Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

If you love bingo, and are looking for the best bingo sites not on Gamstop, then you’re in luck! Here at Hityah, we love bingo just as much as you do. And we’re dedicated to bringing you the very best from the top sites all across the world. So, if you want to know all about exciting bingo sites from other countries across the globe, then join us. As we look at where you can play, and what to look out for, when selecting a great new bingo operator overseas.

List of non Gamstop bingo sites

€2250 bonus + 225 free spins
  • Great website design
  • More than 2500 games
  • Mobile Apps
€5000 welcome bonus package
  • 300% bonus on 1st deposit
  • Daily Cashback
  • Excellent game selection
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  • 400% up to €800 on 1st deposit
  • Weekend Bonuses
  • Over 1000 casino games
Wager free bonuses
  • 10% wager free bonus on 1st deposit
  • Very popular casino
  • Also offers sports betting
475% welcome package
  • Get up to €3000 on first 3 deposits
  • 100% up to €1000 on first deposit
  • User friendly casino
600% welcome package
  • 175% bonus on 1st deposit
  • Tournaments with great prizes
  • Large slots selection
€800 welcome bonus
  • 400% deposit bonus
  • 120 free spins
  • Good range of payment options

Our team of experts work round the clock, vetting and reviewing all overseas bingo operators. So that we can bring you a selection of the world’s best bingo sites not on Gamstop.

Plus, with over 10 years’ experience in the gambling industry, our experts know exactly what to look for in these sites. And they have compiled a list of their favourites from all over the planet.

What is a bingo site not on Gamstop?

Gamstop is a charity-run program in the UK. And it helps people who want to curb their gambling habits, by allowing them to limit the places that they can gamble. Simply put, a bingo site that isn't on Gamstop is an overseas operator that is not part of this self-exclusion program.

All licensed gambling sites in the UK must sign up to Gamstop as a legal requirement. Therefore, sites based outside of the UK don’t need to adhere to this rule.

So, to sum up, a bingo site that is not part of the Gamstop program is simply one that is based abroad.

How Gamstop works

The idea behind Gamstop is to help people who find that they’re gambling too often. And who may need a little extra help with self-control.

Players who want to take part in Gamstop can sign up to this self-exclusion program for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years; depending on how long is necessary to help them change their habits.

By signing up to the Gamstop program, you essentially ban yourself from playing at any gambling sites in the UK. It's also important to note that, once you have registered with Gamstop, you cannot undo this action. So, for example, if you have signed up for a year of self-exclusion there is absolutely no way that you can reduce this time to less than 12 months.

As we've mentioned, all licensed UK gambling sites legally need to enrol in Gamstop program. However, this does not apply to overseas sites.

How we review and rate bingo sites not on Gamstop

Bingo is popular the world over. So, there are plenty of sites that aren't based in the UK that still offer players an amazing experience.

Our experts carefully review each of these overseas sites. And they know exactly what to look for in a great bingo operator. So, whether you're looking for bingo and/or casinos not on Gamstop, we’re here to tell you what you should be looking for in a site that's based outside of the UK.

Let’s take a look.

✅ Valid licence outside the UK

Just because you're looking at a bingo operator outside of the UK, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't make sure they’re licensed. UK bingo sites not on Gamstop still need a licence from their local authority. This could be from Malta, Curacao or another country. But they still need one just the same. So, you must check for a licence number. To make sure you’re playing on a legitimate site.

Some of the most popular overseas casinos are based out of Malta, Gibraltar and Curacao. And all of them will clearly display their licence number in either the header or footer of the website. Therefore, make sure that you can see this information before signing up and playing.

✅ Great welcome offer

One of the great things about bingo sites not with Gamstop is that they offer some of the best welcome bonuses around. Therefore, it pays to shop around when looking for a new bingo site.

Of course, you can find lots of offers at UK sites as well. However, companies based abroad often have better welcome deals than their UK counterparts. This is because they aren’t controlled by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). And therefore have a lot more freedom to offer players a wealth of different sign-up offers. So, be on the lookout for a great welcome offer, which may include free bingo tickets and/or very generous deposit and no deposit bonuses.

✅ Varied game selection

Any bingo fan will tell you that there isn't just one game of bingo you can play! From 75-ball bingo to the slots hybrid Slingo, make sure that the site you're on offers you a fantastic selection of different games for you to play.

Bingo sites in particular create fun and exciting chat rooms for their players to mingle and make friends. In these chat rooms you can also find lots of fun side games to play with your ‘roomies’.

So, a fantastic overseas bingo operator will not only offer a fantastic selection of bingo games. They will also offer marvellous chat rooms that involve lots and lots of fun side games to play with your friends.

