Four card poker casino

Four card poker is a variation of poker that was invented with the purpose of spicing up the poker game. The game is mainly played with four cards, abut is very similar to the three cards poker. In this game, the player has the chance to raise his bet up to three times, thus increasing the winning chances. The game is easy to learn and takes minimum time depend on one’s ability of learning.

Four card poker rules

The rules that regulate and also guide a new player on how to play four card poker online include;

  1. The player has to make two initial bets, the ante and aces up.
  2. The players are dealt five cards, while the dealer gets six cards. The dealer’s cards are placed face down apart from one card dealt facing up.
  3. The player who place ante bet must decide whether they would like to raise or to fold. Where there is a fold, all the best are forfeited. In cases of a raise, the player has to ensure the amount is the least equal to the ante amount, or otherwise make it up to three times the equal amount of the ante.This point the player has to make a four card hand that is the best out of the five cards dealt earlier. One card is discarded.
  4. The next step is to have the ranking of the cards, from the lowest in value to the highest. The ranking of the cards will include; pair, two pair, high card. Three of a kind, straight, flush, straight flush and four of a kind.
  5. The dealer then turns his cards and then selects out of the six cards, and make the best four cards combination.
  6. The next step is a winning step, where the cards are compared, and the highest cards hand in terms of value wins. The player stands to lose both the ante and the raise, not considering how many times it had been raised. When the player’s hand is higher in value, the player wins the ante and the raise on a 1 to 1 payout rate.
  7. When the player’s combination is not the strongest in value but has a three of a kind combination, they are given a bonus. In this game, there are different tables that will determine the bet you place and also determine the payout to receive. Therefore, the higher your bet, the better payout you will receive.

Another bet is available for players, known as aces up. This also depends on the table you have chosen to play at.

How to play four card poker

This is a proper guide for any beginner who wants to learn four card poker, a game that offers diversity from other poker variants. There are two main ways to play this game, where both styles present the player with winning chances. The game is played according to one’s choice where the choices include playing against the dealer or playing aces up. You also have the choice to play both.

Play against dealer – when you make this choice, one is required to make an ante bet that is placed on a specific spot on the table. The cards are compared to the dealer’s cards, whereby the highest cards in terms of value will get the win. When you review you cards and get that they will qualify you well for a win, you can raise by increasing the bet to a minimum of the equal of the ante bet or otherwise increase it to three times more. When you secure a win, your win will be higher.

Aces up – the player have an option to play the aces up where a bet is placed before the cards are dealt. The point is to have two aces, or high qualifying cards. The best thing about this bet is that, the bonus will be offered even if the dealer’s hand has more points that yours.

Bonuses – there are additional bonuses that are offered to player, regardless of the type of game you are playing. The bonuses are offered to hands that emerge to be the top hands that include straight flush, four of a kind and three of a kind. These hands will receive a straight bonus at the point of ante bet. Even when the dealer has a better hand, the bonus is offered right away.

Four card poker strategy

Four card poker is a game that is played in casinos, but solely depends on luck. Therefore, it means that the winning chances are random and every player stands a chance to win the bonuses or play to win. For this reason, there are no strategies on how to increase your chances on how to win this game. However, the experience one needs is identifying the winning cards. This will guarantee a straight bonus at the ante point, even when you lose. The other way to strategize your four card poker is by having the limit of your bet, and knowing when to bet will give you opportunities to play more and increase your chances of winning.

When playing aces up, you also need to have the best way to get the bonuses. This is a great way to get a payout even the dealer’s hand is better than yours. All you need is to get two aces or get two aces while the dealer doesn’t have any. This will qualify you to get the best win for a bonus.

How to win four card poker

The win you get when playing four card poker will depend on the cards you get. Out of the five cards you are dealt with, you need to get the best combination of cards, and leave one card out. From the four cards left, their combination will determine your win. The winning cards include four of a kind, flush, straight flush, and three of a kind. A straight flush will include four cards that are of the same suit and follow numerical order. A flush refers to all four cards of the same suit but do not necessarily have to have a numerical sequence. Three of a kind is when three cards are of the same rank for instance all have the same number. The same case for four of a kind, where by the cards are of the same rank.

Other qualifying cards will include two pairs, whereby two cards of the same rank and the other two of the same. One pair is having two cards of the same rank with the rest different ranking. A straight is whereby the four cards have a flowing sequence numbers, though not of the same suite, and high card refers to the win being determined by the highest card among the four. Having the cards with the best combination is a great thing, since you get a bonus straight away.

Play four card poker online

When you interest falls in playing four card poker online, there are two types of games available online. Playing for money and playing for fun.

Playing for fun – when you are playing for fun, you need to ensure that you have a mobile device that has the compatibility the application needs to install. After this, you can use the app for fun and to gain experience in playing the four card poker. This does not require you to upload any amount of money, and neither will it pay no matter the combination of cards you have.

Playing for money – when you play four card poker online for money, you need to get the best website that allows online gambling. This is because they need to have software to stand in place of a dealer. Also ensure that they offer the four card poker online, since they may offer other games, from this one. Sign up and you can start playing as soon as you have money credited to your online casino account. You can place all your bets and play online, just like in a land casino. The rules do not change, however you need a reliable mode to receive your payouts. Get the best e-wallet method for convenience of your cash. You do not need to have special training to play the game online, if you are familiar with it in a land casino.

Playing tables

There are various four card poker playing games that offer their bonuses all differently. The tables also have regulation on the minimum amount of ante bet to place. This may seem a lot but will pay off during bonuses and winnings. However, also consider the strategy when placing your bets to have the minimum amount to get a chance when you need a raise.

Once the dealer deals the cards, ensure you get the best combination, by taking your time. Identify the cards that could give you a bonus, if the other combination does not stand a chance against the dealer’s cards. Maximize on the chances to get a bonus, if the cards will not qualify a win.