New Casino Sites

Everyone loves something new, shiny and fresh out of the box. The good news for online gamers is that if novelty is your thing you can log on any day of the week and find brand new online casino sites to explore and enjoy.

Why Play at a New Casino Site?

A new casino site may have all the latest games, it may have fantastic graphics designed by the online equivalent of Michelangelo and a chat function that transcends even telepathy.

What it doesn’t have is customers, and that’s what it needs to survive and thrive.

And what’s the surest way in the world of getting customers? It’s to give them something for free.

So, if you see an advert for a new online casino you should at least check them out because they’re very likely to be offering you a gift to play with them.

Great opening bonuses

Almost every casino under the sun offers a welcome bonus on your first deposit. It will almost always be much higher when the casino opens. Once decent numbers of players start to use the site regularly, and the casino’s online marketing gets to work, the site will be more visible to players.

Innovative new games

New casinos should also be well stocked with the latest games and tech innovations. If you enjoy checking out the latest slots, finding new ways to play old favourites, or new depositing and withdrawing methods are of interest to you, visit some new sites to see what they have to offer. New casinos have a blank slate, and you can bet they’re going to design the best mobile site or smartest app for their launch. If you’re a bit tired of the same old thing at the sites you use regularly, go scouting for something new and exciting, that’s how competition works.

The online world is all about innovation, and things can move at a frightening rate on the Internet.

Who Plays at a New Casino Site?

Online gaming is a massive business these days, and all sorts of people get involved with the fun and excitement of online play.

The short answer is that smart players head to new sites, and get there before the ribbon on the door has hit the deck.

New players

Because these games are age restricted in most territories, there’s also a steady stream of players passing their age of majority. In the UK, that’s 18, with the exception of playing the National Lottery, which is legally open to 16-year-olds.

New, younger players are going to come into the industry with no preconceptions. Smart design with a new, young feel is just what they’re after.

Youngsters are more likely to look at online advertising and click on it according to research from 2012. It found that the majority of impressions (views) and clicks were from 18 to 24-year-olds. Those who followed through and signed up at sites, though, were most likely to be from the 25 to 34-year-old group. Women showed a greater tendency to 'convert' than men.

Targeted groups

This means a vibrant, fast-moving market, and the way to win in those conditions is for casinos to target these groups very specifically. That means that the market is segmenting and becoming more diverse. There are sites aimed at younger players, sites aimed at female players, and sites aimed at video gamers. With new sites launching all the time, this can only be good news for players.

New Casinos and the Law

An equally fluid regulatory environment also means new casinos come online as operators change to meet new rules.

In the UK, there was a big change in the law at the end of 2014.

Before November of that year, casino gaming could be offered to UK customers by companies licensed in other jurisdiction. Today only companies that have a licence with the UK Gambling Commission can supply these services to UK clients.

That has no doubt caused some difficulty for casino companies, but it’s almost certainly a good thing for players.

Dealing with a regulator in a different legal jurisdiction is notoriously difficult.

Whenever you play new online casinos, UK licensing is the first thing you should check. Remember, it's your responsibility to make sure that you are happy that the site is legal and properly regulated in your jurisdiction. That’s your best way of getting redress if anything should go wrong.

New Casinos UK and Your Safety

You should be aware that illegal sites know that new sites are attractive to players. They also tend to operate on a hit-and-run basis, because they have to, setting up new sites before old ones are closed down.

So make sure that any new casino site has the right regulatory certificates (and check them). Be certain that it is a legitimate operation well before you hand over any payment details.

Why Are New Casinos Opening Up?

The short answer to why so many new casino sites are opening up is cash.

While we’ve been happily going online for a couple of decades, the Internet is now becoming a truly international phenomenon. That means new markets and new players.

The web is also getting faster and better quality, allowing players to have a better experience. This will tempt more people to try out online gaming.

The growth of mobile internet is also a massive push for the online operators. Mobile and tablet screens are less well suited the old text-based web, but they’re brilliant for visual, fast-moving entertainment.

The growth in online casinos and other gaming has been fast, and it isn’t predicted to slow down either.