✅ Option to self-exclude

While UK sites are legally obliged to sign up for the Gamstop program, overseas sites also have their own self-exclusion programs. So you may be able to sign up to limit yourself from one individual bingo site. Or it may be that the bingo operator is part of a larger casino group. And that you can self-exclude from all sites owned by that company.

If you're interested in self-exclusion, then check the website that you're playing on, to see what options they offer their players. Our experts believe that all good bingo operators look out for their clients’ needs. Therefore, we recommend playing at sites that offer a good self-exclusion program for bingo customers.

✅ Offers mobile bingo

In today's world of modern convenience, we want everything available in the palm of our hand. And that includes games. So, the most modern and cutting-edge gambling sites will be fully optimised for mobile and tablet play.

This means that the website itself will work perfectly well on a phone or tablet screen. Or that the site offers a dedicated app that you can download directly to your mobile phone.

These apps let you access bingo games in an instant. Meaning that you can play wherever and whenever you like.

Advantages of playing bingo not on Gamstop

So, now that you know all about bingo sites not on Gamstop, it's time to look at the pros and cons of playing on these overseas websites.

Therefore, let's take a look first at some of the benefits of playing at a bingo site that isn’t based in the UK.

Better bingo bonuses and promotions

One of the best things about bingo sites not on Gamestop is that they are not restricted by UK law. Therefore, this leaves them open to offer huge bonuses and incentives to their players.

For example, in the UK you might see a match deposit bonus of 100% or 200%. But, with a bingo site that is based overseas, they can offer as much as 500% as a bonus.

So, for instance, if you put down £100 and picked up a 500% match deposit bonus, the bingo site will give you an additional £500 to play with. Giving you a total of £600 in your bankroll!

To summarise, by playing outside of the UK, you can find some incredibly generous offers that boost your balance. And that let you play tons of bingo for free.

Less restrictions

In the UK, all licensed gambling sites will ask clients for a whole host of paperwork before allowing you to play. These Know-Your-Customer (KYC) protocols are necessary. However, sometimes they can be extremely tedious and require you to submit tons of different documents, including photo ID, proof of address and even screenshots of your online banking statements. These requirements all come from the UKGC.

On the other hand, because bingo sites abroad don’t have to adhere to the UKGC’s rules, this means that they don’t require as much KYC documentation. That’s not to say that they aren’t legitimate. It simply means that they will not make you jump through as many hoops in order to play as with some sites that operate in the UK.

They're independent

Another fantastic thing about foreign bingo sites is that they are independent. This means that they are not governed by big regulatory bodies that tell them what they can and can’t do. Just think of the difference between a pub that’s chained to a brewery and one that can choose their own stock. You always get a better selection of drinks in the latter!

Therefore, independent bingo sites can offer better bonuses, as well as a selection of different games from different software providers. In the UK, most operators tend to be serviced by the same software developers.

So, by using an independent site, you can find a much more diverse selection of games, because they come from software companies that might not be used in the UK. Not to mention, the overall atmosphere of the site will be different. As it hasn’t been created by the same companies that UK operators use time and time again.

Meet players from all over the world

Finally, one of the most fun aspects of playing at overseas bingo sites is the amount of people that you can meet from countries all around the world. Players across the planet enjoy bingo, as much for the game itself, as for the sociable side of things. Plus, in the bingo chat rooms, you can make friends, play games and even win prizes for each other.

Therefore, by playing at a site which isn't based in the UK, you can make friends with people based in every corner of the globe.

Disadvantages of non Gamstop bingo

So, now we’ve seen all the pros of playing at a non-Gamstop bingo site. Now it's time to take a look at some of the downsides you might find when playing at sites based outside of the UK.

Harder to play responsibly

Because non-UK Bingo sites are able to offer huge bonuses and a wealth of different games for you to play, you may find it harder to play responsibly. Even with most sites offering a self-exclusion program, it can be harder to stick to your limits.

That being said, if you do think your gambling habits are starting to show signs of problems, then you can also look at one of the many help and advice sites offered globally.

No UK based software providers

Although overseas operators have access to some of the greatest software companies on the planet, there is something to be said for games providers that are based in the UK. Each of these software developers have proved time and time again that they are top class. Which is why most bingo sites in the UK will use the same companies to design and operate their sites.

This also means that you have an element of continuity across bingo sites in the UK. So this may be missing, if you play on sites located abroad.

You need to make sure they're legitimate

While non-UK sites are licensed by their local governing body, it can be hard to find proper information on them. The licence number might not be clearly displayed. Or the name of the licensing authority may be difficult to find. And, in some cases, even the bingo site’s contact info might not be easily accessible.

So, by only playing on sites licensed and regulated in the UK, you avoid the task of having to look up other sites’ details. And worrying if they might be illegitimate.

