The UK’s leading no wagering casinos in 2024

Playing with bonus cash is always a great feeling. But most offers come with many restrictions and the one that annoys most players is the wagering requirement. It’s time-consuming and can be difficult to walk away with any winnings. So the obvious solution is to grab yourself a deal at a top no wagering casino.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this awesome deal and where you can find it.

List of no wagering casino sites

Finding an online casino without wagering requirements is no easy task. It can take hours of searching to come up with a place that offers this coveted deal. Luckily for you, our team of dedicated reviewers have done just that. And they’re happy to bring you the fruits of their labour right here on this page.

It’s a cracking deal that doesn’t come around very often so you’ve made the right choice coming here first. Take a look and see where you would like to play. Then head on over and create yourself a new account.

What are no wagering casinos?

Simply put, a casino that doesn’t require any wagering is just a site that offers a no wagering bonus. We’ll go into more detail in just a sec about how wagering works and why it can cause a little friction for new players. But needless to say, if you can land yourself a deal that doesn’t require these wagering rules, then you’re definitely onto a winner.

When you accept a welcome offer, there are usually plenty of rules attached to the deal. And the most common one is wagering. It’s put in place to protect the casino and can limit the winning potential of any bonus cash.

How wagering requirements work

Signing up for a new casino account can land you a number of different bonuses. It might be bonus cash or bonus spins. Either way, they can be an exciting prospect. Any bonus cash that you receive, or winnings that result from bonus spins, will be sent to your bonus balance. With us so far? Good.

Money in your bonus balance needs to be gambled. And this is your part of the deal and commitment to the casino. Wagering basically means the number of times you need to gamble with any free money. The problem is that wagering requirements can vary greatly from site to site. It’s one thing needing to gamble the bonus cash once. But it’s an entirely different thing when it needs to be done 70 times. And it is only when you complete the wagering that you will be able to cash out any winnings that remain. So you see why a no wagering casino bonus is held in such high esteem.

No wagering explained

No wagering requirements UK is a type of deal that sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. Wagering can hinder your progress while spending bonus cash. But an offer that requires none of this is a little more flexible. You can cash out anything you win as a result of playing with your bonus cash or spins.

It is a fantastic deal and players love it when this promo comes along. The only problem is that it doesn’t come along very often. But there is a very good reason for that. And that is because it is a very high-risk marketing strategy for any casino.

Pros of no wagering requirements

Handing out a bonus of this variety on no wagering slot sites, for example, can cause a big headache for the operator if they aren’t careful. Thousands of new customers withdrawing winnings from free play could cause problems for their profit margins. For this reason, you will see plenty of other caveats along the way.

But before we get into the downsides that surround this offer let’s take a look at some of the plus points that attract us to this kind of deal.

They are easier to cash out

And this is a biggy. A no wagering casino will allow you to enjoy your bonus spins or bonus cash and collect any winnings that come your way. The problem for the casino is that these winnings could potentially be huge. So straight away you see one of the restrictions that may be put in place to counterbalance this issue. We’ll have a look at max cashouts in a moment.

Being able to cash out your winnings without having to gamble with them several times is a huge plus point. And this is what attracts the majority of players to this kind of deal. Regular wagering requirements can take a long time to play through – especially if you have received a large bonus. So not only are they time-consuming, the chances of seeing any winnings at the end of it may be slim.

You don’t have to spend lots of time wagering

The time factor involved when playing through bonus cash can be a sticking point. Some deposit deals that match anything that you pay into your account can grow quite large. For example, a 300% deposit match will turn £500 into a £1500 bonus. And depending on the size of wagers that you are allowed to place, this could take many hours.

Wagering requirements are often hindered by a bonus time limit as well. It is not uncommon for a bonus to only be valid for a couple of days. This could turn into a full-time activity if you are trying to gamble with a large bonus balance.

They are usually less restricted

There are plenty of other restrictions on a regular bonus. It is not only the wagering that can cause complications when trying to enjoy a promo. The number and types of games that are on offer can sometimes be restricted. With a deal that has no wagering, you may find that those restrictions are not quite as prominent.

