Scratch Cards Online

Online scratch cards are popular the world over for a number of reasons. They are an inexpensive form of lottery, the results are known instantly, you can play from home, there is a wide variety of games to choose from, and you do not have to learn any special skills to play scratch cards online. There are no draws and announcements that you have to wait for. If you feel like playing, all you have to do is to log on, start playing, and hopefully end the sessions a winner with money in your kitty.

Online scratchies are easier to play than their real-world variants. You do not have search for a coin to scratch off the gunk from a card or dirty your nail doing that. A click of the mouse is all that it takes. Also, your odds of winning online are greater than in a bricks and mortar scratchcard shop. This is because of the comparatively low costs of running this business model and the wider reach because of the internet.

How to Play Scratch Cards Online

There are many sites that offer scratch cards games and you can play with as many as you want. The basic premise with all the games is similar; you need to get a symbol or an icon to appear a number of times, usually three times, on the card and you are a winner. It is that straightforward. As with any kind of casino gaming site, do your homework and play with reputable sites that will pay you on time and keep your data safe. Most sites do not require you to download any software to play the games.

Many Online Scratch Card Themes

One of the cool things with scratch cards online is the amazing variety in terms of themes; the games can be have a mystery theme, adventure theme, fantasy theme, classic casino theme – the choice is endless. And you can spend hours exploring the different games. Winning at scratch cards online is not difficult because of the low odds that many games have. Bid on these games, and you will get a taste of winning.

Scratch Cards Online Multiplier Feature

A really cool attribute of online scratch cards is that many games feature multipliers. That is to say, if your card contains three multipliers then your winning is equal to the product of the bid amount and the multiplier. You can win five times your bid amount or fifty times. It all adds fun to the proceedings.

Changes of Winning at Online Scratchies

Many scratchcard sites make enticing proclamations about every third or fourth player on their site being a winner. That is just too good an opportunity to pass, so be sure to check them out. Most likely, the wins will be for a small amount. However, you’ll learn about what it's like to win at scratch cards online.

Cashing Out Your Online Scratch Card Funds

You can also use the opportunity to understand the cashout process. How easy and hassle-free is it to withdraw your winnings to your chosen bank, credit card, and other options made available. It makes more sense to play at a site that advertises 99% payouts over one that has a 97% payout. What this means is that for every 100 pounds or Euros wagered at the casino, the business pays back 99 pounds or Euros. Put simply, there’s more money to be won there.

How to Wager Playing Online Scratch Cards

It is a good idea to begin by wagering small amounts. Choose games that allow you to play with small bids. While you may not win big money here, the chances of winning are good. You can make it more exciting for yourself by bidding on more than one card; it improves your chances of winning. You can increase or decrease the bid size in a matter of clicks. However, you need to keep one eye on the bankroll. If it is dwindling, then maybe it is time to pack up for the day. Many successful gamers will tell you that the secret of enjoying a casino game online is to stop when your session ends. Regardless of whether you’re winning or losing, do not prolong it.

Making an Online Scratch Card Deposit

Making a deposit for your scratch card game is easy; any site worth its reputation will offer you alternatives such as e-wallets, bank-to-bank transfer, pre-paid vouchers, debit cards, and credit cards. There are many options to fund your scratch card gaming account. Select the one that:

  • is quick so that you can play when you want to
  • is easy and does not make you jump through hoops
  • is secure so that your financial data remains secure
  • and has a low transaction cost.

How to Enjoy Free Online Scratch Cards

For newbies, free online scratch cards are a great way to learn about the game. While there isn’t really much to learn in this game of pure luck, you can still get a feel of the quality of games being offered by the different online casino sites. You will develop a liking for a particular site, its interface, customer service, etc. You might also find that you win more often with a particular game.

Free online scratch card games can be free games where you do not wager any money, or ones where you do not have to pay a deposit, and the games are effectively free for you. Once you have gained practise with the free games, choose sites that let you play no deposit scratch card games; this is a great opportunity to learn how the real money games differ from the free games or the demo games. You get a feel of the odds. Scratch cards online also offer impressive bonuses, these bonuses add valuable funds to your kitty. You can win a lot with this bonus money.

Play judiciously. Withdraw what you win, and do not wager everything at one go. You can enjoy your winnings only if you do not pitch them back into the casino. Of course, if you are on a hot streak, then maybe you could give it a try. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb, fix a budget and stick to it. Always remember that you are playing to enjoy and if you win along the way, then that is great. Avoid chasing losses, you will make your bankroll last longer. Some sites feature an autoplay function. If you have selected and wagered on multiple scratch cards, then this function helps you save time. Just click once and sit back, you do not have to point the mouse at every section of the virtual scratch card.

Can I Win Big Money at Free Online Scratch Cards?

Yes, you can. It depends on your budget. Pick the high-stakes scratch card games and you can win big money. People win impressive amounts. And, they don’t have to wait to learn about it. When you win, you know it right there. Apart from the games with big wins, you can also wager on scratchcards eligible for jackpots. That’s where the really big money is. Many scratch card casinos offer jackpots on this game. Scratchcards with the chance of a jackpot may cost a little more, but the ultimate prize is a huge one and gamers absolutely do not mind paying for these scratch card tickets.  

Scratch Card Online Games on Mobile Phones

Scratch cards and mobile phones are a pairing made in gaming heaven. Unlike poker and blackjack, you do not need to learn a skill or pay close attention to what is happening. You can win money on the move. Many casino gaming sites now offer excellent scratch card games for mobile users. You can play on the go. Play for fun or for real money. Android and iPhone users can easily enjoy scratch card games on their smartphones. The websites load easily and render nicely on the small screens. The lovely animations and the wide variety mean that the level of enjoyment and excitement is high, as good as playing on your desktop and way better than the experience of buying and scratching a card at the corner store.

The global popularity of scratch card online games means that the only way this aspect of casino gaming is headed is up. Newer games are being added to sites every day. Future attractions include multi-player scratch cards and video scratch cards.