Playing Casino Games on Your Mobile

New mobile casinos are the fastest growing part of the online casino industry, and they have been for several years. We live in the middle of a mobile revolution for this industry as a whole, and it's something that's been in the making for over two decades. We want to show you how mobile casino games started out, how they evolved into what we have today and why they are the key to the future of the industry. We also want to show you the advantages of taking part in these games and which of the mobile casino software providers are doing the best job for players at this stage in the game.

The Best Mobile Casinos

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The History of Online Casino Mobile Games

The history of these games is based primarily across three online casino software platforms and the hardware and connection speeds to support them. We're going to take a quick look at each of these platforms and how they affected the industry as we now know it.

Java-based mobile phone casino titles

The first casino mobile apps were created in Java and operated with extremely poor graphics. Screen sizes limited these games to minimal level of graphics. Almost exclusively games like blackjack and classic slots that can be created on screens that were less than 200 pixels wide. The hardware was poor by today's standards, and games had to be installed one at a time. Mobile online casino games like this couldn't really be played with real money at first since they had no way to connect to the Internet to maintain account balances. This was, however, the first step in the right direction.

These Java games are looked at as a relic from the past, but it's easy to forget that these games were still popular up until about a decade ago.

Java games were eventually able to connect and be played for real money, but the experience was pretty terrible by today's standards, and there were a lot of problems because of the limited hardware and software capabilities.

Flash-based mobile casino options

Adobe Flash came into the equation, and while it's a platform that changed a lot in how we deal with things on the Internet today, its main contribution to the mobile gaming world came when we started getting mobile devices that could run Flash-based apps. Better hardware and connection speeds were required to make this work, but it offered a number of major, game-changing advantages over Java:

  • Graphics on a completely different level that rivaled those of desktop games
  • Better options to handle account management activities like deposits, withdrawals, transfers and redeeming bonuses
  • A better selection of games, many of which were previously only available on desktops.

At one point, Java-based online casino mobile slots would often have a 3-reel mobile-only version of popular video slots simply because the full video slots couldn't be displayed on large screens. With Flash, everything changed because even small screens (though they were getting larger by this time) could show pretty significant levels of graphical detail.

We largely still live in an era that's full of Flash-based mobile casino online games, but that's changing.

The big build for HTML5

Mobile casino games based around HTML5 can often look and feel just like Flash-based games. However, many of the advantages aren't things that would be immediately apparent to players. For example, you can create better-performing games with the same hardware if you use HTML5 instead of Flash. It also allows players to enjoy the exact same game on mobile or desktop interfaces instead of having to switch off to different versions. This saves developers time and resources.

HTML5 is starting to be used more and more on mobile phone casino apps, but it's not quite a majority of the market just yet. Each year, however, more software providers put out more games based on this platform, and that shows there's a definite level of growth here.

Native Apps vs. Web-Based Apps

While Flash and HTML5 both have significant portions of the market, another big divide that's happening with today's tablets and smartphones is one between web-based mobile online casino apps and those that are based on native applications. A native application could be a direct download from the app store for iOS, Android or whatever operating system your mobile device uses. A web app, on the other hand, is just accessed through your phone's mobile browser.

Native apps are like the downloadable versions of casino software for your phone, tablet or whatever other mobile device you might use. It's hard to say what the best mobile casino option is between these two because it's often impossible to pick out which of the two you're playing if you were only given a screen shot. The main differences are that casinos have more direct control over native apps, and players can access web-based apps with a wider range of devices. This makes web-based apps a better option for most players in today's current market.

Game Selection for Mobile Casinos

The selection of games available on casino mobile apps today centres primarily around slots, but a good number of table games are available as well. This mirrors how online casinos have always been slot-heavy, and you'll have a really hard time finding a site where there aren't at least twice as many slots as all other types of games combined. Along these lines, mobile casino games generally fall into two categories: slots and table games.

The software provider issue

At this stage in the game, virtually every online casino software provider out there has a mobile product. The only difference in these products is the selection of mobile casino online games they have available and if there are many games that are available on their desktop product that you can't play via mobile.

Microgaming, BetSoft, Net Entertainment and plenty of other big names in the industry have great mobile casino options for their players. All three of these companies have put a lot of work towards HTML5-based games as well because they know that it's the platform that will be the future for mobile phone casino apps.