Being able to play whatever you want is a fantastic chance to try out new titles. And there is nothing more frustrating than only being able to play one game that the site selects for you when you want to redeem a bonus.

What you see is what you get

When it comes to wagering many players aren’t even aware that this rule exists. A lot of customers simply see large bonus amounts and take it straight away. It is only after they have signed up to a deal that they realise that they need to gamble with the bonus cash a large number of times.

With a zero wagering type of offer, there is nothing hidden so you are free to play with the cash and get on and enjoy the games. And this is an essential part of what makes a bonus particularly attractive to many of us.

Cons of no wagering requirements

This type of deal is fantastic. And playing at a no wager casino can provide you with unparalleled entertainment. But one thing that working in this industry for many years has taught us is that you need to search for the downsides of an offer and not take anything for granted.

Bonus rules are put in place for a reason and that is to protect the casino and make sure that they aren’t losing too much money. It is a business after all and they need to turn a profit at the end of the day. So let’s take a look at some of the things that aren’t quite as fantastic about selecting a bonus of this type.

The bonus amount is usually much smaller

The biggest downside to playing at a no wagering casino is that the bonus will be much smaller than others that you can find. It makes sense that a casino cannot offer hundreds of pounds to all new customers when the player assumes no risk.

Large deposit match deals have wagering requirements so that the player needs to gamble with the money. And this gives the casino an opportunity to win some of the cash back.

You will often find that a deal of this variety will only amount to a few spins or a few pounds of bonus cash. But we don’t consider this to be a huge problem. Bonuses are there to give you a chance to take a look around a new site and allow you to play some new games for free.

It isn’t necessarily about winning big when playing with bonus cash. It’s more about the entertainment value that comes with it.

They don’t last as long

Another negative aspect of playing at a casino no wagering requirements is that the offer will be limited. And we are not necessarily talking about how long you have to redeem your bonus. Offers such as these don’t hang around very long because they are generally one-off promotions. They are in place to attract new customers and get people through the door. So don’t expect them to last for months.

Welcome bonuses in the casino industry can change quite frequently. And it can be hard to know when a brand has changed its promotional content. The best thing you can do is to keep checking back to this site to see what is available at any given moment in time.

They’re not as common as regular casino bonuses

And that leads us to our final negative point. You will find this offer quite a scarce commodity. It is very rare for a casino to offer a bonus that does not require any wagering. It may not be every week that there is one available. So you need to keep your ear to the ground if you are going to take full advantage of this type of deal.

Therefore, it is always worth signing up for the newsletter at a casino where you play as you never know when they may release a fantastic promo like this. Newsletters will come straight to your inbox and keep you ahead of the competition.

What types of no wagering bonuses are there?

There are several different types of casino bonuses out there and no wagering ones are just one of them. They come in various shapes and sizes and each one can mean something for your bonus balance.

This type of bonus can allow you to play several different games. And it doesn’t have to only be restricted to casinos. There are no wagering bingo sites as well. So if you like to play lots of different gambling games, then this is your perfect opportunity to grab a bonus that won’t hold you back.

Free spins without wagering requirements

Getting hold of some spins that you don’t need to pay for is always a very welcome addition to your balance. Slots are the most popular game at most modern casinos and their popularity just keeps on growing. There are several deals that allow you to get hold of this freebie. And usually, the more you are willing to deposit into your account the more spins you will receive in return.

It is common for any winnings that arise from playing with bonus spins to enter your bonus balance. And this needs to be wagered. However, no wager free spins are completely free of that restriction. Playing on no wagering slots allows you to simply spin those reels and anything you win is yours to keep. Although you do need to check for any max cash out rules that could limit the value that you may walk away with.

Slots bonuses with no wagering

No wagering slots don’t come around very often so when they do you need to grab them with both hands. We will keep our site updated with any new deals that come onto the market. This way, all you need to do is keep checking back to this page and see what is available at that time. Slot offers are extremely popular and the majority of players always love to see these come their way.

