Review Summary

DraftDay is a fantasy sports gaming website that has a significant difference over regular fantasy sports – they offer daily contests and matches instead of the season-long competitions in regular fantasy sports. More and more players are beginning to love daily fantasy sports over traditional fantasy sports due to its speed and flexibility.

The website allows fantasy sports gamers to play whenever they want – without any season-long commitment. Of course, the daily fantasy sports genre offers advantages that gamers will truly love. Users would usually draft a new team daily, eliminating the risk of getting stuck long-term with a bad team. Do you enjoy playing different fantasy sports? No problem! DraftDay allows you to play games for the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, NHL, and more!

Current Promotions

DraftDay has a number of promotions with big giveaways. Fantasy sports players will definitely find this rewarding and, not to mention, motivating.

Daily Online Championship of Fantasy Sports (DOCOFS)

DOCOFS I had a total amount of prizes worth over $75,000. DOCOFS II had even more prizes, over $85,000 worth. DraftDay plans on running these kinds of events every other month for the benefit of their players – while also attracting new players in the process.

The $1M Perfect Lineup:

Probably the biggest prize ever in the history of fantasy sports and DraftDay is more than happy to offer this promotion to their players. Each player may only get one entry, but how does a player win? The mechanics are simple: construct the perfect lineup and $1M is all yours! A player must pick the highest scoring players (QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE, K, D/ST), which would seem hard but don’t worry if no one wins the Top 25 players get picked weekly from a $395 freeroll prize pool.

Daily Freerolls for MLB and NBA:

There are also daily freerolls for the MLB and NBA offered to DraftDay players. You have no reason not to play with this awesome daily fantasy sports website.

Ongoing Promotions

One of the things we love about DraftDay – aside from its daily fantasy sports – is the amount of promotions that they offer to new and existing players. They truly care about their customers, and it’s obvious they want to attract and keep as many players as possible.

DraftDay offers a 100% deposit bonus to first-time depositors. But that’s not all; this welcome bonus is up to a whopping $600. If you refer a friend, and they make a deposit, you can win $15 worth of free bets – Imagine just how much you can get through these two promotions.

VIP Loyalty Program

DraftDay offers a VIP loyalty program to their long term players. The fantasy sports website provides monthly freerolls of up to $3,000. A very generous offer to their most loyal fantasy sports players.

There are three different levels of the VIP program, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The higher your monthly buy-ins, the higher your monthly freerolls.

DraftDay highly values its longtime customers, and this is why they give away monthly freerolls. More reason to play fantasy sports with DraftDay long term!

Device Reviews

DraftDay can be played anytime and anywhere through your smartphone or tablet. Download DraftDay's iOS mobile app and start playing at your convenience. Very useful to people that are always on the go and are busy with their everyday lives. Isn't that all of us?!

There are many useful features on the mobile app, and these include mobile betting, team management, viewing the different games and matches. Keep in mind that the mobile app does have its limitations, but it’s a great mobile app to use for a fantasy sports game.

Cashing In / Out

DraftDay has flexible options available to players for depositing funds. However, for withdrawing your winnings you only have two options: PayPal or check and there is a $20 minimum for every withdrawal.

Take note that before withdrawing, you must have fulfilled the wagering requirements (read terms and conditions). This is to ensure that your withdrawal request gets approved, and your account doesn’t get blocked.

Wagering Requirements

Before you can withdraw your winnings, DraftDay requires each player to use up their claimed bonuses. Failing to do this may result in DraftDay refusing your withdrawal requests and/or closing your account.

If you want to withdraw all your winnings, you must spend all your claimed bonuses by entering contests whose entry fees are equal to your deposit amount. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Games Available

DraftDay offers a variety of fantasy sports games to its players, with Standard games (2-10 entrants) and Guaranteed Prizepool games for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Having trouble differentiating these two types of games?

Standard games – These are very common in Fantasy Sports websites. If you’re not a first-time player, we’re sure you are already familiar with this type.

Guaranteed Prizepool games – These are large field contests that have a guaranteed prize pool (hence, the name) regardless of the number of entrants that take part.

DraftDay also offers a few more types of games: Salary Cap games, Guaranteed Prizepool games, 50/50 Salary Cap games, Increased or Decreased Salary Cap Games, Hit It and Split It Games, Bracket Tournament, Live Drafts, AL and NL Only Games (only for MLB).

Game Operators with Game Play Game
PGA 5 Play PGA
NFL 27 Play NFL
NHL 17 Play NHL
CFB 3 Play CFB

Site Usage

The website of DraftDay is pretty simple to use and great for first-time users. Upon registering an account and depositing funds, the money available to you is displayed conveniently at the top right-hand corner of the website. Hovering over this gives you more information about your account.

The website has a very attractive background that makes you feel that you’re playing a real football game: a large football field with green grass. You can also see what sport you’re playing through the small ball icons on the left side of the page.

Filters are also available. These make it easier to search for specific contests that you want to participate in. A simple but very user-friendly fantasy sports website, new players and existing players alike will love playing at DraftDay.

Software Rating

DraftDay was constructed by people well exposed to online gaming software – you’ll see the striking similarities with online poker layouts, giving users a very comfortable feel. First-time players will love the user-friendly game lobbies and the simplicity of the software itself. The interactivity also mixes well with the clean and simple layout.

The game lobby is also noteworthy as it allows users to sort games easily into two categories: salary games and private games. This de-clutters your chat box too. If you are a very social fantasy sports player, you’ll love the fact that the chat box appears on every page. You are part of discussions and get updated on the latest news from co-players around the world.

We also love a feature that DraftDay has called “Rapid Replace”. Rapid Replace allows you to replace players from all your line-ups. Players that are part of multiple teams will also display the smallest amount of excess salary.

Pros and Cons

  • No long term and season-long commitments required
  • You can play whenever you want
  • Daily fantasy sports allows you to draft a new team every day
  • Easy team and game management on one page
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lots of promotions and VIP loyalty programs
  • Big prizes for winners
  • Lacks the heavy competition of standard fantasy sports websites
  • Limited withdrawal methods
  • Limited options for leagues, games, etc
  • Getting a great team wouldn’t last long since it’s a daily fantasy sports game


DraftDay is a great fantasy sports website that players will love. Unlike its larger counterparts, DraftDay offers daily fantasy sports that allow flexibility, less risk, and day-to-day drafting of your own team.

Though it does have its flaws, this is an excellent fantasy sports website to choose for first-time players and long-time gamers. DraftDay is definitely worth the try plus becoming a long-term member also has its perks through the VIP loyalty program.

Start playing DraftDay today! Everything from sign up to playing is simple and user-friendly. Create an account and make your first deposit. Enjoy playing fantasy sports that allow you to practice every single day!

Mobile Betting

DraftDay allows its users to play on mobile devices. Users will love playing their favorite fantasy sports games anywhere they want to. The mobile app works well and you should have no problem whatsoever. For any queries, customer support is easily accessible and DraftDay quickly responds to customer inquiries.

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