Guide to Crypto Casino Gambling in 2022

Crypto casinos offer an amazing way to enjoy all the latest gambling action. They bring a modern touch to the ever-evolving industry and offer players an incredible payment solution as well as many other gaming benefits. But crypto is still a relatively new concept in this business. And it is hard for players to know exactly how it all works and how to get involved. That's why we have put together this definitive guide to crypto gambling.

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To begin your crypto gambling adventure straight away, you'll need a trusted place to play. Thankfully, our team of experts has been hard at work to find the perfect place just for you. After completing a rigorous check on all of the available brands, they've put together this amazing list of all of the best and most secure crypto sites.

All of the casino details are kept live and updated on this page. We are constantly looking for any changes to welcome offers and other key info that our readers need to know about. So you can be sure that any of the sites that you select from our recommendations are trustworthy and are able to offer you a first-class experience.

Creating your next account with one of these top crypto sites is a breeze. Simply click on the link to go straight to that website where you can check out the brand and make sure it is the right choice for you.

Once you are happy, go ahead and click on the signup button and begin the process. At that point, you will be able to take advantage of the top new player bonuses and begin enjoying some of the outstanding games that are on offer.

How we review and score crypto casino sites

Many hours go into assuring that a brand is capable of offering a tip-top gaming escapade. We have to dig down into the heart of every site and sift through many different elements of that operator.

To the untrained eye, most casino brands look perfectly fine and the welcome bonuses are super generous. However, experience tells us that you can't take anything at face value and you always need to do your own research.

And our research covers many key points that go into collectively bringing a brand together. And this research can be even trickier when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

So let the experts do the background checks for you. That way, you can get on with doing what you do best. And that is playing the very latest and most exciting crypto games available anywhere on the net.

What crypto currencies are offered?

The type of cryptocurrency available at any site is of key importance. Some brands are focused purely on one currency such as Bitcoin, for example. But if you are a player that utilises another type of currency, then this won't be much good to you.

So we check out all of the payment details to see exactly what is available and which customers that brand is likely to appeal to.

There are thousands of types of crypto coinage on the open market. But not all of them are popularly used in mainstream circulation. If you aren't already a crypto funds holder, you might want to research the typically available currencies before you make your purchase.

It is a lot easier to have a specific type of crypto to hand rather than needing to exchange it for another type before then making a deposit at one of the leading crypto sites.

Deposit and cash out processing times

Payment times are always a hotly contested issue between players and online casinos. The best brands will make it their business to allow players to get cash in and out of their casino accounts as quickly as possible.

And the great thing is that using crypto should speed the whole process up.

But payment times can vary depending on the casino's internal processes. Some sites endeavour to get the ball rolling within a few hours. But others can be a little more laboured. We like to see a gambling portal that does not hold on to a player's cash for an unreasonable amount of time.

But there are external factors that affect the time it takes for crypto coins to get moving. Some currencies such as Bitcoin, for instance, take around 10 minutes before a transaction is completed on the blockchain. But others will begin creating transactions within a matter of seconds.

Are they using Provably Fair?

Another important aspect that we spend a long time mulling over is the game selection and type of games available.

But with a crypto site, our research goes beyond the titles and gaming experience that they bring. We also have to consider the fairness of the entertainment.

Many crypto sites are operating outside of the UK and MGA borders, and as such they are casinos that are not on Gamstop. This means that their random outcomes are not so closely monitored. And this is a huge issue if you are considering playing at an overseas brand. What players need is a little more assurance.

And this comes in the form of provably fair titles.

Many of the benefits of using crypto comes from the mathematical processes that make it impossible for people to tamper with. So game providers are able to use the same theory to monitor the outcome of the games as well.

All of the actions within a game of this type are provided by the outcome of mathematical equations which are recorded and openly available for people to assess. This takes away the need for any regulatory monitoring. All of the games are effectively self-monitoring and completely transparent.

Welcome bonus and other promotions

Deals and promos are very popular with customers and for good reason. They give players a chance to land bonus credit at that site. This may be in the form of cash to spend on a variety of games, free spins or perhaps combo deals that extend to other types of gaming.

These offers are available for new customers and existing ones as well. And it is important for us that a site recognises the loyalty that its customers show. It is very easy for a brand to thank its players with a little extra on top each month as a sign of goodwill.