Another thing which some people may not consider is that a lot of foreign sites won’t use perfect English. So this can make important information, like T&Cs and wagering requirements, less clear. But, if you only play on UK sites, then you can rest assured that the website will be written in native English. And that the customer service team will speak English very well.

Bonuses at bingo sites not on Gamstop

As we've seen, bingo sites that aren’t regulated by the UK government are free to offer players huge bonuses. As well as other promos and competitions.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at some of the bonuses you can pick up at bingo sites not on Gamstop:

Welcome bonuses

As a new player, you'll be offered a whole host of deals to entice you to play at different bingo websites. And these welcome offers usually include one or more of the following benefits:

  • Free bingo games: often, a site will offer you the chance to play bingo for absolutely free when you sign up with them. This can be with free tickets and/or bonus cash to use on bingo games
  • No deposit bonuses: these offers are exactly what they sound like. You can pick up free bingo tickets, and bonus cash to play, without having to make a deposit with the site. Just be aware that, because you are taking on no financial risk, these offers tend to be low in value. That being said, they’re still a great way to try out a new site and its games for free
  • Deposit bonuses: if you're willing to make a small deposit into the site, then you can unlock lots more valuable deals. These can include bonus cash and match deposit bonuses, where you can get up to 500% more than you put in. Just remember that, as with all bingo bonuses, it's important to read the terms and conditions attached

Free Bingo offers

Free bingo games are not only offered to new customers. In fact, you can find free bingo being given away as a promotion to existing customers quite regularly. These are often in the form of free bingo tickets. To check if you are eligible to pick up free bingo games, check the promotions page of the website that you're on. This will detail any rules or prerequisites for picking up your free bingo offer.

Combined Bingo and Casino bonuses

If you like to mix things up a little, then a combined casino and bingo bonus is for you. Bingo operators are often part of an online casino company, or work closely with one. These hybrid bonus offers will let you play bingo as well as real-money casino games. One of the most popular types of offer is bingo combined with free spins to use on slot machines. Slot games are incredibly popular with bingo and casino lovers all across the world.

How online bingo works

Online bingo companies work very hard to give you the same great experience that you would expect to find in a land-based bingo hall in the UK.

There are lots of different versions of bingo available. And some sites even offer games that are bingo-inspired, like Slingo, which is a combination of bingo and a slots game.

In essence, online bingo is exactly the same as playing in a bricks-and-mortar establishment. You buy in and collect your bingo cards and wait for the game to start. You’ll have a caller, and lots of other people playing at the same time as you. And you try to find the numbers drawn on your bingo card. Depending on the game, you can make lines, patterns or a ‘full house’ to win large cash sums. Simple!

Also, where bingo sites differ to other gaming platforms, is that bingo companies concentrate on the social aspect of the game. On a bingo site, you have dedicated chat rooms, where you can meet and mingle with other bingo players from all over the world. And even win prizes in the mini games that are included in these chat rooms.

Finally, although there are lots of different versions of the game to play, most sites will have the 2 staples of bingo: 90-ball and 75-ball bingo.

So, let’s take a look at these in a little more detail.

90 Ball Bingo

As the name suggests, 90-ball bingo is a game that involves 90 balls! This is by far the most popular version of bingo around. And the game is played with a grid of 27 squares, using a 3x9 format.

To win in this game you will need to make lines from left to right on your bingo card. 1 line will get you a prize. 2 lines will get you more/bigger prizes. And 3 lines is known as a ‘full house’. Which is the top prize that you can win.

75 Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo is simply a variation on the 90-ball game. But, instead of a 3x9 grid format, in this game you have a 5x5 grid. Also, instead of making lines from left to right horizontally, in this version you have more options to win. Because you can make patterns, instead of fixed lines. This might include the ‘Z’ pattern, which is very popular.

Depending on where you play, each site will have its own rules. But, with 75-ball bingo, a lot of people like the diversity of the game, over the traditional 90-ball format.

Other Bingo variations

Aside from 75 and 90-ball bingo, there are lots of different variations that you can play. If you like traditional bingo, then check out the 30 and 80-ball versions. As you’d expect, these will follow a similar format to the 75 and 90-ball games. But they each offer players a dynamic and unique gaming experience.

Other games that have become popular in recent years include titles that combine bingo with other types of game. We’ve already mentioned Slingo, which is a mix of slots and bingo. But there are also games like Bingo Wheel, that incorporates the balls from bingo with a game show-style spinning wheel.

A great bingo site will have tons of different games for you to choose from. So always make sure you’re getting the best selection that you can find.