Casino bonuses with no wagering

Bonuses that come without wagering and that are specifically aimed at casino games are fantastic if you like to play slots or table games. There’s such a huge variety of different games available at most online casinos. And having a bonus sum of cash to play any one of these games is always a fantastic thing to have.

As we said before, deals without any wagering are quite a rare thing to find. But when you do they are likely to be available on casino games or slots rather than other forms of betting, for example.

With many bonuses, you will find that the games are restricted due to the odds that the players can take advantage of while playing through their bonus money. Such as a near 50/50 chance on a table game like roulette, for instance. When there is no wagering involved, this doesn’t present itself as an issue so you can generally play a lot more games.

No wagering deposit bonuses for existing customers

It may also be possible to pick yourself up one of these deals as an existing customer. Most of the top casino promos are for new customers only. But they do like to look after their existing ones as well. A reload bonus is one such offer. They allow you to make a deposit into your account and see an extra percentage of it on top land in your bonus balance.

But there are also other ways they could incentivise you and reward your loyalty. A few free spins that do not require any wagering is a gift that shows a player how much a casino appreciates their custom.

New no wagering casinos in 2024

It’s not easy to find a casino brand that bases its entire marketing strategy on promos that do not require wagering. They do exist, there just aren’t many of them. It is far more likely that you will see these offers released occasionally from various sites.

It can be a tough deal to maintain when offering it to all new customers in the long term. And for that reason, you might see these deals come and go fairly frequently. If there are any new casinos offering this kind of promo, then you will see here first listed on this page.

Some casinos have managed to make this strategy work. We mentioned that it’s very difficult as a long-term plan but there are a couple of very successful examples in the industry. And we hear that other brands are looking set to introduce a very similar type of deal as a long-term offering to new customers.

We hope they do break onto the scene as it makes it even more exciting for players when there’s more competition. The more companies that offer them, the more places where you can play for free without needing to wager any of the bonus cash.

Bonuses that have wagering requirements

It is usual practice for brands to require any bonus cash or winnings from bonus spins to be wagered a fixed number of times. It has always been that way and we imagine that this will remain the most popular way for a casino to protect itself while offering such big deals. But there can be some disparity in the number of times bonus cash needs to be wagered. Some brands make it very difficult for a player to actually complete any wagering requirements. This is due to the number of times you need to gamble with the cash. While others have adopted a slightly more lenient approach.

Casino bonuses with low wagering

A low wagering casino is a fantastic example of how some casinos have decided to make things a little easier on the player. They will still offer the same types of deals – be those deposit deals on no deposit deals.

The way these guys work is to offer bonuses where you will need to make a small commitment to playing through any bonus cash. And to be classed as a low wagering site they will generally only be asking customers to gamble between 1 and 5 times the amount of bonus cash. We think this is a perfectly fair deal.

However, you must realise that as the wagering goes down so too does the value of the bonus. Don’t expect to see hundreds of pounds come your way when collecting a deal like this.

Big bonuses usually mean high playthrough requirements

So you see the conundrum that most players face. The initial reaction is usually to head for the largest value deal available. But you appreciate that this will require some hefty wagering.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to worry about all of those requirements then you need to accept a slightly smaller deal. If you want to find an offer that goes somewhere down the middle, then perhaps a low wagering promo is the way to go.

Minimum deposit bonus offers

A minimum deposit deal is quite normal to see. If a casino is going to give you a sum of bonus cash or some spins to play, then you may need to make a little financial commitment first. The minimum is usually only around £10 or £20. And this seems like a fair exchange when you consider that you may get your hands on a decent amount of spins or bonus cash. You won’t be able to trigger any bonus until you make your first deposit. So if you want to get your hands on a deal that requires a minimum payment, then you will need a little spare cash in your pocket to do so.

Matched deposit bonus with free spins

Free spins no wagering can come in the form of a matched deposit/spins combo. And this type of promo is fantastic for players who not only like to use the slots but enjoy the classic table games as well.

It’s great when you can have a few hands of blackjack, for example, and then head over and have a few spins on the latest slot titles as well. And the best thing is, it won’t cost you a penny if you are using your promotional cash and spins.

