the bank first.

E-wallets don’t require this as you control your purchases etc with a password that can’t fall out of your pocket. Well, they could but we’ll assume that you don’t write them down and carry them around with you!

It doesn’t take too long to make deposits using this method despite the extra checks that take place. The real issue comes at the other end when making a withdrawal. Banks are bound by incredibly strict money laundering rules, especially in the UK. You can’t just send tens of thousands of pounds without someone asking where it came from. This can take time – sometimes even days to verify. Withdrawals using this method could take 2 or 3 days to complete.

Direct bank transfers

The one to avoid from a speed perspective is bank transfer. This old-school method requires processing on many different levels to ensure that the money is legit and heading to the right place. A bank doesn’t want to guarantee a payment for anyone unless they are 100% sure that there’s no risk involved to them.

It can take nearly a week to get your cash moving using this payment option.

Some deposit methods can’t be used for withdrawals

As we touched on earlier, some methods can’t accept withdrawals and others can but just aren’t readily available due to the complicated tech.

Pay by mobile is the most notorious provider that can get money in but not out of your casino balance. Your mobile provider doesn’t have the legal status to act as a bank account provider, so this isn’t an option.

Another product that is also problematic for withdrawals is Paysafecard. This handy payment method allows cash to be converted into a safe voucher code. That can then be spent in shops and online. Heading back in the other direction requires the tech to produce the voucher codes. And most casinos can’t support this extra responsibility.

VIP and Loyalty programs for quicker withdrawals

Loyalty programs are in place to reward existing customers for their repeat business. They can be very lucrative if you know how to make the most of the offers on the table.

How loyalty & VIP programs work

The more you play, the more a casino will reward you for your custom. It’s quite simple. But don’t think that spending a tenner once a month is going to get you in this exclusive club. You will need to be a fairly active player that likes to spend some decent sums of money each month.

When you do so, the site will invite you to join the VIP club where you will receive various offers such as deposit match bonuses and free spins. You may also find that they lift some wager limits on certain games. One of the other top bonuses is to shorten the processing times for your payments. Playing regularly means they can trust you and will get your cash back to you quicker.

How to join a loyalty program

Most of the time, a casino operator will invite a player to join a VIP program after they have been identified as a good candidate. You’ll have to prove yourself worthy of this status by playing regularly and for decent periods of time.

You’ll see that these types of schemes and programs are more readily available at casinos outside the UK. That is because these operators are as heavily regulated. 

Instant payout casinos

A fast payout casino can only be instant under the right circumstances. If you’ve undergone the security checks, play regularly and select the right kind of payment method then your payouts can be instant. But this isn’t achievable at a new site where you have no previous history. And this is regardless of the fact that they call themselves an instant payout casino.

Do fast payout casinos offer bonuses?

A fast payout casino, like most others, will have a ton of great bonuses up for grabs. There are some top promos available and they are all in place to give you the chance to experience a new brand without risking too much of your own cash in the process.

Some require a little more commitment on behalf of the player than others. But they are all excellent ways to land a few freebies here and there. Competition is rife, so the bonuses just keep getting better and better. Check out our list of sites here on this page and see what they can offer you today.

Welcome offers / Signup bonuses

The majority of deals at fast payout casinos are for new customers to entice them through the door, so to speak. There are a few others open to you once you become a customer. Offers such as reload bonuses, for example, but they won’t be quite as lucrative.

It’s usually pretty simple to get your hands on the goods and the T&Cs will explain everything you need to know. So always read them carefully.

No deposit offers

Some of the best deals available for new customers won’t even require a player to make a deposit. It sounds crazy but it’s absolutely legit. You can land yourself a load of free spins or bonus cash for doing nothing more than completing the signup form at a new site. There will be some rules attached but that is to be expected. The downside to this type of offer is that we aren’t talking about huge sums of cash. A few quid here and there is generally what’s available.

Deposit bonuses

If you’re looking for the bigger bonuses that can really start to boost the balance, then we need to discuss the deposit bonus deals. These are where you’ll find tonnes of free spins and cash up for grabs. And this is because you’re chipping in with a few quid of your own.