Staying safe when playing at Non-UK Bingo sites

So, now that we've learned the pros and cons of UK bingo sites not on Gamstop. Now it's time to make sure that you stay safe when playing on any site that you choose.

As well as bingo, you can find other gambling sites not on Gamstop. But, whichever type of gambling you want to do online, you can follow the same rules to make sure but you have the best (and safest!) gambling experience possible.

Make sure the site has a valid licence outside the UK

First up, make sure that the site that you're on is legitimate. This is very easy in the UK, as all licensed bingo sites have to display the UKGC logo clearly on their website. Therefore, if you play on sites overseas, it might be more difficult to find the information that you're looking for.

That being said, all bingo sites must display the licence number from their local authority. This should be easy enough to find on the website. And will usually be in the header or footer of the site. This should also be accompanied by info on the local authority itself. As well as contact info for the site and its owner.

So, if you cannot find a licence number or other info anywhere, then perhaps the site is not legal and should be avoided.

The most sure-fire way to make sure that you're playing on a licensed bingo site is by choosing sites recommended by us. Our experts know exactly what to look for in these sites. And we only bring you the leading bingo operators from around the world.

If a site does not meet our experts’ strict criteria, then it won’t get listed here. Also, aside from bingo, we also list slots not on Gamstop, as well as poker sites not on Gamstop. Therefore, always check with our lists of trusted and reviewed sites from overseas, for your next great gambling experience.

Set up a gambling budget

One of the most important things when playing any real-money game online is setting yourself a budget. By setting limits to your spending, you can avoid accidentally spending more money than you should.

One way to set a budget is to give yourself a daily limit of how much you can play with. Another way is to use a pre-paid card to make your deposits. Payment methods like Neteller and Skrill let you load a digital debit card with funds. Therefore, you can put the amount you allow yourself to play with on this card, and once it's gone it's gone!

There are many other ways to set yourself boundaries when gambling online. And making a budget that you stick to will guarantee that you never overspend.

Non UK bingo licences

As we've mentioned, bingo sites outside of the UK must still have a licence from the local authority in the country where they are registered.

Some of the most popular casino and bingo operators in the world are based in the same few places. These include:


This little Caribbean island is home to the Gaming Control Board (GCB). And is one of the most popular licensing bodies in the world. Many casino and bingo operators are licensed by the GCB but operate in other countries. And all of them will display their GCB licence number and head office address on their website.

If you can see this info, then you know you’re playing on a fully licensed site.

Malta Gaming Authority

Another super popular licensing body is the Malta Gaming Authority. The MGA licenses hundreds of casino and bingo companies from all over the world. And again, finding their information is very easy. Simply look for the MGA logo, as well as a licence number, to make sure that the site you’re on is legit.

Bingo not on Gamstop FAQ

Is it safe to play bingo not on Gamstop?

The short answer is yes. Just because a site is not based in the UK, it does not mean that the site is illegal. That being said, it is still very important that you make sure to only play on legitimate sites. Making sure you're on a licensed site is imperative to the enjoyment of your experience. So, whether in the UK or overseas, always make sure that you can see a licence number on the casino or bingo site that you're playing on.

Yes. As a UK resident, it is perfectly legal for you to gamble online. And, while it’s advisable to play on UK sites (because they are licensed and regulated by the UKGC), you are perfectly welcome to seek out other gambling sites as well. These include bingo and casino operators that aren’t based in the UK.

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a self-exclusion program for people who play real-money games. But who may have a problem controlling their habits and spending. The program helps people by offering them the chance to prohibit themselves from playing gambling games online. As a legal requirement, all UK-licensed gambling sites must sign up for Gamstop. And its purpose is to offer players the chance to self exclude from gambling sites for a period of time. Until their gambling habits are under control again.

What are the best bingo sites not on Gamstop?

To find the top bingo sites, not included in the Gamstop program, check our lists. Our experts carefully vet and review each international bingo site. Before bringing you the very best from the online market. They make sure that all our listed sites from overseas are perfectly legal and regulated. Plus, that they have a fantastic selection of bingo games for you to choose from.

Can I get bonuses at bingo sites not part of Gamstop?

Absolutely! In fact, overseas bingo operators tend to offer bigger bonuses than their UK counterparts. These could include huge match deposit bonuses, free bingo, and bonuses that include free spins to use on fun slots machines. But remember, as with all the bonuses, always check the T&Cs attached before you sign up to play.

Can I play bingo while on Gamstop self exclusion?

If you sign up to Gamstop, or any other self-exclusion program in the UK, you will not be able to play bingo on any gambling site based in the UK. Therefore, if you want to play bingo for real money, you will have to look for sites that operate from overseas. That being said, if you are part of a self-exclusion program, then you must ask yourself whether or not you are ready to return to playing real-money games.