Those that do not offer any type of bonuses to new or existing customers will find it very hard to compete in today's crowded industry. There are some big-money deals out there that are likely to attract plenty of attention. And customers will naturally head towards the benefits.

Is the casino safe and reliable?

Customer safety is up there with the most integral parts of a casino business. Without it, players will not stick around and the regulators will come down heavily on the site.

It is essential to know that your money and your personal data are processed in a responsible manner. Moreover, your details must be kept safely away from those who should not be viewing them.

This comes down to online casino crypto licensing as well as data encryption. We'll check out all of the relevant info to make sure that signing up for any of these sites shown on this page does not present any risk to you or your money.

Which game providers does the casino use?

Game providers are the foundations upon which top casinos are built. Without a great gaming offering, a brand will struggle to attract customers and keep them.

We have seen the industry evolve over the last 20 years or so. Many game providers have come and gone along the way. And only the very best survive. We see plenty of new talent breaking into the industry. And some smaller studios are creating a real buzz in the niche.

Keeping our finger on the pulse allows us to know who the top providers are and what kind of entertainment they can bring to the table.

Crypto casinos - General info

To help get you started on the right path, you need to know exactly how cryptocurrency works and any potential risks that are involved. This means that researching crypto, in general, is essential for a player.

Even before you consider crypto gambling, you need to know the ins and outs of investing in these alternative forms of funding. And if you haven't done this yet, then we recommend that you do so now.

What exactly is a crypto casino online?

A crypto gaming site, in its simplest form, is one that accepts cryptographic currencies as a form of payment.

In general, this modern style of payment goes hand in hand with a brand new casino that is out to specifically offer these currencies. So many players find themselves searching for a crypto brand rather than one of the more traditional brands.

However, some of the older and more established gaming companies are beginning to come round to the idea of payment by crypto.

This divide between the two types of casinos is starting to narrow slightly. It may be possible in the future to simply choose a casino and know instinctively that it will accept both regular fiat currencies and crypto as well.

But we aren't quite there yet. So if you are interested in using your Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example, to enjoy casino games, then you will have to specifically seek out crypto casinos from a list of trusted providers like the ones that appear here on this page.

Crypto and Traditional casinos - What's the difference?

Regular casinos are taking their time to assess the possibility of accepting crypto as a form of payment. It is a new concept that will take some time to evolve.

Traditional casinos will continue to use random number generators to provide sporadic outcomes that cannot be tampered with. And as you have seen, these require some third-party verification. This is one major difference between the two types of casinos.

The other big distinction between the two is that you have nowhere near as much choice when choosing to play with cryptocurrency. It has taken many years to accumulate a huge online gaming offering in the regular casino sector. So expect it to take a little while before the number of crypto sites comes anyway near that of traditional casinos.

What are the most common crypto currencies?

Having plenty of crypto choices is fantastic for investors and casino players alike. You can decide which type of investment works best for you depending on your own personal preferences.

But there are a few that are regularly present in the media and gain a lot more attention. For that reason, these coins are always in much higher demand.

Crypto casinos will only accept the better-known currencies that are available right now. As other up-and-coming brands hit the crypto scene, you will see the choice of coinage begin to grow respectively.

BTC  - Bitcoin

Bitcoin casino is the biggest name in cryptocurrency. We first heard of Bitcoin back in 2009. But even after all of this time, it's still a mystery as to who the inventor was.

Coding that appeared on the first parts of the blockchain refers to government bailouts of banks. So the belief is that the idea revolves around taking control of a financial system away from the central government. This gives the currency holders complete power over how the currency evolves and its Bitcoin casino uses.

It relies on Bitcoin casino transactions entering a block which are continuously added to over time. This creates the blockchain effect.

Since the beginning, the number of Bitcoins has had a clear limit. There are 21 million available and this helps to keep the value of the currency very high. Demand has and probably always will be huge for this Bitcoin casino coin.

It is a self-monitoring network where complicated calculations ensure the integrity and safety of all transactions along the way. It wasn't the first cryptocurrency idea to ever come about. But it was the first one to truly capture the attention of the masses.

LTC - Litecoin

Litecoin came about not long after Bitcoin. The owner of the system, Charlie Lee, set about improving on certain areas that he felt the Bitcoin casino currency was lacking.

