The Best of Fantasy Sports

Over the years, fantasy sports have grown significantly in popularity. From season-long fantasy sports to daily fantasy sports, teams put their best lineups out there week after week competing against others. We are going to take a look at what are the best fantasy sports to play, along with what are some of the best fantasy sports websites.

Nearly every sport has contests available somewhere these days. Let’s start by taking a look at what some of the best fantasy sports to play are.

Best Fantasy Sports to Play

As we mentioned above, you can play fantasy sports for almost any sport imaginable these days. But not everything is a good experience. What are the best sports to pick your fantasy team for?

Fantasy Football 

This is by far the most popular fantasy sport to play. Millions of people worldwide participate in fantasy football yearly. Buddies do their best to draft a winning team week in and week out. They then square off against their friends or random opponents every week of the NFL. One reason football is the best fantasy sport to play is simply because of the buildup that happens. Teams have an entire week to prepare their lineup and think about the matchup they might have. This makes the football weekend very exciting!

Fantasy Baseball

The next sport on our list is baseball. If you like the daily grind, baseball is the best fantasy sport for you to play. Each MLB team plays 162 games in a season. The baseball season runs from April until October giving you seven full months of fantasy baseball action. How does it get any better than that?

Fantasy Basketball

Then we have basketball. You either love it or hate it. Some are in love with the NBA and the game of basketball. Those people just die for fantasy basketball. Daily fantasy basketball is becoming more popular of a game than the season-long version. But many people enjoy drafting their best NBA players to see if you can win a big tournament.

After these three sports, the numbers playing go down significantly. The next best fantasy sports to play are probably hockey, college sports, and golf.

Continue reading and we’re going to look at some of the best websites to play season-long fantasy sports on.

Best Season-Long Fantasy Sports Websites

There is a big difference between season-long fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports. Season-long fantasy sports refers to drafting a team and playing with that same team all season. Of course you can trade, add and drop players. But in general, you have the same team all season.

There are tons of websites that offer season-long fantasy leagues. But we want to talk about the two biggest season long fantasy websites.


Season-long fantasy sports have been offered at Yahoo for over a decade. They were one of the first sites to offer season-long fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. Many teams create and join free leagues every season at Yahoo. They have a state of the art system with a great Commissioner's area, making it easy to configure your league.


When you think of sports, you think of ESPN. They have been offering season long leagues for nearly as long as Yahoo. But have gained popularity over the last five years. Yahoo had the major share of users up until recently when ESPN started increasing its user base. ESPN offers a nice season-long product and definitely belongs on our best season-long fantasy sports sites list.

Other websites that are good for season-long fantasy sports are CBS Sportsline and Foxsports. Now let’s shift gears a bit and take a look at the best daily fantasy sports websites around.

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Websites

Daily fantasy sports is a newer concept and has really taken the sports world by storm. This idea that you can play a fantasy sports contest in just one day has sparked interest from many sports fans across the United States. Instead of drafting a team for an entire season, you draft them for a single day or weekend. Big tournaments are created nightly allowing users to win a lot of real money.

New daily fantasy sports sites are popping up every day. There are a few that we consider to be the best fantasy sports websites to play DFS. Let’s list five of them.


One of the top two daily fantasy sports operators. Give credit to FanDuel for pioneering DFS. They have been around since 2009 and have a massive user base.


The other of the top two daily fantasy sports websites. DraftKings has a lot of users and does a lot of advertising. They offer huge prize pools and have some of the best fantasy sports finals events in the industry.

Fantasy Aces

Aces makes the list. They are a bit smaller but offer some really nice things. They differentiate themselves a bit from FanDuel and DraftKings, which many users like.


Yes indeed, Yahoo made our best daily fantasy websites list too. Yahoo just recently jumped into the DFS side of things. With their big season-long user base, it has been an easy transition getting players.


A very small but growing daily fantasy operator. FantasyDraft is user-friendly and boasts a 6 tiered referral program that is enticing for players. Because of that reason, they make our top five daily fantasy sports websites.

So that’s a look at the best fantasy sports websites for DFS players.

Hopefully, this article will help you to have your best fantasy sports year ever. Whether you are playing for free, or for real money, take our advice and find the best sports and websites to play fantasy sports this upcoming season!