Online Casino Games for Free

Free casino games have been around since games of any type were first played on the Internet. This shows that players love to have the experience of an online casino free without having to risk anything, even if all they will win is more play money. For these players, it's the experience that matters more than anything else. While there's no problem with that, advances in technology have helped to create a few distinct groups of free casino players. Where you fall in these three groups will help to determine what kinds of games you'll probably prefer playing the most.

Why Play Free Online Casino Games?

There are a lot of reasons to play in a free online casino online, but it really just comes down to a handful of important points for the most part:

Simple Entertainment: Enjoying the gameplay itself.
Social Interaction: Connecting with other players who enjoy the same games.
Potential Profit: Using no deposit bonuses to play in a casino online free with a chance to win real payouts.
Virtually everyone who plays these games will do so for one or more of these three reasons. With that having been said, there's definitely some overlap, and many of the people who play for free online will do so for more than one reason. The key point to realise here is that every player has valid reasons for enjoying their games, and everyone is free to play how they want to. In short, there is no "correct way" to play free casino games on the Internet.

What Types of People Play at a Free Online Casino?

There are three main groups of people who people play free casino games online. The first is that they just want something to do to pass the time. They'll load up a game, play a little while and log off without really thinking twice about it. The second group are those who prefer a more social experience. They connect with friends through various social networking platforms that have casino game capabilities. The third and final group are people who like to use free chip promotions and casino no deposit bonuses. They love nothing more than to get the chance to win real money prizes without having to risk anything of value.

The social players and the no deposit players are the most involved in the experience. For this reason, we're going to jump a little deeper into what makes these types of players tick.

The Social Experience

If you think about brick and mortar casinos, people don't just go to play the games. Instead, they do so for the overall social experience. You can play free online casino games that are linked up through a social networking site. You can hang out with your friends and family on the Internet while enjoying games together. This allows you to have the social experience without having to go out and spend a lot of money travelling, finding parking, and buying in for chips to play with.

The rise of social networking sites, especially through mobile platforms, means that more people each year are playing these games. It's even to the point that free online casino apps are among the most popular games downloaded in mobile phone app stores. It's clear that there are a lot of people in this group.

Bonus-Hunting for Fun and Profit

Another way to play is to take advantage of a free casino chip like a no deposit bonus that gives you a chance to win real money prizes. You don't have to put up anything to risk in terms of actual money. If you're lucky enough to run up enough winnings, and you adhere to the terms and conditions of the offer, then you can make some extra money on the side. This adds some red tape to the experience, something many players will not be a fan of, but the added chances of real money winnings drastically change the experience to add more excitement. Sometimes, the best online casino bonuses are actually free!

The Types of Free Casino Games Online

Online casino free play games are basically broken up into a number of genres. These genres will appeal to different types of players depending on whether an individual prefers strategic games, chance-based games or a mix of both. We're going to break down a number of the most popular genres of games available in a casino online free here.

Free Casino Slots

The most popular type of free online casino game out there right now is slots. Slots are chance-based games that have simple gameplay. You choose a bet size, press a button, and then you're in the middle of the action. No planning or complicated strategies are involved in this type of game, and that will appeal to plenty of people. Slots are the favourite of social players because they allow for a lot of conversation. The chat can flow as you don't have to concentrate very much on what you're doing in the actual game. At times, casinos offer free online slots as a bonus for first-time players.

Video Poker Free Casino Games

Video poker is fairly popular, though not as popular as free slots. This genre allows you to enjoy a poker game by yourself, and it's a favourite of people who prefer to be by themselves a bit. It's also a very strategic game, and some players spend hours and hours practising and studying strategies to maximise their chances of winning. In this game, it's all about trying to be better than you were the day before so that you can run up a score that's as high as possible.

Blackjack Games

Blackjack has been made extremely popular from various films, books and television shows. There's this sort of romanticised idea of the game as a result. To this end, it's the most popular table game out there, and this carries over to free online casino games. While it does require skill, much like video poker, online blackjack games tend to be a lot more of a social game like slots. With that having been said, it's also a favourite for people who like to work on no deposit bonuses because it has a low house advantage when you're a skilled player.

