Can you get around Gamstop?

For some players, the Gamstop program isn’t the perfect solution. But the great news is that there are loads of fantastic sites available that aren’t part of the scheme. So if you signed up by mistake, then there are other options and you can learn how to get around Gamstop. You can take your pick of the biggest brands with all the top tech. And they’ll even throw in a nice welcome offer to sweeten the deal.

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What to do if you've self-excluded by mistake

There is always a chance that a casino fan could complete the Gamstop registration without intending to be bound by the exclusion for so long. The problem isn’t usually that a player doesn’t intend to sign-up, it’s that they don’t consider how long it will last.

The scheme offers a range of choices. The first and shortest exclusion length is for 6 months. This is probably the most common as it offers you a chance to cool off for a while and not be tempted to keep playing. If you’re spending a little too much time and money on your favourite pastime, then that’s important. The next step up is for 1 year. Again, this can be a good idea as a whole year gives you plenty of time to walk away and decide if you really want to go back to your hobby. But the 3rd and final choice is for 5 years. And this is where many players come unstuck. It’s a long time and might not be a great solution for many.

Play at casinos not registered in the UK

But if you’re sure that the length of time wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, then you can learn how to get around Gamstop. And it’s quite simple really. You’ll need to play at offshore sites instead. It isn’t possible to play at UK sites during your live registration with Gamstop as all UK sites are bound by UK law.

The last few years has seen many brands take up the mantle and offer ways to help customers who overindulge. They would originally offer an individual exclusion program that would stop a client from accessing their account. This moved onto a larger scale with Gamstop bringing the operators together to create a collective exclusion.

More recently, this has become a legal requirement. And now all gambling sites that offer games of chance to their customers must abide by Gamstop rules.

Offshore gaming companies don’t have the same legal obligations in this sense. Therefore, they can continue offering individual programs but they won’t be part of Gamstop. You can create an account at some casino sites not on Gamstop that accept offshore players and they will provide you with gambling entertainment. And the sites that you see listed here are the places where you can do this.

What to do if you've self-excluded for good reasons

There are many players who selected the self-exclusion option for good reason. Moreover, they were happy with the length of time that they chose. And if this sounds like you, then you shouldn’t look to create any more accounts. Gambling can have a negative effect on those who struggle to play responsibly.

But there are other options rather than finding out how to get around Gamstop.

Play games for fun (in demo mode)

Firstly, it is always possible to enjoy these games without spending any cash.

Many people love the thrill of casino games in the same way that they do with many other types of video games. Blackjack, for example, isn’t just a game of chance. And there is still an element of skill and input needed. So it is possible to enjoy a great session in demo mode without putting your hand in your pocket.

In addition, the latest slots now present some amazing graphics and a host of cracking features. There are hours of fun available with many of these games and the vast majority have a demo version.

Wait for your Gamstop exclusion to end

And, of course, you could wait until your exclusion period finishes. And as we said before, if you didn’t set your exclusion period by mistake, then you should stick to your program of recovery. The minimum time you can choose to register is for 6 months. And this isn’t such a long time in the grand scheme of things. Wait for your exclusion to run its course and then see how you feel.

Can you cancel a Gamstop self-exclusions?

It’s a hard ‘no’ for that question. The Gamstop program takes your personal details such as email(s), name and phone numbers etc. and logs them in a database. A casino site that receives a new player’s application will need to cross-reference their details with the Gamstop database. And if they match, then you won’t be able to take your registration any further.

Things to consider before registering with Gamstop

Getting around Gamstop is never an ideal situation. And the best course of action is to carefully consider your registration and exclusion length before making the commitment.

You can't cancel Gamstop once you've registered

Once you start your self-exclusion, there’s no going back. The account will stay live until the end of your chosen period. You can’t ask to cancel or shorten it.

Trying to get around Gamstop - is it worth the trouble?

Joining this program is a very personal decision and it all comes down to what’s right for you at the end of the day.

What's the reason you self-excluded?

Some players may find themselves spending a little too much money. And this can be a problem but not necessarily a gambling issue. It’s possible that you’re bad at budgeting and just need to implement better personal controls.

Have you had problems with gambling?

If you signed up because you were struggling with your gambling habit, then you should stop trying to look for ways around it. You needed help at the time and you may not be ready to play again yet. However, some people may feel that they are completely certain that they can play responsibly again. In this case, it could be worth looking for offshore alternatives.