General Advantages of Playing at Mobile Casinos

As time has moved forward, the advantages of playing at mobile online casino sites compared to land-based or desktop casinos have expanded. A lot of this is because of the simple fact that the disadvantages have disappeared or been shored up to the point that they're irrelevant at this point. We're going to take a look at a handful of advantages of playing with casino mobile apps in today's industry and what these advantages can mean to you as an individual. Consider the following points:

  1. Able to play from anywhere with a connection
  2. Can easily move from room to room when playing at home
  3. A greater degree of privacy compared to playing on a computer
  4. New ways to play that aren't available on desktop interfaces
  5. Sessions can be stopped and started a lot easier
  6. An increased level of social interaction with other players

Each of these points is important to know about, even if you end up deciding that you'd rather play from your computer or in a land-based casino.

1. Play from anywhere with a connection

If you're waiting in line at the grocery store, then you can be getting in on the action in whatever game your online casino mobile app has available that appeals to you. If you're riding in a car on a trip, you could be spinning an online roulette wheel hoping to run up some winnings. Players have won life-changing sums of money on progressive jackpots while hanging out at a friend's house playing on a mobile app. The point here is that you are without limits on where you can play as long as you have a connection for your mobile device.

2. Moving from room to room is easy

A lot of people prefer to multi-task, so it's rare that enjoying mobile casino games will be the only thing you're doing at any given time. You could be chatting with friends, folding laundry and watching a television show all while you're putting in some spins on your favourite slot. When you're this active, you need to be able to take your play with you from room to room, and this makes playing with mobile casinos ideal.

3. Increased privacy levels

Imagine that you're playing a casino game from a desktop computer. Anyone who walks by can see what you're doing. One of the big benefits of playing on a mobile device is that it's much harder for people to look over your shoulder and see what you're doing because it's not being broadcast to everyone around you with a giant screen.

You also have fewer security risks to worry about on mobile, as long as you have a good password on your phone. Keyloggers and other viruses are designed primarily for desktop computers. Security is much better for mobile phones at this point because the threat level is lower. This means you have a lower chance of your privacy being invaded if you play on a mobile phone or tablet.

4. Innovative ways to play

Because of touch screen technology, mobile casino online games (slots especially) can be played in a variety of new ways. There are games that allow you to use hand gestures like swiping motions to move individual reels or other parts of the game, and you can even bet by sliding chips across the table. This is only a step or two away from a fully-functional virtual reality situation, and it's cool to see that the best mobile casino sites running today are also responsible for advances that could see some pretty incredible things come for online casino play in general.

5. Starting and stopping sessions is much easier

If you play on desktop, it's a real pain to have to stop your session just to come back a few minutes later and pick it back up. You have to run the software, log back in, find the game you were playing, change all of your bet size settings and get everything situated back how you wanted it. With a mobile casino session, you can simply lock your tablet or smartphone and come back a few minutes later to pick up exactly where you left off.

6. Improved social interaction with players

If you play with a mobile casino UK players are known to play at, you can easily meet with those players online and talk about the games that you like to play together. Mobile players have a higher level of social interaction than normal online casinos, and this is a big point of appeal for many. Land-based players know how important the social factor can be in the overall experience, and although online casinos largely lost that, mobile phone casino apps have been bringing it back. With better levels of built-in social avenues like chat boxes and more, it's yet another element of play that's better when you go mobile.

The Popularity of Online Casino Mobile Play

We said earlier that mobile play has been expanding at a faster rate than any other section of any part of the online gaming world. The reason for this is partially because more people than ever have mobile devices, but it's also because they have so much more free time on their hands that can be used for gaming on these devices than ever before. Time spent waiting around in line somewhere can now be spent playing the hottest new mobile slot, but before it was just time that was wasted.

The six advantages we've pointed out in the above are great examples of what the best mobile casino sites out there have to offer, and they're the reasons why mobile play has exploded in popularity. It's only going to continue to get more and more popular as technology pushes things along and the few disadvantages to mobile play are removed from the equation.

Overall, if you're a fan of online casino games, then mobile is the way to go at this stage in the game. There aren't any reasons left as to why someone who likes any type of casino title shouldn't play on a mobile device. The graphics are just as good as desktop games, and the convenience of being able to take your play anywhere adds a serious degree of flexibility to the experience as a whole.