There are a great deal more Litecoins available and their use and transactions are recorded in the same way as Bitcoin. Demand is not as high, and the way in which transactions add to the blockchain is much faster. This means that a payment can get confirmation within around 2.5 minutes.

ETH - Ethereum

Ethereum casino started life in a very similar way to Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. The proof of work system whereby miners add transactions to the blockchain is fairly standard practice. But Ethereum casino is set to change with new ways of updating payment transfers in the future.

Ethereum casino payments usually complete one confirmation within a few seconds.

Another major advantage that Ethereum casino has over competitors is that the coding involved is much more flexible. As a result, this allows for other financial products to utilise the blockchain as well. Ethereum casino is just one of the uses for this currency.

DOGE - Dogecoin

The currency that powers a Dogecoin casino grew from an interesting position a few years ago. A couple of computer programmers decided to mock the current cryptocurrency situation by creating their own coin. But this satirical product gained unlikely traction when several high-profile people like Elon Musk began to speculate on the use of this Dogecoin casino coin.

As such, its value grew very quickly. And it is now considered one of the main currencies in the cryptography market.

There is no limit to the number of Dogecoins in circulation and this means that Dogecoin casino demand will never be as high as Bitcoin, for example.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is another product that attempted to build on what the original Bitcoin concept set out to achieve. With a limited number of Bitcoin in circulation, some users thought there was a need to uncap the number of coins and increase the size of data allowed to enter the blockchain.

This effectively split the original code and created the new cash coin.

Again, the number of coins available far exceeds that of Bitcoin. And this means that demand will also remain lower with this product. But that also helps to keep the value of this currency far lower.

What are crypto wallets?

If you are just starting out with cryptocurrencies, then you may well be wondering how these coins are able to change hands. Firstly, it is possible to use an exchange to make your transfers. But this is an inefficient way to do business. Instead, clever wallet products are now available to make the processes far simpler.

Crypto wallets explained

Everybody who holds a cryptocurrency either needs to use an exchange or a wallet to make their payments. The beauty of a wallet is that it has a public address that you were able to send to the person who wishes to deliver you the coins.

It is kind of like handing out your bank details so that someone can send you money.

The majority of popular wallets are online solutions that you can easily access and view the details in plain English format. This means that you don't need to be a computer programmer to get it moving.

But there are other wallets available that store your security key away from the internet on specifically coded hardware. And if you know what you are doing, you are able to then access the currency and send it to the online marketplace.

Most customers choose the simple online wallet option.

Common crypto-wallets

There are many different wallet products available. And some specifically cater for various types of operating systems.

For Android users, the OPOLO wallet is very popular. And apple customers might enjoy using the Mycelium wallet. Advanced users often prefer a product that is a little more intricate such as the Electrum crypto product.

Crypto casino offers and bonuses

Casino customers are accustomed to receiving some decent handouts when they create new accounts. And the same is true for when they've been playing at a brand for a little while and expect some loyalty rewards. Let's take a look at a few of the most popular bonuses that you can take advantage of when playing up top crypto brands.

No deposit bonuses and free spins

A crypto casino no deposit with free spins is a fantastic offering for customers who want to enjoy a few credits on their favourite slot titles. Importantly, you don't have to spend any of your own money to receive a deal like this.

But as you are not putting up any of your own capital, don't expect the crypto casino no deposit bonus from the casino to be a huge value. A handful of spins is probably about right.

Deposit based bonuses and free spins

Larger bonuses come to those who are prepared to part with some money and make a deposit. You may find that a casino will match whatever you deposit for the first time at that site. In addition, they can also hand you plenty of free spins to enjoy at the same time.

Deposit bonuses are far more common than the no deposit counterpart.

What you need to know about T&C's

Terms and conditions exist for all bonus deals. They outline how you can enjoy the promo and exactly who the deal is intended for.

The most commonly known caveat is the wagering requirement. This shows you the number of times you must gamble with any bonus cash before you are able to withdraw the winnings.

In addition, there may also be a cap on the amount of winnings that you can cash out. This is part of the small print that you should pay close attention to.

Why you should consider playing at a crypto casino UK

There are distinct differences between using a crypto coin casino and a traditional casino. This naturally creates advantages and disadvantages for both products. Let's take a look at a few of the reasons why you might prefer to try out the best crypto casino UK.

