Review Summary

ESPN has dominated the sports news reporting industry since 1979. ESPN Fantasy Sports, which branched out from ESPN, maintains the quality, excellence, and trustworthiness that they have a reputation for. Their fantasy sports software offers free sign-ups and more than 14 fantasy sports games that can be played by first time and experienced fantasy sports players.

Probably the most visited and the most popular fantasy sports website on the internet, expect that leagues fill up fast.

Current Promotions

There are currently no promotions available with ESPN Fantasy Sports. Still, the website is popular – having a huge base of players even with limited or no promotions at all.

Ongoing Promotions

Aside from their free sign-ups, ESPN Fantasy Sports lacks ongoing promotions. Sure, you can play your favorite fantasy sports with no deposit at all but just don’t expect any bonuses to come your way.

VIP Loyalty Program

A VIP loyalty program is somewhat lacking at ESPN Fantasy Sports. They don’t offer a lot of free bets, bonuses, and promotions, but they do have many loyal long-term players. Their loyal players stay with them because of the quality service that they offer – probably the best in the whole fantasy sports industry. Their software and gameplay are enough to keep many players playing fantasy sports on their website.

Device Reviews

With the ESPN Fantasy Sports mobile app available on iOS and Android devices, you can now bring your favorite fantasy sports anywhere you go and manage your team at any time!

The mobile app offers a lot of features for both iOS and Android smartphone users. You get real-time updates of trades, injuries, and scoring; you have complete access to mock and live-draft lobbies, plus live feed of games from FantasyCast.

You can sign up with your Facebook account and change your whole fantasy sports game experience. Download the mobile app on your iOS or Android devices today!

Cashing In / Out

ESPN Fantasy Sports offers the most common deposit and withdrawal methods for online transactions. Before withdrawing your winnings, make sure to read the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions in ESPN Fantasy Sports may change over time but generally rules regarding withdrawals aren’t as strict as other fantasy sports websites.

Wagering Requirements

Since promotions, bonuses, and free bets are quite limited, ESPN Fantasy Sports does not specify wagering requirements. It is always wise to read the terms and conditions as these may change over time.

Games Available

ESPN Fantasy Sports has probably the largest variety of games available for fantasy sports players. We’re sure that your favorite sports are played on this website. Some of the sports that are available are: football (college and pro), baseball, basketball, soccer, racing, poker, hockey, fishing, etc.

Each sport has different types of games available for play. Below is a summary of the different games you could play per sport:

Football: Fantasy Football, College Pick ‘Em, Pigskin Pick ‘Em, Super Pick ‘Em, College Football Challenge, College Bowl Mania, Gridiron Playoff Challenge, Gridiron Challenge, Eliminator Challenge.

Basketball: Fantasy Basketball, Men’s/Women’s Tourney Challenge.

Baseball: Fantasy Baseball, Baseball Challenge.

Racing: Fantasy Stock Car, Driver Pick ‘Em, Stock Car Challenge, Race for the Cup.

Hockey: Fantasy Hockey

Other sports: Poker Club, Arcade Games, Bass Fantasy Fishing.

ESPN Fantasy Sports offers many different games for its players, not to mention that there are some sports that can only be played through ESPN Fantasy Sports.

Game Operators with Game Play Game
Baseball 76 Play Baseball
Basketball 98 Play Basketball
Boxing 78 Play Boxing
Cricket 78 Play Cricket
Football 76 Play Football
Golf 81 Play Golf
Horse Racing 81 Play Horse Racing
Tennis 95 Play Tennis
Hockey 17 Play Hockey
Soccer 44 Play Soccer
NFL 27 Play NFL
NHL 17 Play NHL
NBA 23 Play NBA
MLB 20 Play MLB
College Football 2 Play College Football
rugby 31 Play rugby
Racing 3 Play Racing
Special Olympics 1 Play Special Olympics
RN Basketball 1 Play RN Basketball
Chalk 1 Play Chalk
Olympic Sports 1 Play Olympic Sports
College Sports 1 Play College Sports
RN Football 1 Play RN Football
X Games 1 Play X Games
CFL 3 Play CFL
Endurance Sports 1 Play Endurance Sports
DraftKings 1 Play DraftKings
College Pick`Em 1 Play College Pick`Em
Pigskin Pick`Em 1 Play Pigskin Pick`Em
Eliminator Challenge 1 Play Eliminator Challenge
Champions League 1 Play Champions League
Premier Fantasy 1 Play Premier Fantasy
Capital One Bowl Mania 1 Play Capital One Bowl Mania

Site Usage

This website gives you all the information you need – ratings, stats, leagues, team management, etc. – all on one page. Although first-time players may be intimidated by the amount of information on one page, once you're used to it you'll realize how helpful it all is.

In fact, if you enjoy analyzing data, numbers, and stats, you’d definitely enjoy the ESPN Fantasy Sports layout. Pro gamers have been using this to their advantage as reading numbers is something they can do effortlessly.

If you want a fully-functional website that’s packed with information and features, then choose to play at ESPN Fantasy Sports. It's one for first-time players and pro gamers!

Software Rating

ESPN Fantasy Sports’ software is one of the best in the industry. You get everything you need and more from the software of ESPN Fantasy Sports. Draft your team, manage them, get live updates, browse leagues – everything you do is fast-paced and efficient!

You should keep in mind, though, that first-timers have an adjustment phase to go through as the software isn’t built to cater to first-time players. But don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it by practicing! There are free games that you can participate in without making a real money deposit.

Win big money through the ESPN Fantasy Sports software that’s power packed and player-oriented! You have no reason not to play.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide variety of games available
  • Has unique sports offers
  • Excellent software and web design
  • Keeps players well-informed (all in one page)
  • The most popular fantasy sports website out there
  • State-of-the-art software
  • ESPN has been known to be an expert in the sports industry for years
  • Free games are also available
  • Website layout may be intimidating for first-timers
  • ESPN Fantasy Sports lacks promotions that other websites offer
  • Lacks a VIP Loyalty Program
  • Too many players (you need to click fast to join leagues that you want)
  • Lacks flexibility that other fantasy sports websites offer


ESPN Fantasy Sports is probably the best fantasy sports website out there although it is so popular that joining leagues that you want may be difficult. The website offers power packed features and the best fantasy sports experience online – even its mobile app is worth the recognition.

Any serious player would enjoy using the ESPN Fantasy Sports software due to the ease of use and information that it provides to users. You'll step up your game and be on top of all of the latest fantasy sports news! You’ll also love the variety of sports available as some of these can only be found at ESPN Fantasy Sports.

If you’re looking for powerful fantasy sports software and don’t mind big numbers of players to compete with, ESPN Fantasy Sports is truly the one for you. Sign up at ESPN Fantasy Sports today, upgrade your game, and draft more powerful teams for all your favorite sports!

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting has never been this easy and ESPN Fantasy Sports has a state-of-the-art mobile app that allows you to manage your team and create mock and live drafts. The mobile app available on iOS and Android is fast due to its power-packed features and functionality.

For more information, search for the ESPN Fantasy Sports app on the app store or Google Play today!