Matched deposit bonus

A matched deposit deal can come in various guises. They aren’t just for new customers so existing players can also land them as well. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the most popular matched bonuses that you can get your hands on.

Casino reload bonus offers

A reload deal is in place to reward existing customers for their loyalty. Statistics have shown that Reward programs are great way to keep customers coming back for more, which you can read more about here. It works in exactly the same way as a deposit match for new customers but it will not be quite as valuable, unfortunately. During the month, a casino will inform its players that a specific day has been set aside for reload opportunities. And this means that you can make a deposit into your account and see an extra percentage on top as a thank you. Remember that this money will enter your bonus balance and not your real cash balance.

Casino cashback bonus offers

Cashback deals are a great addition to the list of bonus offers. When you play with your own money and happen to lose, the casino will give you back a small percentage of it. Getting back 10%, for instance, of everything you spend is a nice way for the casino to thank its customers for using their services.

High roller bonus offers

For those players who like to spend a little bit of extra cash and make some big bets, it is also possible to achieve their own special bonus. Hi roller deals are usually a deposit match but they tend to be a lot higher value than regular ones. If you are prepared to pay thousands of pounds into your casino account and play regularly at the site, then eventually a casino may offer to match your future deposits up to a staggering amount.

No bonus casinos

Some casinos have managed to build a very successful reputation off the back of not offering bonuses. You might wonder why a brand wouldn’t want to offer a bonus. But it’s purely because not everybody wants to land a welcome deal. Some players prefer not to and having a brand that doesn’t try and offer you anything as you sign up can sometimes be a big pull.

Why go for a casino without any bonuses?

We love casino bonuses but we understand that not everybody is the same as us. There are many things that you need to look out for and reading the terms and conditions is essential.

If you prefer to not worry about wagering or max cash out etc, then you can join a site that doesn’t want to give you any of these freebies. You get to simply deposit your cash and play as normal. And don’t forget that this method of play is perfectly possible at all casinos. You can just choose not to opt into any deals that are offered to you.


Landing a bonus that doesn’t require any wagering is a very popular topic. And our readers often ask us questions on this theme.

Why are no wagering bonuses advantageous?

No wagering freebies are great because they are less restrictive than other types of bonuses. You get to play your spins or use your bonus cash and anything you win is yours to take. This is as long as it falls within any max cash out rules.

What are the terms for no wagering bonuses?

A bonus without wagering requires far fewer terms and conditions than others do. Most terms are put in place due to the size of the bonus. But a deal of this type is usually quite small sums. So it’s not as essential for the casino to put in place so many caveats. There may be certain games that you can play and a maximum amount of money that you can cash out. But other than that, there aren’t many other requirements.

What wagering requirements are normal for a bonus?

For a normal bonus, you will need to gamble that amount a fixed number of times. And the number of times can vary from site to site. Sometimes you may only need to play through the cash four or five times, for example. But on other occasions, it can be an awful lot higher.  Somewhere around 20x it’s perhaps the average.

Where can I find the best casino without wagering requirements in the UK?

Finding the best no deposit no wagering casino is easy thanks to our team of dedicated reviewers. They are constantly looking through all of the casino offers available on the internet. And they will show them here on this page whenever a new one becomes available.

Can you cash out no wagering bonus wins?

You can cash out any wins that come your way when playing a bonus that does not require any wagering. The only thing that you need to be careful of is if there is a max cash out limit in place. Check the T&Cs before you opt into any promotion.

Are there free spins with no wagering?

Slots no wagering requirements do come along occasionally. And the best way to find them is to keep checking back to this page regularly to see what’s on offer. Getting some free spins that do not have any wagering requirements is always a lovely little treat.

Which casinos offer no wagering requirements?

Some casino brands offer this type of promotion as a standard part of their business plan. But there are others that release this deal occasionally. Here on this page, you will see all of the casinos that are currently offering this type of promo.

Are there any wager free no deposit bonuses?

No wagering slots and other types of deals that fall under this category usually require a deposit. But, that isn’t to say that you won’t ever find one that doesn’t. Take a look at our list of trusted sites to see if there is one around at the moment.