Casinos are far more likely to reward you for making a deposit as it shows commitment on your part. Most deposit deals are a deposit match or free spins. A deposit match is as it sounds – they will match any payment you make up to a certain amount.

Free spins

Many players join a casino site because they want to play on the slots. They are becoming the most popular form of casino entertainment so it makes sense that welcome deals offer up loads of spins on some of the top games.

The small print will tell you how you can treat the winnings that result from any free spins and this is very important. Many players assume that the winnings are theirs to keep. But most of the time, the winnings will be subject to wagering requirements.

KYC (Know your customer) and withdrawals

Fast payout casinos, like any other gambling establishment, have a responsibility to know who their customers are. Often this type of jargon is the reserve of the marketing world but when talking about casinos it’s definitely more of a safety measure.

A site will need to comply with these rules before releasing any cash to a player and this can often cause some heated moments. Let’s take a look at this contentious issue and how it can affect a player.

What is KYC?

Know Your Customer is a security check that identifies you and your money as both being legitimate. It’s a way of eliminating money laundering and preventing underage or vulnerable people from accessing casino games.

It’s fairly simple and involves you showing ID and confirming where you live. Unfortunately, a casino will often only ask for this when they need to and that’s usually when you go to withdraw some winnings.

Some players regularly object to this delay when you win money and say that the casino deliberately waits until this point to make it more difficult to get your hands on the winnings. The problem is that they have to do it at some point before paying out proceeds of gambling to anyone. It’s a legal requirement for them. Admittedly, they could demand this as soon as you join but it would put some new players off. Just remember that you have to do it but it only needs doing once. If you approach the casino to upload these documents before winning any cash then the problem can be avoided.

KYC procedures are required by law

The UK gambling laws demand these procedures in order to fulfil its main objectives with regard to the Gambling Act of 2005. These are to stop money laundering, ensure that the outcome of any gambling is fair and to avoid the participation of anyone under the age of 18.


Below, you’ll find a few of the most frequently asked questions that our readers ask us on the subject of fast payout casinos.

What’s the fastest payout option?

If you’re aiming for the quickest method at a fast payout casino, then you’ll want to get yourself an e-wallet. Products such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal can get your cash in and out quickly and securely.

Is there a fee for faster withdrawals?

In general, casinos won’t charge players any fees for making deposits or withdrawals. Although there are a few sites that do charge a small fee for any transactions. And this is done regardless of whether they are fast or not.

What happens if I can’t withdraw my money?

There won’t be many instances where a player finds themselves unable to withdraw their winnings. Sometimes there can be problems if you play outside the UK and use a VPN as this is not allowed. We advise that you avoid doing this. Any other issues should be resolvable by contacting the casino customer services for assistance.

I won money with my bonus – can I withdraw it immediately?

Not normally. Bonus cash is generally subject to wagering requirements and these have to be met before you can withdraw your winnings. Be careful as even attempting to withdraw winnings that result from bonus cash before the correct time can result in the offer being revoked.

What’s the average withdrawal time for UK casinos?

It all depends on the type of payment method that you choose to use. Bank transfers can take up to a week, debit cards can be 2 or 3 days and e-wallets are usually the same day or the next. So the average would probably be somewhere around 3 days.

Is PayPal a fast withdrawal method?

PayPal is one of the best ways to withdraw cash at a fast payout casino. It is up there with the other e-wallet options as the fastest way to access your winnings. It will only take around a day to get your money from the casino site back to your wallet.

Do you get faster payouts as a VIP player?

It’s possible that part of a VIP program is the benefit of faster payouts. When you are a long-standing customer, it’s easier for the casino to confirm your details and trust that the payment is legit. It definitely won’t do you any harm being part of a VIP scheme. 

My withdrawal was refused – what can I do?

There’s usually a very simple reason why a casino refuses a withdrawal and it’s often a technical hiccup. The first thing you should do is contact the site through the live chat service and if that doesn’t help, then contact the casino via email or by telephone.

Can I withdraw using a different method than the one I deposited with?

An instant play casino will usually select the deposit method as standard for the withdrawal as well. Although it is usually possible to select a different method if you need the cash sent elsewhere.