Your identity is protected

There is a huge emphasis on privacy in the crypto currency world. Personal details are not available to show who is making and receiving payments. It is only shown that all currency is accounted for along the blockchain.

No high transactions fees

Transaction fees are very low when it comes to using cryptocurrencies. It is only necessary to complete one confirmation on the blockchain when small amounts are changing hands. However, some larger transactions may require more confirmations from the recipient. And this can involve higher mining fees.

Access the casino from anywhere in the world

Cryptocurrency does not change from one country to the next. It's possible to use these coins across borders without any need to exchange the type of bills that you are sending. Fiat currencies are generally set in one country. And if you want to move them to another place, then you will have to pay somebody to convert the currency for you. Removing these costs is a huge bonus for crypto users.

Having access to a common currency like this means that you'll be able to enjoy crypto games wherever you may be.

Reasons to consider a traditional casino

And in the interest of keeping things fair, let's take a look at some of the downsides to using crypto casinos. Moreover, why you may wish to continue using a traditional style site instead.

All cryptos are highly volatile

Cryptocurrency values can change like the wind. From one day to the next, a product such as Bitcoin, for example, can gain or lose thousands of pounds in value. From an investment point of view, this makes it very volatile.

If you are specifically purchasing cryptocurrencies to use at a casino, then you need to consider how their value may change and what this can mean for your overall finances.

However, some currencies are prone to less movement than others. As we have seen above, there are products that do not limit the supply of coins and receive less media coverage. This helps to keep their value more stable.

You don't have to worry about any of these issues when using a regular currency. You can simply take the cash that you have in your bank account, for instance, and make a deposit knowing that its value is the same across the board.

More regulations for responsible gambling

Traditional casinos that exist in countries such as the UK and other reputable zones are subject to many regulations. And it is these rules and monitoring that keep players extra safe while gambling online.

You need to be a little more careful when considering crypto sites or other offshore casino brands.

Crypto casinos have no chargebacks

When a crypto transaction receives confirmation on the blockchain, it would be nearly impossible for those funds to be refunded. If you make any errors when depositing at a traditional site, in theory, there is a chance that you can rectify this issue with the casino.

But a crypto slots casino will have no way of allowing the money to go back to you. A new transaction needs to be created instead.

Handling transactions at a cryptocasino

Let's take a look at the common steps that you must take to get cash in and out of your best online crypto casino account. Both operations are very simple and will not take long to complete.

Depositing money into your account

If you haven’t yet selected a place to play, then this is the first step. Once your account is live, you can log in and begin the deposit process.

  1. Firstly, head to the ‘cashier’ area.
  2. Select the crypto deposit option and enter the value that you wish to deposit.
  3. Copy the casino wallet address and head to your own crypto wallet.
  4. Input the casino wallet address along with the funds value.
  5. Your currency should appear in your casino account pretty quickly.

Withdrawing money from your account

After winning some money, you’ll be keen to get your hands on it and spend it however you want. To do this, you’ll need to follow the withdrawal steps. These are quite similar at most sites.

  1. Make your way to the cashier section and select ‘withdrawals’.
  2. Choose from the options that will include crypto currency.
  3. Select your currency and the amount that you would like to withdraw.
  4. Give the casino your public wallet address so they can send you the funds.

Remember to check out the casino’s withdrawals times so you know when to expect to see the coins back in your wallet.


If you still require a little more info on the subject of crypto gambling, then check out the FAQs below.

Is crypto gambling big in the UK?

Crypto gambling is gaining traction in the UK and across the world. Many players and casinos are beginning to explore the possibilities that this type of currency produces. There may not be hundreds of sites available at present but this is all set to change in our opinion

How do I know if an online crypto casino is safe?

The best way to assess the safety and fairness of a crypto site is to use a review site such as ours. We go through all of the necessary details to make sure that our readers are always kept 100% safe and secure when playing online. 

Where can I find a crypto casino bonus?

Take a look at the casino listings on this page. Each one contains details about that site and its current welcome offers. Some free crypto casino bonus deals give you free playing credit and a chance to explore that site without putting your hand in your pocket. But others will require a deposit in order to trigger a promotion.

Can I get free spins at a UK crypto casino?

Yes, you certainly can. Every crypto casino USA deal is different but most will offer free spins to new customers. And even if the deal doesn't specifically hand out the spins, bonus cash is usually the alternative. And you can use this cash to access the majority of slot games.