Roulette and Craps

As two classic casino titles, and two of the most popular games ever created, it's no surprise that roulette and craps have a bit of a following. As far as free casino games online go, you won't find quite as many people at these games as the slots. They do have a loyal following, though, that stays consistent over time. If you play these games in a casino online free, then it's probably because you just want to relax for a little while. Enjoy the casino experience without having to place any actual bets with real money.

Casino Poker, Baccarat and Other Table Games

Card-based table games other than blackjack probably get the least traffic of all of the games you can play in an online casino free. It's hard to imagine any kind of casino selection without them, though. These games tend to combine luck and skill in a way that pulls in players who are looking for a break from their normal game.

Why Are There So Many Free Casino Options?

You can find free online casino sites all over the Internet these days, and many people might wonder why that is. There are different motivations for these games from different groups. Because they're all trying to attract different types of players, there is no single answer as to why there are so many of them. If you want to understand what the point is of each of these sites, then you have to look at who is behind them. Once you understand that, you'll know their motivation and what they're trying to achieve.

Who is Behind Free Online Casino Games?

There are three main ways that people who run these games can profit from them. The first is through advertising. This is why you'll see lots of ads when you start your games on mobile apps. You'll see ads along the sides of many free casino games that you play on your desktop too.

Something you might not expect is that many of these software developers make money through in-game purchases. A lot of people pay for a variety of in-game advantages like special features, alternate graphical themes and in-game decorative items. While a lot of this ties into the social aspect of the game, the simple fact of the matter is that it's a multi-million dollar industry on its own. Along these lines, it's in the best interests of the software developers themselves to produce these types of games.

Finally, we have another group of people behind online casino free play games. It's the same people who run real money casinos. They use the free play games to give individuals a chance to try things out in hopes that a percentage of them will switch over to real money play. It's a classic 'try before you buy' approach, and it works well as players aren't required to play for real money if they don't want to. It's a win-win situation.

The Growth of Free Casino Games Online

The growth of these free money casino games has been absurdly high for quite some time. Every time a new platform comes out, whether it's Adobe Flash, HTML5, smartphones, etc., there's a demand out there from people who want a casino online free of the need of making real money deposits. The mobile market, in particular, is absolutely huge, and that's driven by how profitable free casino apps can be for the developers. They have several different ways to monetise the traffic that they get from players.

It's also worth noting that people have always wanted the freedom to play casino games. This is true even if there's nothing actually being spent on the outcome. Something about us as human beings drives us to enjoy this type of experience. It's natural that this demand to game has been filled in various ways.

Benefits of Playing Free Casino Games

If you prefer the social aspect of going to a brick and mortar casino more than you like actually risking your money, then free casino games online provide a much easier way to get in on the action. Playing online takes out the risk factor, the overhead costs of travelling to and from the casino, and finding people to go with you. It's much simpler to log on for a half-hour session of free slots (or whatever your favourite game happens to be) than to have to make arrangements to get to a land-based establishment.

Another advantage to having free online casino games readily available is that they can be used as a learning tool. Many people have thought about getting in on the action with real money blackjack games, for example. Free play tables give them a chance to try out their strategies without having to put up actual money to do it. This makes it much easier to train and to practise in a game while taking notes, referencing strategy charts, etc.

The final benefit of playing these games is that they're just plain fun. When you take out the monetary factor and the stress that can come with playing for real money, what you're left with is the fun factor, and that's something that no one can take away.


Plenty of people enjoy playing free online casino games for a variety of reasons. There are a lot of different games available, and there will continue to be more as the industry maintains its high level of growth. This will keep going as long as people want to play the games, and that's something that doesn't have a chance of changing anytime soon. Technology is giving people the ability to stay connected and enjoy the games they want to play from anywhere. Free online casino play is no exception to that.

If you're a fan of these games, make sure you start off by knowing exactly why you're playing and what you expect to get out of the experience. From there, all you have to do is choose a title and get started.