Review Summary

High rollers and low-ballers alike can find a common ground in DraftKings. They offer a whole variety of games that will entertain players with all ranges of budgets. There are different games ready to be played at any time you want. Not only that, with a great deposit bonus, you can play even longer.

DraftKings allows its users to pick their own team every day. If you change your mind about the team you picked, you can easily hit the reset button and pick another one until you find the right one for you.

If you are into DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) or just getting into the game DraftKings will work well for you.

Current Promotions

What makes fantasy sports is the promotions. DraftKings continues on with their biggest promotion ever - the Fantasy Baseball Championship. This promotion gives players a chance to grab a share of a $3 million cash prize – $1 million will go to the first prize winner. You can also participate in several tournaments for the NCAA Football, PGA, NBA, and NCAA CBB.

NBA also offers a showdown contest every Wednesday; get a chance to win over $50,000! This promo only allows 500 players, increasing your chance of getting a huge payout by drafting your team in the NBA Season and Playoffs. This is the same with all the other fantasy NBA games. The only difference – this has a higher payout.

Ongoing Promotions

Every month, DraftKings hold Freerolls. In Freerolls, you can win $5,000 without betting any money, giving you nothing to lose. The only downside is because it is free, there are a lot of participants. But with nothing to lose and much to gain, why not?

DraftKings also have something for the NHL fans. They host a weekly Power Play with $10,000 payout. Not only do three players get to win big, but they also get a cost-free entry to a big payout contest: the NHL’s $100,000 Breakaway. This huge payout is one of the best in the business. Participate in these great contests playing you favorite fantasy sports today!

VIP Loyalty Program

DraftKings doesn't have a VIP loyalty program. Although, they have a VIP Store that only DraftKings user can access.

There are some items and experiences available in the VIP Store that can only be purchased using Frequent Player Points. DraftKings do not accept any returns and exchanges and orders may take from four to six weeks for delivery. There are also no refunds for any cancelations.

Device Reviews

DraftKings support both iOS and Android. You can get the Android mobile application from the DraftKings' website and install it on your phone or computer. This app is not available on Google Play.

As for iOS, the application for your iPhones and iPads is available at the Apple App Store.

Cashing In / Out

There is just a $5.00 minimum deposit, standard in the industry. As for withdrawals, they are processed within 24 business hours. Remember that if you submit a withdrawal on a Saturday or Sunday.

As mentioned earlier, a player must use up all his deposit before making a withdrawal as this can cause your request to be rejected.

Wagering Requirements

If you receive the first-time depositor bonus, you have to fulfill a wagering requirement to be able to withdraw your full payout.

Below are the requirements DraftKings look for before you can withdraw: A player must use up all of their deposit before making a withdrawal. This can be done by spending a total of the deposit - the amount that caused the bonus - on entry fees. If these requirements are not met, the withdrawal may be refused.

Games Available

DraftKings takes pride in having something for everyone. Aside from the popular fantasy football, DraftKings offers daily fantasy baseball, hockey, golf, and basketball. For football and basketball games, DraftKings offers both college and professional leagues. Luckily, the website's growing popularity helps it fill the games, so they rarely fail to run due to low numbers.

Game Operators with Game Play Game
MMA 26 Play MMA
Soccer 44 Play Soccer
UFC 6 Play UFC
PGA 5 Play PGA
NFL 27 Play NFL
NHL 17 Play NHL
CFB 3 Play CFB
NBA 23 Play NBA
MLB 20 Play MLB
NAS 2 Play NAS
CBB 2 Play CBB

Site Usage

With the creativity and ability to convey detailed content into a single page in a simple and user-friendly layout, remains one of the most forward-thinking companies in fantasy sports. This site uses lightbox technology that makes it easier for the players to research and build teams without switching from pages to page. Talk about convenience.'s lobby is very easy to navigate. The interface allows you to navigate and sort games by sport, time, number of entries, entry fee, and game type. Users can also filter and sort through the list of games by combinations of attributes like game type, sport and entry fee. This will help you find the right game for you. Find a game you like and start building the best team you can.

Software Rating

The DraftKings mobile app has set the standards pretty high with its interface. Here is a review of some tabs:

Opponent Rank is a new feature added to the roster lineup screen. This feature allows you to make a lineup easily as you can play based on just the opponent rank at each position.

The Player Cards at DraftKings are no doubt the best in the fantasy sports industry. Having a large colored page, organized stats, and plenty of news on the bottom makes the app easy on the eyes, not to mention convenient to use. The mobile also allows you to get the salary history of a player.

Player Alerts or, simply put, the notifications. Once logged in, you will see a bell icon in the upper right-hand corner. Here you can see updates of your lineup. This is a great feature as it gets you news such as injuries that could make or break your gameplay.

Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Lightbox technology allows the user to multitask without leaving a page
  • State-of-the-art software
  • Best mobile app in the industry
  • Quick and reliable cashing out
  • Flexible plans for different types of gamers
  • Real-time match tracking
  • Low deposit requirement
  • Website layout may confuse first-time users
  • Support doesn’t respond quickly
  • Help center is hard to locate in the website
  • Order delivery can take a month to a month and a half

Conclusion is one of the leading companies in the industry. They offer a wide range of fantasy sports with room for those with a range of budgets.

The DraftKings mobile app is very convenient, especially the lineup update feature. This can be the difference between winning or losing so this is a huge feature. The main website is also very easy to navigate. Both the mobile app and the website allow for multitasking.

Fantasy sports is a game of strategy and good instincts. Think you've got these two? Want to find out? Then, what are you waiting for? Create your account today and draft your dream team at

Mobile Betting

It's a smooth transition from the main website to the mobile app. Players will have an easy time joining leagues/creating lineups through the mobile app. As in the website, players can create teams without actually entering them into any contests. The Create a Contest feature allows players to create their own leagues. You can build your own head-to-head league with a maximum of 20 players. You can also customize every detail of the league such as the entry fee and prizes to be won.

Through the My Lineups tab, players can edit all of their teams and team members in a single place, across all contests. In the My Contests tab, you can navigate through all the upcoming, live, and completed contests. It's really convenient for fantasy sports lovers that are on-the-go.

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