From 2003 to 2005, the size of the global gaming market went from $7.4 billion to $13.8 billion. By 2010, it was at $30.3 billion and five years later in 2015 it was valued at $41.4 billion.

New Types of Casino Games

Markets grow and the speed of the connections we use to play online get ever faster. The technology improves to give us games that can make the most of those speeds.

While you might think this is a recipe for non-stop innovation, you’d be right only up to a point.

The framework within which this innovation takes place tends to be quite static.

Casino games are usually divided between slot games, table games, and card games (some of which are table games). The principles by which these games operate haven’t changed a great deal for many years.

There are changes, of course, but they are largely presentational.


For example, innovation in slot games is likely to be around graphics and bonus games rather than the simple mechanic of spinning reels stopping randomly to match symbols.

Some of these changes are wonderful to behold, though. Take a look at the Game of Thrones game that’s been a massive international hit, to see an example of an engaging bonus game with tremendous graphics and real video clips. The games made by Scandinavian studio, Thunderkick offer some astoundingly original graphics and clever bonus offerings.


Different gameplay also pulls in new players. British and American machines have been listing pay lines for years, but now the Australian '243 ways to win' format is going global and attracting new players.

Different jackpots and prizes

Bigger prizes is also an innovation worth watching. Whenever you play a game, take a look at all the facts and figures you can find. Hopefully, that will include a 'return to player' listing that will give you some idea of how competitive the machine will be.

Look out for another innovation too, progressive jackpots. Progressives were pioneered in Las Vegas in the 1980s. They’re natural for online play because they typically work with a network of machines to involve enough players to contribute to the jackpot fund.

Any new casino online is going to want to offer the latest technology. This could be live dealers in table and card games or the very latest slots. If you want to find the newest games, look for the newest casinos.

Who’s Behind These New Casinos?

While the number of sites available to players keeps growing, the number of big companies who make up the online gaming market has remained relatively stable.

There’s a simple reason for that. While it’s easy to rebrand and redesign a site, launching a new one is expensive and challenging.

Let’s take a look at one launch from February 2015 to show what we mean.

News went out that an exciting new casino site called Vegas Spins was to be launched. Excellent! A new player in the industry.

But it doesn’t take much digging to find out (in fact it's a matter of public record) that Vegas Spins may be a new casino, but it’s owned by a big name in the business called, United Commissions.

New sites, big players

United Commissions own 11 bingo and casino sites, branding each one differently.

A quick glance at the press release for the launch of Vegas Spins reveals another gaming giant behind the scenes. “The site is powered by Dragonfish,” says the release.

Dragonfish is a brand of 888 Holdings, the massive company at the heart of much online gaming. Not only do 888 own their own gaming sites – including a number of branded bingo sites – but they also provide behind-the-scenes services and gaming software to a huge number of other sites.

You’ll find relationships like this throughout the online casino industry.

Some players will be reassured that they can deal with big established companies with a good reputation for financial fair dealing.

Others might feel a little cheated that what they thought was a brand new site is, in fact, a rebranding of something rather more familiar.

That’s a choice for you to make. It’s certainly worth clicking 'About' on any site you want to play at to find out a little about its ownership. This is likely to tell you a great deal about the games that’ll be available and policies on bonuses, wagering requirements and the like.

The Biggest Companies in Online Gaming

According to one 2015 survey:

  1. 888 Holdings (Worth: $0.93 Billion)
  2. (Worth: $1.06 Billion)
  3. Net Entertainment (Worth: $1.24 Billion)
  4. Unibet Group (Worth: $1.58 Billion)
  5. Betsson (Worth: $1.60 Billion)
  6. Betfair Group (Worth: $2.28 Billion)
  7. Playtech (Worth: $3.32 Billion)
  8. Amaya Gaming Group (Worth: $3.62 Billion)
  9. Paddy Power (Worth: $3.78 Billion)
  10. William Hill (Worth: $5.17 Billion)

So check out the sites you’re visiting and see whether one of these guys is behind the scenes to get an idea of what sort of experience you might expect.